Violently Protective Girlfriend

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"You can attack me, you can send assassins after me, that's fine. But nobody messes with my boyfriend!"
Buffy Anne Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Seems harming that guy was a really bad idea. His girlfriend is gonna kick your ass.

A violently protective girlfriend essentially acts like a much younger Mama Bear, except her Berserk Button is harm to her mate rather than to the kids; note that this inverts the usual expectation that the boyfriend is violently protective of the girlfriend.

This is common with an Action Girl, Amazonian Beauty, Cute Bruiser, or Lady of War. Sometimes a Butch Lesbian will act this way about her girlfriend due to the stereotype of being stronger and more "dominant". Personalities associated with it include Tsundere (who is apt to go into rage mode when said lover is threatened despite not being able to stand them half the time) and Yandere (who is likely to bring out the Ax-Crazy in response to anyone threatening what she feels is hers). A Non-Action Guy or dudes otherwise incompetent in combat seem to attract these women. Most types of The Woobie (except Jerkass Woobie and Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds) also draw the attention of these types of women out of an instinct to ease their suffering.

Sometimes, if she herself doesn't treat her boyfriend exceptionally well, there can be a variant what can be summed up as, "Hey, nobody picks on him but me."

Not limited to romantic relationships, and outside of romantic relationships, seen mostly between friends and family members/siblings. It has much overlap with Berserk Button, and to a lesser extent, Mama Bear.

