Tropes about things that a player can own, hold and use. If it goes in your bag, or your pocket (or [[HyperspaceArsenal wherever the heck you put it]]), it goes here.
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* OneUp \\
An item or event which increases the number of VideoGameLives the player will have to continue following death.
* AKA47 \\
Guns resemble real-life guns, but are given different names to avoid legal issues.
* AlwaysCheckBehindTheChair\\
...because there might be an item there.
* AntidoteEffect \\
Inventory items designed to be NotCompletelyUseless but have such specific uses that they become a waste of space.
* AllSwordsAreTheSame \\
All of your weapons/items of a specific type will look and play identically.
* ArbitraryEquipmentRestriction \\
Weapon or ability that is rendered unusable without an in-game explanation.
* ArmorAndMagicDontMix \\
Wearing armor restricts your ability to cast spells.
* ArmorOfInvincibility \\
That nigh-imprenetrable shield or suit of armor that makes even the final boss struggle to hurt you.
* AttackDrone \\
A small, mobile, unmanned weapon system sent out to do the fighting in place of its commander.
** SurveillanceDrone \\
A small, mobile, unmanned, usually unarmed robot that simply watches you.
* AttackablePickup \\
An item which can be attacked before picking up to modify its function in some way.
* AwesomeButImpractical \\
An item or spell that is good in theory, but in practice the drawbacks outweigh the benefits.
* BagOfHolding \\
In {{Role Playing Game}}s, an object which contains many other objects in {{hammerspace}}.
* BagOfSharing \\
In {{Role Playing Game}}s, there are many characters but they share one inventory.
* BagOfSpilling \\
Items, skills and experience do not carry over to the sequel.
* {{BFG}} \\
A ridiculously big, flashy, overpowered gun.
** ChainsawGripBFG\\
A {{BFG}} with a top-mounted foregrip and with the rear grip placed at the back of the weapon.
* {{BFS}} \\
A ridiculously huge sword.
* BonusStageCollectables \\
Optional [[MacGuffin MacGuffins]] tucked away in [[BonusStage Bonus Stages]]. GottaCatchThemAll!
* BottomlessFuelTanks \\
Your vehicle goes on and on indefinitely without having to refuel.
* BreakablePowerUp \\
Power-ups that stop working when the player takes damage.
* BreakableWeapons \\
Weapons that break after using them too much, becoming totally useless if there's no way to repair them.
* BribingYourWayToVictory \\
The game developers will sell you items or skills (for real money) to help you achieve your goals.
* ColorCodedItemTiers \\
That thing where magic items in a video game have color-coded tiers of power and rarity.
* CombinatorialExplosion \\
The challenge in developing games that allow you to use ''any'' item in your inventory on ''any'' other item, environmental object, character, or monster.
* CommonplaceRare \\
A mundane, everyday item (e.g., a rope or a bottle) that is difficult to obtain for your inventory for some reason.
* CosmicKeystone \\
That doohickey that the entire world is dependent on for its continued peaceful existence.
* DayOldLegend\\
ItemCrafting + FlavorText = BlatantLies
* DestroyableItems \\
Pickups are volatile and can be accidentally destroyed by collateral damage.
* DiscOneNuke \\
An exploit where a powerful item or technique is achieved early on in the game.
* DowsingDevice \\
A special item that helps you find other, hidden items.
* EdibleCollectible \\
Video game food as arbitrary collectibles or point items.
* ElaborateEqualsEffective \\
Better-looking items, swords, guns and armors will be more powerful.
* ElementalCrafting \\
The most important aspect of a piece of armor? What material it's made from!
* EleventhHourSuperpower \\
A powerful, unique weapon or ability only obtainable near the end of the game to help the hero get through the final challenges.
* EmergencyEnergyTank \\
A valuable inventory item which replenishes hit points.
* EmergencyWeapon \\
When you're out of ammo, all you've got left is a weak weapon with crummy range and infinite uses.
* EncounterBait \\
RandomEncounters aren't so random anymore when you use this.
* EncounterRepellant \\
For avoiding those random encounters.
* TheEnemyWeaponsAreBetter \\
You're willing to trade your issued weapons for the enemy's the first chance you get.
