The act of being a video game character is a bit of an odd one. You spend all day killing things, all night healing from wounds that should have killed you, and there's a better than eighty percent chance that your [[TomboyPrincess tomboy female friend is a lost princess]]. But what's a guy to do, eh?
!!Playable character types:
* AdventureDuo \\
A serious main character coupled with a weird or quirky partner.
* AnAdventurerIsYou \\
A description of the class-based systems common to many {{Role Playing Game}}s.
* BareFistedMonk \\
A character who excels in melee attacks without wielding weapons.
* TheBeastmaster \\
A type of character who uses the assistance of an animal, force of nature, or just some sort of not-highly-sentient creature to help them fight.
* BlackMage \\
Magic user who specializes in offensive magic.
** BlackMagicianGirl \\
A young female BlackMage with a [[PluckyGirl forceful personality.]]
** LadyOfBlackMagic \\
An older female BlackMage with a [[LadyOfWar more reserved or mature personality.]]
* BouncingBattler \\
A character whose primary form of attack is to jump or bounce off obstacles and enemies.
* BrattyHalfPint \\
Snarky self-important kid who's usually the youngest in the party.
* ChildMage \\
The main magic user is the youngest in the group.
* CipherScything \\
Blank slate characters always get the short end of the stick in adapted works.
* CombatMedic \\
Although he's the main healer and buffer, he can also dish out damage.
* CombatAndSupport \\
The two roles video game characters often divide each other into when in groups.
* CompetitiveBalance \\
The various character types in competitive games need to be balanced so no one character is automatically better.
* ConfusionFu \\
A character whose main advantage is their unpredictability.
* CriticalHitClass \\
A class or character's strategy is based on getting critical hits.
* CrutchCharacter \\
Early game playable character who starts out powerful, but whose usefulness declines.
* CuteBruiser \\
A young girl who has SuperStrength.
* TheEngineer \\
A character who specializes in the use and application of machines and technology. Usually a support unit, but many times quite capable of combat.
* EliteTweak \\
A character or class that can be very effective, but needs a lot of work or strategy to reach its potential.
* FantasyCharacterClasses \\
The most common character classes in a medieval fantasy setting.
* FeaturelessProtagonist \\
An Ageless, Faceless, Gender Neutral, Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person is [[AudienceSurrogate you!]]
** NonEntityGeneral \\
The player is a general or commander in a strategy game who may not actually even exist.
* FighterMageThief \\
The three most common character classes for {{Western RPG}}s.
* FragileSpeedster \\
A character who's very fast, but has low defense.
* GlacierWaif \\
A character of thin build who's nevertheless extremely strong and slow.
* GlassCannon \\
A character who is strong but can't take a lot of damage.
* AGodIsYou \\
Games that star a protagonist who's actually a god or who has godlike powers.
* GradualGrinder \\
A character type that deals damage over time, wearing the enemy down.
* GuestStarPartyMember \\
Someone who joins your party temporarily as a "guest".
* HealingHands \\
A character who has the ability to heal others.
* HeroicMime \\
A main character who never speaks.
* HeroUnit \\
A unit, usually in a RealTimeStrategy game, that represents the player or a major character in the game's story on the battlefield.
* ImmobilePlayerCharacter \\
When a PlayerCharacter has incredibly limited movement.
* ItemCaddy \\
A character whose skills revolve around using items.
* JackOfAllStats\\
A character who has good strength, speed, and defense, but is not great in any category.
** MasterOfNone \\
The JackOfAllStats where the end result is an almost useless character, since their mediocre skills are never useful enough to be chosen over a specialist.
* JobSystem \\
EasternRPG system whereby classes have distinct equipment and abilities but can be changed at any time.
* JokeCharacter \\
Characters, often in the form of {{Easter Egg}}s, deliberately unbalanced in the negative sense.
** LethalJokeCharacter \\
A JokeCharacter who has one or two awesome skills which can lead to him being used very effectively.
* KidHero \\
Slaying dragons and beating down goblins, but he still has a teddy bear when he goes to sleep.
* LadyOfWar \\
A [[ActionGirl female fighter]] who retains [[TheHighQueen an air of grace and reserve not usually associated with violence.]]
* LightningBruiser \\
A character who has very good strength, speed, ''and'' defense.
* MageMarksman \\
An archer or gunner who also delves in sorcery.
* MagicallyIneptFighter \\
A fighter with great physical ability but lacking skills in the magic department.
* MagicKnight \\
A wizard who can also swordfight or a swordfighter who can also use magic.
* MascotWithAttitude \\
A snarky FunnyAnimal with [[TotallyRadical kickin']] powers and [[JumpPhysics improbable jumping abilities]].
* MasterOfAll \\
A (usually [[PurposelyOverpowered broken]]) character with better stats than anyone.