Compare to Understanding Boyfriend for the inverted variant. See also More Deadly Than The Male, Action Girlfriend, and Bodyguard Crush. Can overlap with Beware the Nice Ones if she seems harmless until her mate is in danger. A mutually violently protective couple is a Battle Couple. An Amazon Chaser may look for one of these.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Jormungand: Valmet will put a foot up your ass, when you as much as look at Koko in a funny way (Koko doesn't reciprocate Valmet's romantic feelings towards her, but it still counts).
  • Though they never made it past first base through the entire course of Code Geass, Kallen will still gut you like a fish if you even glance at Lelouch the wrong way.
  • Threatening or physically assaulting Eren from Attack on Titan is a sure fire way to press Mikasa's Berserk Button. Not a good idea considering she's likely the second most powerful human in the world and, much more, she's perfectly willing to face down everything from a squad of cannon armed soldiers to entire hordes of Titans to the world's strongest man himself just to keep Eren safe. Somewhat subverted since Eren and Mikasa are step-siblings, but because they have no blood relation...
  • Hurting Lawrence in Spice and Wolf is the best way to get Holo mad. And as she's a Physical God whose true form is of a wolf large enough to devour a man in a single bite, and making her really mad brings out her predatory side... Not a bright move. Especially given the implications she's eaten humans in the past.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka features this relationship with Tsundere Anko Uehara and Noboru Yoshikawa (who plays the role of Understanding Boyfriend). You NEVER mess with Noboru in Anko's presence unless you want a thorough beating. Kinda ironic when you consider the fact Uehara actually started out as a Loving Bully to Noboru.
  • Magi – Labyrinth of Magic: While they're not yet a couple, Morgiana is this to Alibaba. She is incredibly loyal to him and harming or insulting him is one of her berserk buttons... And Morgiana is not someone you would want as an enemy.
  • Black Lagoon: As far as Revy is concerned, harming Rock in any manner is punishable by a disproportionate beat down for a first offense, and a bullet for a second (or even for a first if it's severe enough). When Chaka wants to goad her into a gunfight, he does so by wantonly beating Rock — and, later on, he gets what he had coming for it, as Revy trashes him for a bit and then leaves him at the mercy of his other victim's bodyguard: Ginji Matsuzaki, who is quick to give him a particularly horrible Cruel and Unusual Death for the shit he pulled on his charge, Yakuza Princess Yukio.
  • The Mazinger saga:
  • Omamori Himari's title character invokes this when she sees Amakawa Yuuto take a hit for her. Note that she's supposed to be his bodyguard. Violence ensues, and ends with a Pillar of Light.
    • Himari "only" went into a murderous rage and sliced of the arm of a skyscraper-sized giant with one hit. The Pillar of Light was Yuuto's doing - to calm her down again. Yes, she was that pissed.
  • A humorous example in Keroro Gunsou: Messing with Fuyuki is a great way to get Momoka to kick your ass, even though she isn't technically his girlfriend. Yet.
  • In a filler episode of Dragon Ball Z, a really horrible tutor decides to be cruel to Gohan, treating him like dirt, and daring to insult Goku in front of the kid... Gohan WOULD have kicked the guy to Namek and back, but he never got the chance — his mother, Chichi didn't take too kindly to hearing someone insult her husband.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia
    • "Seize vital regions, seize vital regions... CRUSH PRUSSIA, CRUSH PRUSSIA!!" Really, people, don't mess with Austria unless you want his girlfriend/wife Hungary to pound you.
    • Ho Yay version: in the Christmas/New Years 2010 Special, Finland snapped when his partner Sweden (who refers to him as "his wife") was hit with The Worf Effect and managed to put up quite a fight against his attacker. Too bad he got caught too.
  • Mirai Nikki: Yuno Gasai. Never ever threaten or harm or even get within 10 feet of Yukki. Because Yuno will be watching.
    Yuno: All who stand between Yukki and me can just DIE!
  • Vampire Princess Miyu: While Larva is more of Miyu's Battle Butler than boyfriend, do not think of harming him. Miyu will, in her own words, "turn you into ashes" for hurting her faithful and devoted companion.
    • Similarly, her fellow "Vampire Princess" Yui was most pissed when the first Shinma she fought impaled her own companion Nagi with a spear. Notice that at such a particular point, Yui had just become a vampire and had next to no idea of how to use her newfound vampire skills — she fought anyway and used both guile and raw power to win
  • Fullmetal Alchemist has Hawkeye and Lan Fan, who are quite protective of both Mustang and Ling respectively. Note that while Hawkeye and Mustang were confirmed to have marriage-worthy feelings for each other (though their ranks and positions don't let them fully act on such feels) and Ling and Lanfan mean a lot to each other, both girls also have professional duties as bodyguards.
  • InuYasha
    • Kagome blasts Naraku apart just because he made fun of Inuyasha. She threatens the Peachman so much so that even Miroku and Shippou are amazed. Plus she blasts Kikyou's souls out of her TWICE for trying to kill him while she was in her Yandere days. She even shoots at Sesshoumaru and threatens him twice. Where would Inuyasha be without his girlfriend to protect him?
    • Once Inuyasha's revived ex-girlfriend Kikyou loses a part of her rage at the world and sets into Anti Heroine territory, she also threatens the evil priestess Tsubaki and openly warns her not to kill him. To put it on perspective: post-Yandere-phase Kikyou is a very serious Dark Magical Girl who almost always keeps what remains of her muddled emotions in check and rarely if ever shows open anger... but the moment her old Rival Turned Evil tells her that she's gonna kill Inuyasha, she fires two arrows at Tsubaki (pining her robe sleeve to the wooden door), walks up to her and pulls on her hair while delivering her warning about Inuyasha. Seriously, don't mess with Kikyou.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has a Les Yay version: Setsuna, Konoka's childhood friend and personal bodyguard. Although as her bodyguard it's her duty to protect her, Setsuna is shown to be fiercely protective of Konoka and her feelings are clearly beyond a bodyguard's for her charge. After entering a Pactio with Konoka, she's even more of the real deal, and they become a Battle Couple.
  • Yandere Kanojo: Reina Ryuuzaki already has a violent temper, being a delinquent and all (though she mellows out somewhat), but anybody threatening her boyfriend (aside from her) is in for a world of hurt.
  • Miyako from Bamboo Blade is overly protective of Dan... although it's at least in part because she just likes having a reason to hurt people.
  • One Piece: Although she's not his girlfriend anywhere but in her own mind (where she believes they are engaged), Boa Hancock gets VERY upset when someone threatens Luffy. When Smoker attacks Luffy, she threatens to rip him to pieces and feed him to wild dogs. Take in consideration that this woman is most likely the most powerful Action Girl in the whole One Piece universe, as a Kick Chick Lady of War who also has Taken for Granite powers, and...
  • Senjougahara of Bakemonogatari swore that if Araragi was killed she would do everything in her power to destroy his killer.
  • Don't threaten (or even speak ill of) Keiichi from Ah! My Goddess lest you incur the wrath of his Goddess girlfriend. Several characters comment that Belldandy is terrifying when something threatens (or demeans) her boyfriend and the art work depicts her as looking unusually threatening (for her) when this happens. This was seen as early as in Urd's introductory episode, where Bell was pissed at her older sister for meddling with their relationship.
  • Diane from the series Nanatsu No Taizai might not be Meliodas' girlfriend but she will beat the living hell out of you if you try to hurt him.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • In the original series, Anzu was very protective of Yugi ever since they were kids. While she's not an Action Girl or a big duelist, she is a determined Plucky Girl who does what she can to support him, and will stand up for Yugi's sake if he needs it.
    • High Priest Akhenadin noticed that Kisara either wouldn't or couldn't summon her powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon ka to protect herself, but when it comes to protecting Priest Seto...