* EnoughToGoAround \\
Many players need a unique item to continue their quest, so infinitely clone the item so that everyone can win.
* EquipmentBasedProgression \\
Better equipment is used to make the player powerful instead of having them level up.
* EquipmentSpoiler \\
Finding an unusable piece of equipment means that someone able to use it will join the party at some point.
* EquipmentUpgrade \\
Improving a piece of gear.
* EscapeBattleTechnique \\
The emergency "Get Me The Hell Out Of This Battle Free" card.
* EscapeRope \\
The emergency "Get Me The Hell Out Of This Dungeon Free" card.
* EvolvingWeapon \\
A weapon that changes form and gets stronger as you gain levels or kill things with it.
* ExclusiveEnemyEquipment \\
A weapon that can only be found by searching the bodies of enemies.
* ExperienceBooster \\
An item that increases the amount of ExperiencePoints gained.
* ExplodingBarrels \\
Because barrels full of gunpowder or combustible toxic acid are an essential element in any interior or exterior furnishing, and make a great place for enemy guards to take their ten-minute breaks.
* GenderRestrictedGear \\
Certain items can only be used/equipped by characters of a specific gender.
* GiveMeYourInventoryItem \\
An {{NPC}} demands that you hand over a useful item from your inventory.
* HammerSpace \\
The ability to whip out a particular item out of seemingly nowhere, regardless of its size.
** HyperspaceArsenal \\
There are virtually no limits to how many weapons, pieces of armor or other items you can have in your inventory you can produce any one of them on demand.
* HealingPotion \\
Liquid substance usually used as an EmergencyEnergyTank.
* HealingShiv \\
Weapons which heal you instead of killing you.
* HeartContainer \\
A way to increase your LifeMeter in {{Action Game}}s or ActionAdventure games.
* HeartsAreHealth \\
Healing items often are in the shape of hearts.
* HolyHandGrenade \\
A weapon that uses The Power of Good ... to inflict bodily harm.
* HomingProjectile \\
A ranged attack or projectile that seeks out targets so you don't have to.
* ImprobableAccessoryEffect \\
Equippable items which have effects you ''really'' wouldn't expect.
* ImprobableWeaponUser \\
''Anything'' can be used as a weapon, regardless of what it is supposed to be.
* InfinityPlusOneSword \\
The ultimate sword. Period.
** InfinityMinusOneSword \\
The second-best thing, for those times where getting the Infinity Plus One Sword is just too plain hard.
** PenultimateWeapon \\
What everybody else thinks is the Infinity Plus One Sword but isn't.
* InterchangeableAntimatterKeys \\
Any key fits in any door, but as soon as you use the key, it will disappear.
* InventoryManagementPuzzle \\
Games that limit how much inventory you can carry and force you to manage resources.
** GridInventory \\
You have a limited grid or space to fit items of various shapes and sizes.
* InvincibilityPowerUp \\
A PowerUp that makes the player invincible for a short period of time.
* InvisibleBowstring \\
A bow that doesn't seem to have a string, and yet the characters use it as if it had one.
* ItMayHelpYouOnYourQuest \\
It's dangerous to go alone... Here, Take this random item! [[ChekhovsGun You'll be glad you did.]]
** ItemAmplifier \\
Item effects are increased when used.
* ItemCrafting \\
Creating your own items and equipment out of handy-dandy ingredients.
** DesignItYourselfEquipment \\
Creating your own equipment based on standard parts and technologies to do anything you need it to do.
** PotionBrewingMechanic \\
Mix your own consumables from basic ingredients harvested from the game world.
** UltimateForge \\
Finding this is necessary to craft the strongest items.
* ItemGet \\
Whenever even minor items are obtained, a big fanfare and flashy sequence plays.
* JokeItem \\
A weapon or object that is so ridiculously useless that you can't help smiling.
** LethalJokeItem \\
An item that seems ridiculous at first, but has a hidden property that overshadows your other, more mundane items when used.
* KleptomaniacHero \\
Nobody complains or even seems to notice when you walk into their house, rummage through their cupboards, smash their clay pots, and otherwise take whatever isn't nailed down.