* MasterOfUnlocking \\
Opening doors is an art, don'tcha know.
* MechanicallyUnusualClass \\
A character class whose mechanics are unusual in comparison to its fellow classes.
* MechanicallyUnusualFighter \\
A FightingGame character with a bizarre playstyle and mechanics compared to others.
* MightyGlacier \\
He's got great strength, but he isn't all that fast.
* TheMinionMaster \\
Summon {{Mooks}} to do the job for you!
* ModernDaySciFiRPGClassEquivalents \\
A collection of character classes or equivalents of such for non-fantasy RPG settings.
* MonsterAllies \\
Where monsters fight alongside the humans in [=RPG=]s.
* MutuallyExclusivePartyMembers \\
Several party members who, for whatever reason, cannot all be in the same party at the same time.
* MysticalWaif \\
A young girl with a mysterious past who the villains are trying to exploit and the heroes are trying to protect.
* NonPlayerCompanion \\
An NPC who follows and assists the player character throughout the game.
* OneManArmy \\
You're the video game hero. It's perfectly normal for you to go around killing thousands of {{Mook}}s.
* OptionalPartyMember \\
Someone who may not join your party if you don't fulfill the requirements to get them.
* OverratedAndUnderleveled \\
A character introduced as being really powerful ends up, statistics-wise, as being weaker than the main character.
* PlatformingPocketPal \\
An adventuring companion in an {{action game}} who, for whatever reason, is not hindered by the action segments.
* PlayerCharacter \\
A character controlled by you, the player.
* PlayerMooks \\
Nameless, personality-less characters that make up your team.
* PowerupMount \\
An animal that the main character can ride on and is beneficial in some way.
* PromotedToPlayable\\
A former Boss or NPC becomes playable.
* ProtagonistWithoutAPast \\
You just sort of popped into being in the first village.
* RebelliousPrincess \\
She's had enough of being pampered and wants to get down and dirty with the monster fighting!
* TheRedMage \\
A magician capable of casting spells from two different or even [[MutuallyExclusiveMagic mutually exclusive]] schools of magic.
* RequiredPartyMember \\
Someone who you have to have in your group, usually due to plot reasons.
* SchrodingersPlayerCharacter \\
The game offers multiple characters to choose from with various backstories, but only the character you choose as your PC ever appears in the game.
* SecretCharacter \\
A bonus character that the casual player may never see.
* SkillGateCharacters \\
FightingGame characters that are a challenge to newcomers, but those with experience will easily mop the floor with them.
* SoloClass \\
Classes capable of going alone where others are forced to team up.
* SpaceMarine \\
Standard [[FirstPersonShooter FPS]] hero: A military man (often in bulky armor), who wields lots of big guns and kills lots of aliens.
* SquishyWizard \\
[[{{Disney/Aladdin}} Phenomenal cosmic power]], itty bitty life bar.
* StarterMon \\
If you want ToBeAMaster of {{Mons}}, you have to start somewhere.
* StoneWall \\
A character with extremely high defense but lame offensive capabilities.
* SupportPartyMember \\
A party member whose' primary abilities are mostly non-offensive.
* SwordAndSorcerer \\
When a physical fighter and magic user team up.
* TeamPet \\
The default mascot of the party and usually the most outlandish of the bunch.
* ThirdPersonSeductress \\
An implausibly curvy, twenty-something woman in a {{Stripperiffic}} outfit, who obeys the commands of the fellow behind the controller.
* TheTurretMaster \\
A character with the ability to [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin summon a stationary turret]] that attacks enemies or an object that fulfills a similar role.
* TomboyPrincess \\
A princess who behaves in a tomboyish manner.
* UtilityPartyMember \\
The character you keep in your party for their non-combat skills.
* WhiteMage \\
Magic-user who specializes in healing and support magic.
** WhiteMagicianGirl \\
The female magic-using co-star of an {{RPG}}, who often wields a staff or rod.
* WildMan \\
A usually [[WildHair shaggy]], musclebound and underdressed character who looks like he just came out of the jungle.

!!FightingGame characters (may or may not be playable):
* AssistCharacter \\
A non-playable character who assists a playable one.
* BalanceSpeedStrengthTrio \\
The three most common character types for BeatEmUp and HackAndSlash.
* CharacterRosterGlobalWarming \\
The series' character roster increases over time, but the number of MightyGlacier characters is kept constant.
* DittoFighter \\
A character who copies the moveset of the other characters, sometimes with the added catch that the moveset is chosen randomly.
* FightingClown \\
A character that looks and acts wackier to the rest of the cast, but actually plays like a normal character.
* GuestFighter \\
A character from another franchise who shows up in a FightingGame.
* HuskyRusskie \\
Is bik, stronk, and dreenks vodka.
* MovesetClone \\
Two characters are given equal or similar abilities/appearances, and often wind up as being the main characters for the series.