    • Mana and her ka, the Black/Dark Magician Girl, are this to Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem and Mahaad/Black/Dark Magician.
    • Aki Izayoi reminds Jack Atlas of this trope when Yusei Fudo is kidnapped on Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds.
  • Rule Number One when you are a character in Kannazuki no Miko and particularly Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian: don't lay a finger on Himeko. Otherwise, Chikane will (albeit gracefully) kick your sorry ass from here to Orion.
  • Considering that Nice Guy Kokuto Mikiya from Kara no Kyoukai is the Love Interest and Morality Pet to Tsundere Cute and Psycho Knife Nut Reality Warper with-eyes-capable-of-seeing-how-to-kill-even-Cthulhu Ryougi Shiki, harming him is generally NOT a good idea. Lio Shirazumi didn't listen... and well...
  • Fairy Tail
    • Juvia. Threatening Gray in her presence pushes her Berserk Button that scares even Erza!
    • Speaking of Erza, Erza herself became an example of this trope while trying to defend Jellal from both Midnight and Kagura.
  • If you find yourself in one of the Tenchi Muyo! universes, it doesn't matter which one; don't threaten Tenchi while Ryoko is around. Just don't. For that matter, Princess Ayeka will also be pretty pissed off at you. And the rest of his Battle Harem won't be happy either...
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Middleford in the Black Butler manga decides to stop hiding her Lady of War side when she and her fiance Ciel were rodeated by zombies and he was unable to protect her. When this took place, the girl tearfully and fearlessly jumped to the guy's defense with two rapiers in hand...
    (paraphrased) "I will become the wife of The Queen's Watchdog! BACK OFF HIM!"
  • Rosario + Vampire: If you ever hurt Tsukune, Moka will make sure you know your place. Unless Kurumu or Mizore beat her to it — if Tsukune himself doesn't kill you first, that is. Unusually for this trope, the one Tsukune truly wants as a girlfriend, Outer Moka, isn't really much use until her Rosary is removed and she becomes Inner Moka, who will fight just as viciously as the others but does it for herself rather than for Tsukune ( at least at first).
  • Saori from Wandering Son acts this way toward Shuuichi, however they aren't dating and Shu apparently doesn't have romantic feelings toward Saori.
  • Rose of Versailles: While they're not an item yet, Oscar Francois de Jarjays completely flips her shit out when André Grandier is subjected to Eye Scream by Bernard aka the Black Knight, and very nearly kills the culprit.
  • Even though she gave him immortality, Saitohimea of Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi still couldn't bear to see Taito get hurt for her sake, or when he undergoes Training from Hell under a Drill Sergeant Nasty.
  • In Ranma ˝, Akane becomes this whenever Ranma fails to properly defend himself against any real threat. If he's losing in a fight, she'll either help him kick your ass or she'll do it herself... or at least, she'll try to do it herself. It's not easy to defend your fiance when everyone else is better than you. Thankfully, her temper has made up for her lack of skills more than once. One time, she easily broke through thick bonds out of pure rage over someone threatening Ranma.
    Akane: Let me go! If you hurt him, I swear that I'll...
  • Moon Phase: Once upon a time, a group of thugs roughed up Kohei Morioka, the favorite servant / blood donor / toy of vampire princess Hazuki. They were never seen again.
  • Both Usagi/Moon and Michiru/Neptune from Sailor Moon have put themselves at great risk to save their respective love interests, Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen and Haruka/Uranus.
  • Zero no Tsukaima: Louise is often violent to Saito but is protective of him as well.
  • Seras Victoria from the Hellsing manga and Hellsing Ultimate OVA is most of time much more cheerful and human than her Mentor Alucard and slightly unwilling to accept that she is a vampire. When her Love Interest Pip Bernadotte is murdered in a very unpleasant and terrible way in front of her, however, the result was enough to scare the crap out of vampire Nazis. And let's not even talk about what she did with Pip's murderer... or maybe we should because the murderer had it coming!
  • In episode 10 of Sword Art Online, a gloating Kuradeel kills one of his guildmates, then starts to torture Kirito, who soundly defeated him in an earlier duel. Were it not for the timely arrival of Asuna who had been following them, its likely Kuradeel would have also killed Kirito, then made up some random excuse as to why the two guildmates were dead to their guild leader Heathcliff.
  • Celty of Durarara!! develops this for Shinra after volume 8, after he is tortured almost to the point of death.
  • Jacuzzi Splot of Baccano!, being the timid and all-forgiving Martyr Without a Cause he is, puts absolutely no thought into fighting those intent on harming him. Thus, Nice Hollystone sees to the job herself, always through the liberal application of explosives to the problem.
  • Anatolia Story: Yuri Suzuki. When the concubines who are butthurt because Kail is going the Ladykiller in Love way for her put scorpions in Yuri's bed in the same night that Kail was about to sleep in her bedroom, Yuri gets so absolutely pissed off that she storms into the room the girls are in and shouts that they can treat her as badly as they want, but they better not endanger Kail. She then correctly identifies the one who came up with that shit and throws the now-dead scorpions on her. And this isn't including the times she has ridden into battle to save him. She even gave up a final chance to return back to her home time in Japan to ride to Kail's rescue.
  • Haiyore! Nyarko-san: If you mess with her "Mahiro-san", Nyarko will turn you into a greasy stain on the pavement. In this case it's pretty well Justified, since it's literally her job to protect Mahiro and most of the things coming after him are horrible Eldritch Abominations from space that either want to kill him or do things like sell him into slavery.
  • Misa Amane of Death Note is a particularly dark example, but killing for her beloved Magnificent Bastard boyfriend is far from beneath her.
  • In Kitsune no Yomeiri Ousuke, an unlucky everyman, ends up getting married to the kitsune princess Kyouka. Now, while she is a prankster and loves tricking her husband, with such things like drawing on his face as he sleeps, she does deeply care for him and his hard work ethic. When some thugs ruined all the potatoes he just finished peeling, she unleashed her fox fire on them.
  • Jyubee in Nejimaki Kagyu is sorta like this. She's a childhood friend to her teacher, Kamo, and wants to be his girlfriend once she finishes high school. But since Kamo is an unwitting Chick Magnet and the female student body at his school are literally crazy for him. She opts to protect him with the training she recieved while abroad in China. This is usually the result of anyone who threaten him or tries to separate the two.
  • The titular Human Aliens of Sekirei are this by default, being fiercely protective of their human partners. It's entirely justified, since killing the Ashikabi will terminate all their Sekirei and most Ashikabi are simply Puny Earthlings caught up in battles between superhuman Action Girls. The notable exception is Yukari Sahashi, who responds violently to anyone that dares to threaten her beloved Bishōnen, Shiina. Her tendency to hospitalize rival Ashikabi results in her becoming The Dreaded, while Submissive Badass Shiina winces in the background.
  • In Detective Conan, you do NOT harm/beat up/capture/ put inside Death Trap/etc. Wataru Takagi. Because his Action Girlfriend and police partner just happens to be Miwako Sato, one of the most powerful Action Girls in the cast and who once lost her First Love and former partner Matsuda to terrorists, and she will NOT tolere anyone putting her Takagi in danger. She has been on the verge of losing Takagi at least twice, for worse, and she wasn't happy about that.
    • A less physically active but very vocal example than most is Sonoko Suzuki. Sonoko completely proclaims to Inspector Yamamura that her Gentle Giant boyfriend Makoto Kyougoku isn't the murderer in a case, and continues to give him death glares when he makes veiled comments that he does think Makoto is the culprit. He isn't.
    • Subverted with Ran Mouri, who has protected her "not-boyfriend" Shinichi Kudo many times from many danger... but she actually doesn't know it because he was shrunk into the titular Conan and she's completely Locked Out of the Loop in these regards.

