Alice is being harassed by Bob, and just as the conversation reaches a climax, a third character walks in and says, "Is Bob bothering you?", to which Alice replies, "No, Bob was just leaving." Then Bob leaves.

One common variant has Bob himself say, "No, I was just leaving."

* ''Series/{{Alias}}'' - Authorized Personnel Only: Part 2
* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' - Daphne is the victim, Matt is the harasser and Daphne's dad is the eavesdropper.
* German series ''LieblingKreuzberg'' had the protagonist (a somewhat unconventional lawyer) do this.
--> Secretary: "Is there a problem?"
--> Liebling: "No, <troublemaker> just wanted to leave. ''Didn't you hear? You just wanted to leave!''"

* ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies''
* ''The Family That Preys''
* Subverted in ''{{Animal House}}'', when a coed says, "He was just leaving," Boone replies, "No I'm not."
* Susan Calvin of ''[[Film/IRobot I, Robot]]'' does the "He was just leaving" version.
* Happends to Danny in ''OceansEleven'' when Terry Benedict walks in on Danny talking to Tess (Danny's ex-wife, Benedict's girlfriend) at a resturant.
* Played with in ''BatmanReturns'', when Bruce Wayne is meeting with Max Shreck to discuss the power-plant proposal. It isn't too long before their discussion of the controversy turns personal, and then nasty: Max bragging that [[NothingCanStopUsNow he's more powerful than even Gotham City's current mayor]], let alone an UpperClassTwit like Bruce, and Bruce retorting that that's only because Max has the Penguin and the Red Triangle Circus Gang secretly helping him. Max responds to this (true) accusation by calling it "mudslinging" and vowing that "if my assistant were here", he'd have her throw Bruce out at once. [[SpeakOfTheDevil At that very moment]], Selina Kyle actually ''does'' show up, and declares that she'd be happy to take Bruce anywhere. Already unnerved by Bruce's suspicions, and absolutely shocked that Selina is still alive (he had tried to kill her the night before), Max gets rid of both his problems simultaneously by ordering Selina to show Bruce the door.

* Happens late in [[spoiler:Emi's]] route of KatawaShoujo, during a visit to her home, [[spoiler:if you choose to talk to her mother]].
-->'''[[spoiler:Meiko]]''': [[spoiler:Emi]], Hisao was just-
-->'''[[spoiler:Emi]]''': On his way out of the house? Yeah, I know.