* PerfectPlayAI \\
An AI which continually walks forward, dodges or blocks all attacks, and attacks flawlessly once it reaches its target.
* {{Shotoclone}} \\
Stock FightingGame character whose skillset includes a fireball and uppercut and often wear a karate gi.

!!{{NPC}} types:
* ApatheticCitizens \\
A supervillain is conquering the world? You take care of it.
* ArmsDealer \\
Some dude that sells weaponry, often to the highest bidder.
* CityGuards \\
The local authorities, generally swaggering, superior-sounding grunts.
* EasilyAngeredShopkeeper \\
If you steal something from a shop, you'll be attacked or zapped instantly.
* ExpositionFairy \\
A recurring or sidekick character whose purpose is to [[MrExposition fill you in]] on elements of the interface and your abilities.
** AnnoyingVideoGameHelper \\
Where your ExpositionFairy starts to get on the player's nerves.
* InvulnerableCivilians \\
Whenever an {{NPC}} shows up in a monster-infested dungeon, they will always leave him alone.
* NonPlayerCompanion \\
An NPC who joins and helps you on the adventure.
* PrecursorHeroes \\
A hero or group of heroes (often oddly similar to your own PlayerParty) that arose in the hour of need and [[SealedEvilInACan sealed the Ultimate Evil in its can]] [[ExtyYearsFromNow 1,000 years ago.]]
* QuestGiver \\
An {{NPC}} who will give you a sidequest.
* RecurringTraveller \\
A character who just keeps showing up throughout the game, usually thoroughly lost.
* RedundantResearcher \\
A researcher who's trying to figure out all those ancient ruins and is invariably pre-empted by the hero.
* SkillPointReset\\
A trainer who can reset a PlayerCharacter's skill and ability scores, allowing you to redistribute them.
* VoiceWithAnInternetConnection \\
The helpful person at the other end of the main character's earpiece.
* VulnerableCivilians\\
When NPC's show up, both you and your enemies can kill them.

!!Enemy character types (excluding {{Boss Battle}}s):
* AsteroidsMonster \\
A creature of significant size that, when killed, splits into several miniature versions of itself.
* BorderPatrol \\
A monster or other hazard introduced specifically to prevent the player from wandering too far without resorting to the immersion-breaking Invisible Wall.
* BossInMookClothing \\
A "normal battle" with an enemy that, as it turns out, can wipe the floor with you.
* ChestMonster \\
An enemy or hazard that has disguised itself to look like something positive, like [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin a chest]].
* ClairvoyantSecurityForce \\
Manages to always appear the second you try to steal something.
* {{Cumulonemesis}} \\
An enemy in the shape of an animated cloud that attacks with wind and lightning.
* DegradedBoss \\
Once you beat the boss, it comes back as a normal enemy later.
* DropInNemesis \\
Where an enemy or obstacle comes out of nowhere and kills you, generally in a {{cutscene}}.
* ElementalEmbodiment \\
When the elements that are the [[ElementalRockPaperScissors basic building blocks of the universe]] get up and [[EverythingTryingToKillYou come for you.]]
* EnemySummoner \\
An enemy who casts spells which bring additional enemies into combat, while causing some damage itself.
* EverythingTryingToKillYou \\
Almost everything is out for your blood.
* EvilChancellor \\
The helpful and suspiciously toadying assistant to the monarchy whose morality is usually inverse to the head of state.
* FlyingSeafoodSpecial \\
Fish that float in the air. And generally try to kill you.
* GiantHandsOfDoom \\
A character who fights only with giant hands.
* GoddamnedBats \\
Enemies that don't pose much of a threat on their own, but can frustrate, annoy, and get in your way when working together.
** DemonicSpiders \\
Enemies that frustrate you by killing you in unfair ways, which make them innately more dangerous than other normal enemies.
** LedgeBats \\
Enemies that knock you back in the middle of jumps, often to your death.
** MetalSlime \\
A monster that appears and runs away very quickly, is hard to hit, and gives very good rewards.
** WallMaster \\
Monsters that lurk within the environment and never fully appear until you walk close to them, at which point they suddenly lunge out and try to grab you.
* TheGoomba \\
The most basic enemy in the game, has a simple movement pattern, and is reassuringly easy to beat.
* HalfHeartedHenchman \\
A normal henchman who's lazy, unmotivated, or otherwise unwilling to do his job.
* IncrediblyDurableEnemies \\
When the basic mook is an unstoppable killing machine, you know you're in a difficult game.
* IncreasinglyLethalEnemy\\
When an enemy gets harder to beat if the fight goes on for too long.
* InvincibleMinorMinion \\
A weak enemy who is nevertheless completely impossible to harm in any way.
* InvisibleMonsters \\
You can't see them, but they can probably hurt you.
