We Are The Experts

When you're selling a product, nothing works quite like the We Are The Experts approach. Basically, this angle works like this: Company X is the expert in...whatever Company X does.

One of the more Straightforward ad approaches, as it basically says, "Company X: We're the (insert expertise here) experts!"


  • Mr. Goodwrench.

  • Pella windows. (They compare themselves to a horribly unprofessional, unnamed competitor.)

Office Supplies
  • FedEx Office, formerly Kinko's.

  • Five words: "Domino's. The Pizza Delivery Experts."

  • Apple has its "Genius Bar".
  • RadioShack. The presumed presence of experts is the primary reason to hunt a Radio Shack down — that's almost all they've got.
  • Circuit City was this in the beginning.
  • Best Buy's "Geek Squad" claims to be this.
  • Swedish home electronics chain Expert use the slogan "We are what we're named."