  • Pablo Francisco has speculated that this is the best part of having a Mexican girlfriend, because if you get in a fight, she will jump in and wipe the floor with the other guy.

    Comic Books 
  • X-23, as Lady Deathstryke found out the hard way.
    X-23: You were dead the second you touched Julian Keller.
  • Susan Richards for Reed Richards, after she Took a Level in Badass and became the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four. (In fact, word to the wise: Don't threaten her son, her brother, or any of her friends if you value your life.)
  • The Pre-Crisis Wonder Woman, for Steve Trevor.
  • Both Betty and Veronica can occasionally become this for Archie.
  • In American Vampire, Henry can usually take care of himself...but when he's outmatched, Pearl is more than willing to step up to the plate and deal with things. As Skinner Sweet, among others, found out the hard way.
  • Big Barda will destroy anyone who even looks at her husband Mister Miracle funny. That, or she'll teleport you to another the middle of space. To be fair, that's less her being a Violently Protective Girlfriend and more her being violent, period. Barda seems to believe all problems will go away if you beat them to an unrecognizable pulp... which admittedly is accurate most of the time.

    Fan Works 
  • Scar Tissue:
    • Shinji. Calling Asuka names is enough to make him losing control of himself. And when he does he is very frightening. Misato compared him once with a wolf defending his mate.
      Of course, in the middle of the open war against Asuka's presence, everyone in the room failed to notice Shinji's change of mood. With every insult directed towards Asuka, he felt rage unlike any other build inside him like a deadly current threatening to consume him completely. He could stand anything people directed his way, as long as it was him who was offended. No-one, NO ONE had the right to insult Asuka, they had no idea what she had been through, what she had suffered. Such a thing would not stand.
    • Asuka. After almost killing Shinji her behaviour completely changes and she becomes extremely protective of him. And she gets very angry whenever she perceives that someone has hurt him.
  • In the Uplifted series, Hanala'Jarva having several... incidents. Most of them justified. The last incident involving Hanala unloading a whole MP-40 clip into a starving runaway Jewish woman who was to be Joachim Hoch's sisters-in-law after he startles her into shooting him in the face. is more questionable.
  • In the Shamanic Princess fanfiction Divine Sorceress, Graham remains viciously protective of Tiara, but now, Tiara would be just as fierce in protecting him as well. When Graham got attacked by a Ryami, and advanced Mihan demon, an enraged Tiara switched to her demon form and struck at the Ryami without warning, and then she killed it.
  • In The Second Try Asuka is a Violently Protective Wife as well as a Mama Bear. Threatens Shinji or her daughter Aki and she will go on a rampage, like Zeruel, Kaworu and even Gendo found out the hard way.
  • Nutsy from The Adventures Of Blinky Bill fanfic Scars Are Forever is extremely protective of Shifty Dingo. When she finds out Jeromy tortured him and he's in a coma in the hospital, she pulls a Leeroy Jenkins on Jeromy and gets kidnapped but Danny Dingo saves her just as she is about to get raped by him by shooting Jeromy in the head. Nutsy then goes Extreme Melee Revenge on Jeromy's corpse, beheading it, dismembering it, disemboweling it and tearing its eyes out before dousing it with gasoline and setting it on fire., hurting Shifty is practically Nutsy's Berserk Button in any of Canzet Yote's Blinky Bill fics.
  • In the Death Note fic Gods Of This New World Mello stabs Misa in the chest with a sword. When he threatens her Light, Misa gets back up and keeps fighting him anyway.
  • In one continuum of Discworld fanfic, wizard Ponder Stibbons, the first to describe himself as weedy and ineffectual, ends up with a girlfriend who thinks the world of him. She is a sinewy, athletically graceful, hard as nails product of Filigree Street and her native Howondaland and she is prepared to deal a world of pain to anyone spoiling his day. In fact, she is a career Assassin. Ponder considers being with her is quite restful compared to the HEM and dealing with the Faculty. Ponder's love life with a trained killer may be found in the stories of A.A. Pessimal on Fan Fic.Net.
  • While the relationship is more one of Friends with Benefits - ie, sex without too much emotional commitment - Sally von Humpeding is this to Philip Holtack in Slipping Between Worlds. Philip is suitably thankful on both counts.
  • In The Wizard in the Shadows, Ginny is very much this trope, as those (very) few orcs and servants of evil who survived the Battle of the Black Gate can attest.
  • In Mass Effect, a female Shepard can show some signs of this trope, but in Weightless, it's turned Up to Eleven. To demonstrate, when Garrus had a clue to find Sidonis, he decided to go alone (as opposed to canon) so that Shepard would be safe. What did Shepard do? Used brute force on him (while they were naked and lying in his bed no less) and ordered Garrus to take her with him because it is her business to deal with the one who hurt what belonged to her (Garrus). Then she proceeded to kill everyone who stood in her way because they may be traced back to Garrus. Even Garrus found her decidedly Renegade behavior a bit unsettling and compared her to Aria.
  • Maria Aparicio in Power Rangers GPX. Summed up in four words: "Don't! Touch! My! BOYFRIEND!"
  • Rika in the Tamers Forever Series seems to treat Takato with contempt most of the time. but she will eviscerate anyone who even tries to hurt him.
  • While Jack isn't her boyfriend (at this point in the story) in the Rise of the Guardians fic Guardian of Light, Helen still shows this towards him and almost kills her own father when said father almost kills Jack.
  • In the Star Trek fic Safe and Sound Khan's augment lover Victoria once saved him from thirty armed guards during the Eugenics Wars by killing them with her bare hands. Khan admits this was when he fell in love with her.
  • Another Star Trek fic, Written in the Stars (written coincidently by the same author as the above), has Fem!Kirk be this to Spock in both the Prime timeline and the Alternate Reality.
  • Bring Me All Your Elderly: Mai, who has to fight off a crowd of girls to save Zuko after he's had too much cactus juice.
    • Also Katara. Big time.
  • Many Wreck-It Ralph fan works portray Calhoun as ready to beat the tar out of anyone who threatens Felix. Given that she's an Action Girl who was previously Widowed at the Wedding and he's a Non-Action Guy, this makes sense.
  • Buffy towards Spike in this oneshot (set in an AU world where Drusilla dies in Prague and 'a single drop creates a thousand ripples'). Riley and some commandos corner the pair with the intention of taking Spike in, and at first the pair handle things well. Then Spike gets tazed. Buffy's reaction is... Yeah, you can probably guess that the commandos don't walk away from this without a trip to the hospital.
    And then they tazed him. They frickin’ tazed him. Spike dropped to a knee and Buffy stopped analyzing and started pulverizing. They wanted to know what she was? Oh, they were going to find out first hand. Nobody beat up her boyfriend.
    It was frighteningly easy to knock them all out once she took the brakes off. And frighteningly difficult to restrict herself to only knocking them unconscious, when they were hurting her lover.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Avatar: Neytiri is vividly protective of Jake, crouching over him with knife drawn and teeth bared, hissing, in two scenes where he is unconscious and under threat. And when Quaritch is about to kill Jake, she puts two arrows into his chest.
  • Uhura in Star Trek Into Darkness when Spock is about to be killed by John Harrison, she immediately beams into the fight and blasts Harrison with her phaser multiple times, buying enough time for Spock to regain the upper hand.
    • Basically, don't mess with Spock if Uhura has anything to say about it.
  • Trinity from The Matrix will not hesitate to end you if you hurt Neo.
  • Underworld: Hurting or killing Michael will result in Selene decapitating you or having your body ripped to shreds.
  • In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indy tells Mutt to punch a college student wearing a letterman jacket to escape two armed KGB agents at a malt shop. His girlfriend yells "Hey! That's my boyfriend!" and punches Mutt causing a big fight between jocks and greasers.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Ramona to Roxy when she knocks her down for attacking Scott: "Do that again, and I will END you!" Cue the catfight.
  • The Iron Man franchise has Pepper Potts; Tony Stark's secretary who eventually becomes his girlfriend. She's sweet, she's professional, she gets things done, and most of the time she's keeping Tony from doing stupid things. In the third movie, she ends up injected with the Extremis virus by the main villain, who hopes to keep her as a trophy to get back at Tony. As you can imagine, this ends badly for the villain when he threatens Tony, and ends up being taken down by an angry, super-powered Pepper with a combination of her new powers and Tony's armour. Let's just say the villain won't be bothering anyone again.
    • Speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bruce Banner's girlfriend Betty has a moment of this when she gets angry at a taxi driver for almost causing Bruce to Hulk out. She's not exactly pleasant when Bruce tells her to calm down.
    Betty: (kicks taxi door shut, causing the driver to put his foot down pretty fast) ASSHOLE!
    Bruce: You know, I know a few techniques that can help you manage that anger very effectively...
    Betty: You zip it. We're walking.
  • Vicki Vallencourt proves to be this for Bobby in The Waterboy when opposing linebacker Greg Meaney gets in his face. Vicki ends up putting a knife to Meaney's neck.

