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Virginity Flag
Where a person's virginity or absence thereof can be confirmed by some sort of sign or symbol immediately visible on them (that is to say, definitely not requiring a gynecological examination note ). This can work through magic, Applied Phlebotinum, or simply social convention.

Compare Did You Just Have Sex?, Nerds Are Virgins (nerdiness as a Virginity Flag), Sex Dressed, Virginity Makes You Stupid, Virgin Power, Virgin Vision (the unjustified form of this). Sometimes, this can be faked with a Consummation Counterfeit, as when the MacGuffin is a bloodstain on the sheets.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Everyone in the world of Loveless has kitty ears and a tail that fall off when they lose their virginity. This connection is conveyed through social cues within the story, and exactly what point defines 'the outer border of virginity' is never really defined. For all the sexually charged atmosphere, the lead is a twelve-year-old boy. A grown woman with ears is teased about still having hers, and having already lost their ears is a sign of some enemy characters' pitiful depravity, but the wider social implications, for example in high school or religious orders, aren't explored.

  • The song in Pod People has an audio technician wearing a shirt that reads "I'm a Virgin".
    • Parodied in the MST3K bit from the same episode, where TV's Frank wears a similar shirt.
  • In Teeth, Dawn wears handmade t-shirt proclaiming abstinence and a purity ring.
  • In The 40-Year-Old Virgin, this is first subverted and then played straight. At first, nobody realizes that the main character is a virgin, despite overt cluelessness about sex to the tune of thinking that breasts felt like "bags of sand". On the other hand, the daughter of his primary love interest can tell he's a virgin, somehow having gained the ability to spot anyone's virginity flag simply by virtue of spending her high school days with sexed-up teenage boys.

  • In the SF shared world of Medea, the resident alien females lose a pair of legs after having sex.
  • In Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters, only "innocents" can ride unicorns. (Otherwise, they disappear.)
  • In 1984, a scarlet sash is the emblem of the Junior Anti-Sex League, which advocates celibacy.
    • Invoked by The Protagonist who wears it has slept with plenty of men, and simply wears it to act like the good patriotic Party member
  • In Mercedes Lackey's Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms, unicorns act as living 'virgin detectors.' Beautiful, beautiful, brainless virgin detectors... This can cause some issues when one does not want their virginity (or gender for that matter) known.
  • In The Bible, after Amnon rapes her, Tamar tears her garment that was reserved for the king's virgin daughters. Her full brother Absolom immediately realizes what happened when he sees her.
  • The thranx of the Humanx Commonwealth look a lot like giant praying mantids. Unlike praying mantids, male thranx only lose their vestigial wings the first time they have sex.
  • Song at Dawn It is customary for a bride to wear her hair up after consumating her marriage (i.e. lossing her virginity.) Estela doesn't do it after her marriage because John isn't interested in doing it with her. Instead, she does it after a traumatic experience with a stable hand that she doesn't want to admit to herself was a mistake.

     Live Action TV 
  • In the fourth series of Misfits, there's a minor character who has the power to make the number of sexual partners a person has had appear on that person's forehead. How the power defines sex for this purpose is not specified. Judging from the effect on characters with known sexual histories, receiving oral sex apparently doesn't count.

    Fan Fic 

  • This fan fic implies that everyone in Middle Earth has a Virginity Flag, but only elves can see it. (Overlaps with Virgin Vision, but the elf claims it is a visible sign in the eyes)

    Music Video 
  • The fan-made video for TISM’s “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” with everyone’s number of either sexual partners or number of sexual escapades written on their shirts. And yep, there’s one poor fellow with a “0” on there. And one with “3.5”.

    Newspaper Comics 

  • In Me and My Dick, the virginal Sally's Miss Cooter wears a flower prominently.


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