* LevelLockedLoot \\
When you must be mighty enough to equip a particular item.
* LimitedLoadout \\
You can't carry more than a small, possibly arbitrary limited, amount of stuff and have to drop some of what you're carrying to be able to wield something new.
* LimitedUseMagicalDevice \\
A magical item that allows a spell to be cast a limited amount of times before being consumed.
* LiveItem \\
A collectible item which is, well, alive and walking around.
* LootCommand \\
A specific command you need to loot something from a defeated enemy.
* LootDrama \\
An item so rare and powerful in {{MMORPG}}s that drama ensues over its possession.
* MagicIsRareHealthIsCheap \\
{{Health Potion}}s are easy to come by and health is easily restored. {{Mana Potion}}s tend to be rarer and more valuable.
* MagicTool \\
A universal hand tool whose user can magically fix any machine or structure simply by waving it at the target from close range.
* ManaPotion \\
An item that restores {{Mana}} for spells and special attacks.
* MoneyForNothing \\
Games in which amassing money isn't very useful at some point.
* MoneyMultiplier \\
Increase the amount of or chances of loot you gain.
* MoneySink \\
Virtual taxes to reduce the ever-increasing supply of money in a {{MMORPG}}
* MultiplayerOnlyItem \\
Items that are either exclusive to the Multiplayer mode (even though they could technically appear in Singleplayer as well), or are useless in Singleplayer.
* MutuallyExclusivePowerups
* NerfArm \\
Any logically less-than-lethal weapon which ends up being otherwise just as effective as its "real" equivalent.
* NinjaLooting \\
The act of dishonorably acquiring items at the scene of a kill in an {{MMORPG}}.
* NitroBoost \\
A PowerUp that makes you go really fast for a short period of time.
* NonCombatantImmunity \\
Nothing will try, or be able, to kill you before you're armed and suited up.
* NotCompletelyUseless \\
An item which is useless for 99% of the game but turns out to be one of the best ways to survive a certain sequence.
* OrbitingParticleShield
* OrganDrops \\
Where enemies drop items that are actually its body parts.
* PermanentlyMissableContent \\
If you don't pick this item up at your first opportunity, you won't get another. Hope the item wasn't important.
* PickupHierarchy \\
Collectibles in {{Platform Game}}s have different weights and reward potentials.
* PlayerInventory \\
SuperTrope for how you carry items.
* PlotCoupon \\
Collect enough {{MacGuffin}}s and redeem them for one free climax!
** PlotCouponThatDoesSomething \\
Something that's part of your menu or ability system which also features in the game's plot.
* PoisonMushroom \\
An item that behaves like a PowerUp but has negative effects when used.
* PowerUp \\
Something which is found in the game environment that bestows an immediate benefit.
** MetaPowerup \\
A powerup that has an effect on other skills (making them more effective or lasting longer).
* PowerUpFood \\
A PowerUp presented as an edible item.
* PowerupLetdown \\
A powerup or item that takes a lot of time to get and is extremely underwhelming and/or useless once you get it.
* PowerUpMagnet \\
Ability to pull in dropped items to the player like a magnet.
* ProjectilePocketing \\
Throwing/shooting things at items instantly brings them to your possession.
* QuadDamage \\
A PowerUp that yields temporary boost in speed, power, or damage for a character.
* QuickMelee \\
A melee weapon that is activated by pressing a button, rather than switching to it. Usually seen in shooter games.
* RandomDrop \\
Kill it, it might give you something useful.
** RandomDropBooster \\
It will drop that usefull thing more often.
** RareRandomDrop\\
You have a 1 in 128,983,234 chance of getting the InfinityPlusOneSword from that MetalSlime. Happy grinding!
** RandomlyGeneratedLoot\\
Whatever drops will have random stacks and special abilities.
** ImpossibleItemDrop \\
Enemies drop items that they could not plausibly have.
* RareCandy \\
Item that increases a character's level instantly.
* RealMoneyTrade \\
The purchase or sale of online game equipment, currency, or even powerleveling services for real money to a third party without the involvement of the game's publisher.
* RealTimeWeaponChange\\
Changing weapons without needing to pause for the menu or use power ups.