  • Ixchel is this whenever Caspian is overwhelmed in Adam R. Brown's Astral Dawn. She saves his life on multiple occasions, starting with taking on an angry Tyr while keeping him hidden away in her dream realm.
  • Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy, at least in the second book. Elend even complains about her being obsessive about keeping him safe, but he is worried more about her killing herself by not sleeping for months. After the second book, Elend Took a Level in Badass and they become a Battle Couple.
  • Sally Kimball of Encyclopedia Brown fame. Not quite played straight, however; Encyclopedia paid Sally to be his bodyguard. To what extent her affections eventually became engaged is less clear, and there is at least one mystery in which she defends another guy against Encyclopedia's (correct) accusations, although not physically.
  • Explicitly used in the Shield, Sword, and Crown series, where Arisa declares herself both Weasel's and Edoran's bodyguard at various points in the book. Slightly subverted in that she isn't interested in them romantically at all, and thinks of them as best friends.
  • In the third book of The Immortals, Daine believes Numair has been executed by the Carthakis and proceeds to go on a rampage, reanimating a bunch of dinosaur skeletons, and razing the entire Imperial Palace. When confronted later, she says "I thought you were dead. I lost my temper."
  • Lord Byron's explanation in his Don Juan for why a Woman Scorned is more dangerous than a Mama Bear could also apply to a Violently Protective Girlfriend:
    For what is stealing young ones, few or many,
    To cutting short their hopes of having any?
  • Una and Britomart of The Faerie Queene won't let anyone harm their fiance, the Knight of the Red Cross and Artegall.
  • Lisbeth Salander of The Millennium Trilogy is more of a Violently Protective Sexbuddy, but all the same, do not harm Mikael Blomkvist when she's nearby.
  • Honor Harrington is an experienced starship captain and black-belt in coup de vitesse, so is an active participant in all of the combat that occurs throughout the series. When her lover, Paul Tankerseley, was murdered as part of a revenge plot to torment her, she dueled and killed both the paid assassin who performed the killing and the villain who hired him. A later lover of hers, Earl White Haven, offers the Genre Savvy observation that if they were ever attacked, he would hold her coat while she dealt with the problem.
  • Discworld
    • While Carrot is no weakling, standing over 6ft and extremely strong, his girlfriend Angua (a werewolf) is very protective of him nonetheless, sensing on an instinctual level when he is injured or in danger.
    • From Unseen Academicals, we also have Glenda being very protective of Mr. Nutt.
    • This is a classic Pratchett gambit: the weakly ineffectual male who acquires a tough and protective girlfriend. Nerdy Nijel, the would-be hero, ends up with killer hairdresser Conina fighting for his life.
    • Rincewind, who at one point had Conina's favor, is similarly body-guarded by the ninja-trained Pretty Butterfly
    • Even functioning males such as Moist von Lipwig benefit: Adora Belle Dearheart wins a fight for him in the Mended Drum, sending a bully away whimpering by driving her high heel's point into the man's foot with clearly telling him how easy it would be to push it all the way through his foot. As the bully would otherwise have ripped Moist's head off, and Adora Belle knew this, Moist is only too thankful, but takes note of what he has just witnessed.
  • In Swedish fantasy novel Spiran och staven (The Sceptre and the Quarterstaff) Fox's overweight girlfriend Livneth turns out to be a cold-blooded and very skilled knife-wielder when Fox is threatened by a gang of hoods. The fact that Livneth originally belonged to a tribe of forest barbarians might have something to do with it.
  • Rachel in Animorphs. When Tobias is tortured by Taylor, Rachel is ready to literally rip her to pieces in grizzly morph, and it's only Tobias's pleading that stops her.
  • Angelina, in Harry Harrison's Stainless Steel Rat series: began as somewhat yandere for Slippery Jim di Griz, her personality integrated more after marrying him. But let anyone dare approach Jim with violence in mind when Angelina is nearby...
  • The Heroes of Olympus: Annabeth towards Percy. She enters the series wielding a dagger, demanding to know who's kidnapped him and is scary enough that Jason thinks she might actually kill someone. Crosses into the Hypocritical Humour type, as when she finds Percy again she responds by judo-flipping him for leaving her. Naturally Percy laughs and says he missed her too. Being a Bad Ass of his own, they also double as a Battle Couple.
  • In The Dresden Files,
    • Karrin Murphy may not necessarily be Harry's girlfriend (yet), but the lengths she will go to to protect him are unbelievable. Standing over his incapacitated form and shooting MacGuffin .22 calibre bullets at a half-ton of demon werewolf is only one of the many instances of this. In another, a chainsaw is involved. And in Cold Days, Karrin says specifically "If you're going to Hell and back, I'll be there by your side the entire way." in a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming. In this book, this violence was taken into a gambit because Mab knew of Karrin's feelings and knew she likely had back-up weapons on her. So when Maeve was about to kill Harry in front of Karrin, the woman didn't think. Karrin just reacted on instinct and shot Maeve in the head with a small back-up from her ankle holster.
    • In Skin Game this leads to tragedy when Nicodemus manipulates her into a Sadistic Choice of attacking him with the Sword of Faith (thereby unmaking it) or watching Harry die right in front of her. Though it gets better later, it's still an absolutely awful choice.
    • The full extent of Lily and Fix's relationship isn't said, but with this Lady and Knight pair, harm him and she will send waves of fire at perpetrator, or even just a tiny star-like attack that melted a Sidhe-made blade.
  • The Princess Ren and her sisters in A Brother's Price when their husband Jerin is kidnapped, though it's seen as rather normal in that world - men are rare, protected, seen as more tender, and commonly abducted and raped by women despite that being illegal. Entire families of sisters and mothers are expected to be violently protective in order to protect their menfolk, and the princesses think that wiping out the entire family of Jerin's abductor(s) is a totally reasonable response to this offense.
  • Arguably Katniss for Peeta in Catching Fire. She is more than ready to kill anyone who tries to harm him. Still arguable though since their relationship is mostly for show. Emphasis on "mostly".