* KillerRabbit \\
Any monster that's far more dangerous than it looks.
* {{Mook}} \\
A slang term for the hordes of standard-issue, disposable bad guys whom the hero regularly fights and defeats.
** ActuallyFourMooks \\
An enemy appears as a single sprite, but turns out to be a whole party of baddies.
** AirborneMook \\
Mooks that can fly.
** BanditMook \\
An enemy that employs VideoGameStealing.
** CowardlyMooks \\
Enemies that run away from the player, either instantly or after being hurt enough.
** FakeUltimateMook \\
A massive monster of terrifying appearance that's no real threat.
** HeavilyArmoredMook \\
An ordinary mook, but with hard steel accessories.
** MookBouncer \\
A {{Mook}} that can teleport you to a specific location whenever they touch you.
** MooksAteMyEquipment \\
Enemy that eats your stuff (and might eat you as well).
** NightOfTheLivingMooks \\
Zombies, skeletons, mummies, oh my!
** PatrollingMook \\
A mook that patrols around a certain area, alerting its allies if it spots something suspicious or an intruder.
** ShieldBearingMook \\
A mook with a shield to protect against frontal attacks.
** SlaveMooks \\
Mooks that are actually enslaved by the villains.
** SmashMook \\
A big, strong enemy that does nothing but smash you with straight physical attacks.
* PersonalSpaceInvader \\
A monster who grabs onto you and must be shaken off.
* PinataEnemy \\
An enemy target or victim in a video game sought out by the player because they are (relatively) easy to kill and have a very high cash payout.
* PuppetFighter \\
A character who can control one or more entities separate from itself.
* RaisingTheSteaks \\
Dead animals coming back to life with the intention of killing you.
* RatStomp \\
Finally, you get to the adventuring part! But first, fight some rats.
* RoamingEnemy \\
An enemy which appears randomly under various circumstances.
* SavageSetpiece \\
A character that is peaceful to your character unless he attacks it. Then it demolishes you.
* SegmentedSerpent \\
An enemy which is made up of lots of mostly identical segments, and moves like a worm or snake.
* TheSpiny \\
A PlatformGame enemy that will damage or kill you if you try to jump on it.
* StandardFPSEnemies \\
Those generic baddies seen in nearly every FPS you've ever played.
* StockMonsters \\
Those generic baddies seen in nearly every {{RPG}} you've ever played.
* TeleportingKeycardSquad \\
Whenever you take something important, a slough of new enemies suddenly rushes in.
* UndergroundMonkey \\
Exactly the same as a regular monkey - but underground, and therefore has better stats.
* UnderratedAndOverleveled \\
A character whom the plot provides no reason to be particularly strong turns out to be quite powerful in statistical terms when they join your party.
* TheUnfought \\
A major antagonist who you don't fight in the actual game.
* UniqueEnemy \\
An enemy that only shows up once in the whole game, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable.
* WaddlingHead \\
A stock monster that resembles a colored oval with eyes and feet.
* WeaponizedOffspring \\
A creature gives birth to Cannon Fodder as a defense mechanism.
* WhackAMonster \\
You see lots of holes in the ground: you know you're going to have to fight a bunch of monsters that pop up, attack, and pop back in.

* AndNowForSomeoneCompletelyDifferent
* BalancePowerSkillGimmick \\
A setup of four playable choices with a balanced choice, one choice at one end of a stat scale, one choice at the other end, and one choice different from all three.
* CharacterSelectForcing \\
The game forces you to choose different characters.
* GameOverMan \\
A character shown on the GameOver screen.
* LadyNotAppearingInThisGame \\
A sexy female in a game's promotional material who's not actually in the game itself.
* LiveItem \\
A character or creature that the game treats as an item.
* TheMissingno \\
A video game character whose existence is due to a [[GoodBadBug glitch]], rather than them being deliberately coded into the game.
* PetInterface \\
An interface in which you are given a sidekick, usually a pet, that acts as a guide/virtual pet of sorts in the world.
* PrestigiousPlayerTitle \\
You and your fellow players are yourselves, but you're given a fancy title to call yourselves by.
* RevivingEnemy\\
An enemy which can only be dealt with temporarily.
* SeriesMascot \\
A character, creature, etc which is heavily associated with a fictional universe, to the point of being the (official or unofficial) {{mascot}}.
** MascotMook \\
An iconic {{Mook}} that also doubles as a SeriesMascot.
* TrainingDummy \\
Some (usually) immortal character that you can return to, to practice your moves on.
* TwoGuysAndAGirl \\
The main character and his RivalTurnedEvil spend most of the game fighting over the girl.
* WithAFriendAndAStranger \\
The game starts off with the hero, his or her childhood friend, and [[MysteriousWaif another person, often a girl, from out of nowhere]] who needs his help.