* ReducedManaCost \\
Some item or equipment that reduces the [[ManaMeter magic points]] necessary to cast spells.
* RemovableTurretGun \\
Just because a {{BFG}} is fixed to the ground doesn't mean you can't take it with you.
* RingMenu \\
Sometimes a circle is the shortest path between two weapons.
* RustRemovingOil \\
For making rust instantly vanish, restoring a device, door, or latch to flawless working order.
* ScoreMultiplier \\
Something that increases your score.
* SelectiveHistoricalArmoury \\
Weapon selections in games which forego historical accuracy in place of featuring cool or famous guns.
* ShinySense \\
Items which give off a pulsating light as their primary means of indicating their presence on screen.
* ShortRangeShotgun \\
Video game shotguns pulverize targets at close range and tickle them from afar, a huge exaggeration of their real-life capabilities.
* SingleUseShield \\
Temporary, but unconditional protection against one enemy attack. (Hopefully a big one.)
* SkeletonKey \\
A key that will open any and all doors or locks in a level/game. One step up from InterchangeableAntimatterKeys.
* SkillPointReset\\
A (consumable) item that resets a PlayerCharacter's skill and ability scores, allowing you to redistribute them.
* SmartBomb \\
Weapon that kills all enemies on the screen, giving you a breather before the next wave flies in.
* SniperPistol \\
Bullet-shooting weapons in video games have similar range.
* SocketedEquipment \\
A weapon that allows you to add abilities or statistics by use of slots or sockets to attach gems or similar.
* SoLongAndThanksForAllTheGear \\
Annoying effect of having potentially great equipment stolen from you because the character wearing them is rendered inaccessible for some part of the game.
* SortingAlgorithmOfWeaponEffectiveness \\
You will acquire consistently more useful items and equipment as your progress through the game.
* SprintShoes \\
An item, ability or spell that enables the player character to move faster.
* StandardFPSGuns \\
You got yer shotgun, yer sniper rifle, yer grenades and, when all else fails, yer [[ChainsawGood CHAINSAW!]]
* StandardRPGItems \\
We got potions, ethers, remedies and revives, and dang it if they aren't all the same color!
* StarShapedCoupon \\
A PlotCoupon shaped like a star symmetrical, five-pointed and shiny.
* StarterEquipment\\
The equipment you begin the game with by default.
* StatSticks \\
Weapons equipped for their stat bonuses and not for their value as weapons.
* StuckItems \\
These are slots in your inventory that must always be filled, though it doesn't matter by ''what''.
* SwordOfPlotAdvancement \\
A sword that is important to the story, though usually [[PenultimateWeapon not the best of its kind]].
* TeaserEquipment \\
Shopkeepers sell powerful and expensive equipment that you won't be able to afford until later in the game.
* TimedPowerUp \\
A PowerUp that expires after a set amount of time.
* TooAwesomeToUse \\
It's so awesome, you don't want to use it because you're afraid of using it up and not having it anymore.
* UniversalAmmunition \\
The same bullets can be loaded into multiple types of guns.
* UnknownItemIdentification \\
Part of a game's challenge is collecting, identifying, and using unknown items.
* UnusableEnemyEquipment \\
Enemies drop stuff that [[EverythingFades disappears instantly]] or is somehow incompatible with your hands.
* UpgradeArtifact \\
Items with {{Improbable Accessory Effect}}s that unlock more of a character's potential.
* UseItem \\
You can use the command "use sword". Nobody bothers asking what, exactly, ''that means''.
* UselessItem \\
The developers include a weapon for the hero to use, but don't provide any enemies that are vulnerable to it.
* UtilityWeapon \\
A weapon which is also used to bypass obstacles.
* VendorTrash \\
An item that's useless for anything but selling for cash.
* VideoGameFlamethrowersSuck \\
Flamethrowers in games rarely live up to their super-cool portrayals in other media.
* VideoGameTools \\
Items or equipment that are used to solve puzzles and pass by obstacles.
* WithThisHerring \\
You start on your quest with the lowest-ranked equipment available, and nobody will give you the good stuff for free.
* WarpWhistle \\
A quick shortcut to enable rapid travel in an open-world setting, but usually only to places you've already been before.