    Live-Action TV 
  • Aricella Santos in part two of the two-part season finale of Law & Order season 9. When NYPD Detectives Leonard Briscoe (Jerry Orbach) and Reynaldo Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) try to arrest Santos' boyfriend Leo Zamora for the murders of Tony Ricci and another woman, as well as the attempted murder of the second woman's ten-year-old son, after a visitor to the building where Miss Ricci was murdered identifies Zamora, Zamora takes off with Briscoe and Curtis chasing him on foot. Zamora runs into a building where Briscoe and Curtis finally catch Zamora, but not before Zamora calls out for Santos. As Briscoe is cuffing Zamora, he sees Santos charging down the stairs at Curtis with a knife in her hand and warns him. Curtis knocks the knife from her hand and pulls his Glock semi-automatic pistol, which makes that hammer-cocking sound despite not even having a hammer to cock in the first place, and Curtis threatens Santos with death if she moves. It turns out that Zamora and Santos are wanted for a murder in Florida and that the Russian mobsters hired Zamora and Santos to kill the ten-year-old because he was a witness the ruthless mobsters didn't know about until trial.
  • Fiona from Burn Notice. And she's a Trigger Happy former IRA, so when she gets pissed off things explode. This comes back to bite her, when a psychiatrist uses that knowledge to frame her for murder by causing her to explode Michael's ex-mentor while he is inside a British consulate.
  • You might think that a crime lord would be immune from this trope, but no. Season I of NYPD Blue had Janice Licalsi, a corrupt New York Cop who just happened to fall in love with honest cop John Kelly. When mafia boss Angelo Marino (whose pad she's on) demands that she kill Kelly, Licalsi cold-bloodedly murders Marino and his driver.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Willow Rosenberg, with regards to Tara. When Glory drove Tara insane, she only survived her battle with Willow because she was a Physical God. When Warren killed Tara, Willow flayed him alive.
      • Also doubles as a violently protective BFF. She threatens death on anyone who hurts Buffy.
    • Tara gets her moment too. Even though her skills are on the research and magic side, so she otherwise never gets physically involved in battles, when Willow is threatened? Lack of weapons training is irrelevant, she's getting a one-blow instant kill with an axe.
    • Buffy herself was like this with regards to Angel.
    • In "Hush" a rioter is about to attack Riley from behind with a lead pipe. Buffy coldly breaks the man's wrist without even looking at him.
    • She never really got a chance to be this towards Spike (not including some minor occasions). Spuffy fanfiction, however, shows her willing to go against even her own friends if Spike is threatened by them. (See above for examples)
    • Buffy and Dawn also had the sibling version of this relationship. While it was usually Buffy dealing out the violence, Dawn had her moments too. After Spike's rape attempt on Buffy, Dawn pointed out, calmly and coldly, that while she couldn't take him in a fight, there was nothing to stop her setting him on fire in his sleep if he ever tried it again.
  • Doctor Who
    • Amy Pond. Any time someone hurts her boyfriend Rory, she will end them. In one, she incinerates an alien fish disguised as a vampire. In another (which was all a dream), when Rory is hurt by a bunch of aliens disguised as old people, it creates the surreal image of Amy (at the end of a very large pregnancy) mowing down a group of elderly citizens in a van.
    • The other way around is also true. The normally timid Rory can go berserk if something happens to Amy. Of course, he's had 2000 years of experience as an Auton/Roman legionnaire.
    • It's also not a good idea to injure the Doctor while River's around, even if you happen to be a Dalek.
    "Say that again."
    "One more time."
    • She also once destroyed time to stop him from dying.
    • Rose. Hurt the Doctor (or Jack) and she will ascend to being a Physical God and obliterate you with the raw power of time itself.
    • Leela tops the list for Violently Protective Companion, being originally a member of a primitive warrior tribe. The Doctor had to routinely keep her from killing everything that got in their way.
    • Barbara Wright from the very beginning ended up marrying her fellow travel companion Ian. Before that, she held a higher headcount than the other protagonists combined and at one point mowed down a group of Daleks with a lorry. Note that Barbara was a history teacher.
  • The X-Files
    • Dana Scully does not take kindly to anyone hurting her partner. She may be petite, but she's smart as a whip and has great aim. In "Beyond the Sea", after Mulder is shot:
    Scully: This was a trap for Mulder because he helped put you away. Well, I came here to tell you that if he dies because of what you've done, four days from now, no-one will be able to stop me from being the one that will throw the switch and gas you out of this life for good, you son of a bitch!
    • The episode "Biogenesis" and the entire "Sixth Extinction" arc was pretty much Scully kicking ass because the Cigarette Smoking Man and Diana Fowley had caused Mulder's fatally unusual brain activity. The same happens in Season 8, despite the fact that she's pregnant at the time. And this totally works in reverse, as well. As noted on that page, Mulder and Scully are each other's Berserk Button.
    • The second movie has her bashing bad guys over the head with firewood to get to Mulder.
  • Sarah from Chuck. While she isn't exactly Chuck's girlfriend ("it's complicated"), at least not in the first two seasons, she tends to get displeased when someone threatens or actually tries to hurt him.
    • Just ask Michael Clarke Duncan. After he dropped Chuck off the roof of a high-rise, Sarah got understandably pissed, and the only reason he survived is because he's built like a tank.
    • She actually murders a man in cold blood after disarming him, after he made the mistake of taunting her that he knows that Chuck is the Intersect and will tell his bosses. Chuck witnesses the murder, which doesn't make things better between them.
    • She becomes all the more dangerous (and this is saying a lot) after she and Chuck became the Official Couple. The writers turned this Up to Eleven in Chuck vs. Phase Three when Sarah tears apart Thailand looking for a kidnapped Chuck. Everyone from the lowest mook to the episode's Big Bad was scared shitless of the "Giant Blonde She-Male."

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had this. Will starts dating a girl and brings her to a bowling alley, where they're harassed by some meat-head trying to woo her away. He knocks out Will with one punch, but then gets BODY-SLAMMED by the petite woman. When Will gets up and realizes what happened...
    Girl: I'm sorry, Will. I meant to tell you, I... I'm a—
    Will: A what, a Power Ranger?!
  • Firefly:
  • Lily is like this towards Marshall in How I Met Your Mother, once even delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to a woman who forcibly kissed Marshall when she was drunk. It's rather hilarious though, because Marshall is burly, 6'4'', and a practiced fighter, while Lily is about a third of his size, small-boned, and very girly.
  • Parker on Leverage occasionally gets this way with Hardison. In the Grave Danger Job she draws fire from an Uzi and during the Experimental Job she delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown against the members of the secret society that had captured Hardison
  • In Friends Monica has shades of this concerning Chandler. Notable in this exchange when they're having photos taken.
    Monica: "Chandler, what is wrong with your face? Its meant to say Geller and Bing to be married, not local woman saves drowning moron!"
    Photographer: *Laughs*
    Monica: "DON'T LAUGH AT HIM! He's my drowning moron!"
    • On another occasion she and Chandler were arguing with their neighbour Janine; things were pretty aggressive before but its when Janine insults Chandler that Monica cracks and gets physically violent.
    Janine: [to Chandler] "You know, I know you’re talking, but all I hear is, "Blah. Blah. Blah-blah-blah."
    Monica: "All right, you and me! Let’s go! Right now!"
  • Aeryn to John on Farscape. Once he takes his badass levels he's perfectly capable of fending for himself (and saves her ass plenty of times), but you do not mess with John and get away with it, at any stage of their relationship.
    Aeryn: (while holding two women by their necks up against a mirror) Now listen to me closely so that there's no misunderstanding. I don't know what game's being played on this little planet of yours, and I don't really care. What I care about is that a good friend of mine is not hurt — in any sense of the word. And if he is, I will personally take revenge on both of your overly made-up faces.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Attempt to harm Odo, and Kira Nerys will visit untold amounts of pain and whoopass upon your unsuspecting self. And she will do it in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Lindsay Messer on CSI: NY fits into this-it was both her husband and child being threatened by Shane Casey, but she did shoot him. And probably would get physical again if she had to, considering the verbal confrontation with the rookie cop who lied and tried to get Danny in trouble to protect herself. No blows were exchanged, but it's obvious she'd go there again if it came to it.
  • Temperance Brennan on Bones. Though Booth usually stands up for her, even though she can handle herself, there's little reason to doubt she'd fight to save him. She might even have once or twice, hard to recall.
    • Two occasion confirm this. In "The Wannabe in the Weeds", when a psycho stalker aims a gun at Brennan, Booth takes the bullet for her. Brennan's response is to, in one fluid motion, grab Booth's gun and shoot the stalker dead. And in "The Hero in the Hold", when they confirm that Heather Taffet is the Gravedigger, a serial killer who had trapped Booth on a Naval vessel slated for demolition, before rushing to Booth's rescue, Brennan whacks her upside the head with a metal briefcase, hard enough to knock over her and the chair to which she is handcuffed.
  • Babylon 5: Ambassador Delenn doesn't get involved in dust-ups most of the time to keep John Sheridan safe. She doesn't have to. She's got an entire space navy of Cool Starships at her command, and she is not afraid to use them. However, when she does get into more personal fighting, that willowy, ladylike Minbari can proceed to kick ass with the rest of them. Don't hurt her boyfriend. Ever.
    "Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else."
  • Carla has hints of this towards Turk in Scrubs, at one point Turk has to physically pick her up and carry her off to stop her from beating up a fellow surgeon who was mocking him. She's also a Spicy Latina, for extra points.
  • Battlestar Galactica (Reimagined): Don't kill Bill Adama. Laura Roslin WILL COME FOR ALL OF YOU.
  • Deconstructed in an episode of Saved by the Bell. Zack dates a female wrestler who saves him from an attack. He views this as a huge blow to his ego because he can't comprehend the girl saving the guy.
  • As seen on Castle, do not attempt to harm Castle, because Beckett will hurt you.
  • Although not really dating, Ziva fits this for her partner Tony in NCIS. The most obvious example comes in season 6's "Cloak" when Tony and Ziva break into a secure facility. When they are found out, they're approached by military security, but ordered (by Gibbs) not to engage. On a reflex, Ziva throws the first punch, while Tony rapidly tries to defuse the situation so neither of them get shot. It doesn't work, and Tony gets a rifle butt to the head for his trouble. As soon as Tony goes down, Ziva loses it. She plows her way through the soldiers like paper, and it takes three of them to take her down. As soon as she awakes, the first words out of her mouth are: "Where's Tony?"
  • In Everybody Loves Raymond, Debra Barone intervenes when Ray is getting the worst of it from Peggy The Cookie Nazi. The scary Peggy backs down quickly, recognizing an even more powerful force of nature, while a floored Ray looks on admiringly.
  • In a later episode of Step by Step, JT is feeling inferior to his girlfriend Sam because she is physically stronger and wins more often. When a jerk tries to steal her away and pushes him around, Sam punches the guy out.
  • Emma from Once Upon a Time spent most of Season 3 and 4 having trouble with her magic, but as soon as the Snow Queen tried to kill her boyfriend Hook, she immediately started busting it out left and right with perfect control. Considering her past, she definitely has a good reason to be this way.

  • In the version of the folk song Stagger Lee recorded by The Grateful Dead, Stagger Lee murders Billy DeLion, and the police are too afraid of him to do anything about it. Then, along comes Billy's girlfriend Delia, who shoots Stagger Lee herself. In the balls.
  • Tijuana Sweetheart's single "Seven" (from back when they were called Vagiant) is all about this trope, as quoted on the quotes page.
  • Within Temptation's "The Promise" is about a woman who copes with her lover's death by hunting down and murdering the ones who killed him.
  • Ashlyne Huff's "Run to You" treats this behavior as more romantic than anything else, as the singer describes herself as Supergirl and will "protect you from the world" at a moment's notice.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • River City Wrestling Champion Joey Spector had Mercedes Martinez, who helped him retain his title and tried to help him regain it when he lost it Allissa Flash. When that did work she tried to win back the belt herself.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Miss Piggy. In The Muppet Movie, when criminals threaten "her Frog", she likes to use violence, and a lot of it. HIIIII-YAHHHHH!


    Video Games 
  • In Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, causing harm (direct or indirect) to Almaz is the fastest way to piss Princess Sapphire off. Many of her Ax-Crazy thoughts are motivated by this trope.
  • One-sided example in Sonic the Hedgehog with Amy Rose when Silver tried to kill Sonic. Becomes her Crowning Moment Of Awesome, and a pic of her Death Glare during this scene is a good page image candidate.
  • Odin Sphere: Although she didn't like Oswald at first, Gwendolyn shows that she is capable of wreaking all sorts of havoc when he's in danger. One of the game's major Nice Job Breaking It, Hero incidents revolves around this trope.
  • This is why Rozalin in Disgaea 2 willingly lets her Super-Powered Evil Side out in the end of the game. How this turns out depends on the ending you get.
  • The Mother Yeti in E.V.O.: Search for Eden attacks you because you killed her mate.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Liara apparently subscribes to this trope. After Shepard was killed at the start of the second game and spent two years in a coma, she went on a one-woman crusade to recover the Commander's body from both the Shadow Broker and even the Collectors. She then went on a two year quest for revenge on the Shadow Broker (one of the most powerful individuals in the galaxy) for even THINKING about causing harm to him/her.
    • Ashley Williams also skirts this line during the first game, if you're unable to prevent Wrex from his Face-Heel Turn, she will kill him to prevent him from harming Shepard.
    • A female Shepard can become this depending on the player.
      • Even more so if you romanced Thane back in Mass Effect 2. Watching her gut his killer, Kai Leng, like a fish with her omniblade is very, very satisfying.
        Shepard: That was for Thane, you son of a bitch!
      • And if a female Shepard is romancing Liara, when she's talking to her "father", she echoes an earlier line when the possibility of an assassination on Liara comes up.
        Shepard: Nobody messes with my girl!
    • Tali also gets hints of this in the third game. When you find clips of the Illusive Man casually discussing the best ways to emotionally manipulate Shepard, what is her very calm response?
    Tali: He needs to die.
    • A more disturbing example shows up in a sidequest in the first game. Shepard is called to investigate an abandoned ship. It turns out that one of the crew members, a female biotic, flipped out and killed the crew when they attempted to shut off her comatose boyfriend's life support after determining he was brain-dead.
    • A male example in Garrus Vakarian if romanced by a female Shepard. While downplayed on the violence angle, he does upgrade Shepard's apartment via explosive gas, a weaponized coffee machine, cyanide-filled kitchen sinks, and a hot tub heated to solar temperatures. Admittedly, this also happens in playthroughs where you don't romance him - Garrus is apparently itching, deep-down, to overhaul an apartment into a trap-encrusted no-man's-land - but if there is a romance taking place, you get variant dialogue where Garrus begs you to indulge your crazy boyfriend and let him continue attaching microfilament explosives to your decor.
    Garrus: Nobody better hurt you, is all I'm saying.
  • Bobcat in City of Heroes. In Issue 19, there's a task force that finishes with a battle between your team, and her and her boyfriend Neuron. If you manage to defeat Neuron first, Bobcat gets an *enormous buff* that makes her incredibly lethal. Defeating her in this state grants you a badge. The badge says "You saw Bobcat do something no one else has seen; fight with all her effort. Despite her best efforts, you still managed to put her down."
  • In Kingdom Hearts II, Kairi's only fight scene thus far in the series was in response to seeing Sora get ambushed by Heartless, drawing them to her so that they'll leave Sora alone.
  • Senran Kagura plays this for laughs as the normally-quiet Yagyū shows no hesitation in uttering death threats at Katsuragi when the latter tries to grope Hibari (Kat being the type of person for whom saying "hello" includes a Skinship Grope). Katsuragi sees no reason to believe that she isn't being serious and quickly backs off.
  • In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, hurting or threatening Juno Eclipse is Starkiller's Berserk Button, but it works in reverse as well. When Darth Vader tries to turn Starkiller to the Dark Side, Juno grabs one of Starkiller's lightsabers and attacks Vader herself!
  • Louisa in Red Dead Redemption attempts this by charging a line of soldiers with a knife. It goes about as well as expected.
  • Dragon Age II
    • The character Aveline is introduced as her husband Wesley is disarmed by Darkspawn, upon which she blindsides it, punches it silly and cuts its head off, all the while proclaiming, "You will not have him! They will not have you, not while I breathe."
    • Female!Hawke has a moment like this if you're romancing Anders: you can tell him that, if the Templars come for him, they'll have to go through you first.
  • Marble in the erotic game Corruption Of Champions does not like it when others mess with the PC after she has been romanced.
  • Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. She may not be the bitch she used to be anymore, but never, ever, ever try to harm Jim Raynor, if you don't want her and her Swarm to go after you.
    Kerrigan: "If Jim is alive, no force in the Universe is gonna stop me from saving him."
  • Toko Fukawa becomes this is Absolute Despair Girls, as her mission is to rescue her beloved Togami. The "violent" part comes from her split personality Genocider Syo/Jill, Super High School Level Serial Killer.
  • In Transistor, the mere presence of the Spine enemy causes the Man in the Transistor to go all giggly and crazy, and not in a good way. Red, his maybe/maybe not girlfriend, goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to save him.
    Red: I'm going to find the thing that's doing this to you and break its heart.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Will and Cornelia are both this towards their respective boyfriends Matt and Caleb in W.I.T.C.H.
  • Flame Princess in Adventure Time as demonstrated in "Vault of Bones" when a giant Goo Skull made the mistake of capturing Finn.
  • Katara of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Harming Aang was a major Berserk Button for Katara, as characters like Zuko and Hama learned the hard way.
    • Mai is also this. Part of her motivation for her Heel-Face Turn in "The Boiling Rock" was her love for Zuko, and she openly admits this when confronting the enemy.
    "I love Zuko more than I fear you!"
  • The Sequel Series, The Legend of Korra, gave us Korra (the Avatar herself, well trained in physical martial arts as well as three schools of bending normally and basically a Physical God when at full potential). She has a thing for Mako and tends to save his butt as often as he saves hers. She even unlocks her airbending in order to protect Mako's bending from Amon.
  • Starfire of Teen Titans. See "Date With Destiny" for a particularly good example.
  • Sierra from Total Drama World Tour, except that her romance with Cody is pretty much confined to her own fantasy world.
    Sierra: En garde! That's French for "leave my boyfriend alone!"
  • Kim Possible does this as for her best friend and later boyfriend Ron as a matter of course.
    • Works in reverse. Ron doesn't take too kindly to people threatening KP. Warmonga and Warhok had to find that one out the hard way.
  • Harley Quinn is a villainous example on Batman: The Animated Series. See also Catwoman in the episode "Almost Got 'Im".
  • Lois gets this way about Peter on Family Guy.
  • Cybersix is generally a calm person, but she still will kick ass five different ways if Lucas is in danger.
  • Leela in Futurama. You may be able to sell Schmuck Bait to Fry with ease, but not with her around.
  • Jean Grey in X-Men: Evolution. When Scott is kidnapped by Mystique and dumped in Mexico without his protective glasses, Jean pulls of a Big Damn Heroes moment just as Mystique moves in for the kill.
    Mystique: How sweet, girlfriend to the rescue.
  • Borderline case in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, episode "Dragon Quest": the ordinarily fussy and prim fashionista Rarity threatens to beat up a bunch of dragons if they so much as hurt a scale on her "Spikey-Wikey". (They're not a couple, but he's had a crush on her since they first met, and she knows about it.) Note that although Rarity is outclassed this time and forced to beat a retreat, she has faced off against multiple deadly threats in the past.
  • In the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "Out Of Time", Susan attacks Dr. Doom when he wipes Reed out of existence. Technically, they aren't a couple in this series, but they're drifting that way.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Kanker sisters towards the Eds. Especially prominent in The Movie when they hear that the neighbourhood kids are out for their blood due to their latest scam, and proceed to take down each and every one of the kids before presenting them to the Eds. Also, when Eddy's brother is beating him up, you can see Lee trying to clobber him, but her sisters are holding her back.
  • The cute, amorous, and normally sweet little she-squirrel from The Sword in the Stone won't hesitate to attack a predator ten times her size to protect Arthur.

    Real Life 
  • George Harrison's wife Olivia saved him from being murdered by an insane intruder in 1999. When said intruder broke into their home, George initially went out to confront him in the hopes of diverting attention away from his wife. He was stabbed repeatedly in the process, at which point Olivia came out and beat the hell out of the fifteen-years-younger intruder with a fireplace poker, successfully disabling him.
  • During the assasination of King Carlos I of Portugal in 1908, Queen Amelia beat one of the rifle-armed assasins over the head with her bouquet of flowers while crying "Infamous bastard!".
  • Watch an episode of COPS sometime. Even if the woman is calling to report her boyfriend/husband is abusing her, if they attempt to arrest the boyfriend, often the woman will turn her rage against the cop.
  • Henriette Caillaux: In pre World War One France, a big feud erupted between her husband Joseph — then the left-leaning minister of Finance and a proponent of progressive taxation — and the conservative newspaper Le Figaro. In order to destroy Joseph Caillaux's reputation, Gaston Calmette, the Figaro's director, bribed the Caillauxs' maid to steal embarrassing letters Joseph had written (get your minds out of the gutter; the letters indicated he had secretly sunk a Senate bill on taxation he publicly supported as a political tactic). Henriette did not approve: she made an appointment with Calmette, and once in his office, simply said, "You know why I am here," before shooting him five times in the chest.

    Then, because simply killing someone who attacked her husband's reputation was not enough, she and her lawyer took advantage of the existing stereotypes of the time, pleaded the unpremeditated crime of passion despite the fact that premeditation was glaringly obvious, and eventually was acquitted a mere four months after the murder, before starting a career as an art historian while her husband stayed in politics until 1940.
  • During the Leveson Inquiry, a man broke into Parliament's chambers to throw a plate of shaving cream in Rupert Murdoch's face. His wife Wendi responded by lunging for the attacker and slamming him in the face with her palm.
  • It's awesome when wives/girlfriends fend off other men. It's even more awesome when a woman fights off a tiger.
    • Another similar story: an elderly couple were walking in the woods when the husband was attacked by a cougar. His wife beat the hell out of this mountain lion with a branch about as big as she was and stabbed it in the eye with a pen, causing it to leave her husband alone and flee. Investigators later found the cougar's battered carcass.
  • The Ukrainian woman Mariya Oktyabrskaya. When the Nazis killed her husband she sold everything she owned, bought a tank with the money, and then spent the next two years blowing up any Nazi she could find.
  • Sharon Osbourne. Messing with her husband, Ozzy, isn't a good idea when she's around (Louis Walsh has a glass of water thrown over him when he let slip a casual insult). And once, when Ozzy's former band members kept bothering him over claims of past due royalties, she responded by having their contributions in the songs wiped out and re-recorded by different musicians. As Ozzy put it: "She just snapped."

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Violently Protective Wife