An index of tropes relating to reward and punishment in video games. Also covers bonuses of various kinds.

* HundredPercentCompletion \\
Way of extending potentially short gameplay by setting completed tasks as a percentage, sometimes given explicitly.
* HundredPercentHeroismRating \\
In games where you can be good or evil, doing every single good-oriented side quest will result in being hailed as a hero or saint.
* AchievementSystem \\
Bonus objectives that track your progress towards 100% completion.
* AndYourRewardIsClothes \\
Beating a challenge results in a new piece of clothing for your character.
* AndYourRewardIsInteriorDecorating \\
Beating a challenge results in modifying and/or decorating a structure.
* AntiPoopSocking \\
The game rewards you for taking a break or punishes you for playing too long at once.
* AwesomenessMeter \\
You get a reward for doing something [[RuleOfCool cool]].
* BattleTrophy \\
Congratulations on beating that boss! You can keep his head as a memento.
* BladderOfSteel \\
Games that don't let you pause or save for a very long time, or punish you if you take a break.
* BraggingRightsReward \\
It's a great reward, but in order to get it you have to be so powerful that it's useless now.
* BonusFeatureFailure \\
This is meant to be a reward?
* CartographySidequest \\
The game gives you a reward for viewing every part of a map.
* CollectionSidequest \\
If I collect a hundred purple squirrel hides, I'll get this neato fridge magnet!
** SlidingScaleOfCollectibleTracking \\
Just how hard the game makes keeping track of which purple squirrel hides you already have.
* ComebackMechanic \\
A game purposely gives an advantage to a losing player or a disadvantage to a winning player.
* CompletionMeter \\
An interface element that shows how much of the game's content you haven't uncovered yet.
* ConceptArtGallery \\
Where you get to see WhatCouldHaveBeen.
* ContinuingIsPainful \\
Where continuing or losing a life results in an even harder challenge.
* CosmeticAward \\
A reward that serves no purpose other than telling you that you won an award.
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist \\
You died! Your punishment is the loss of half a second of playtime! [[EvilLaugh Muwahaha]]!
* DebugRoom \\
A location, menu or mode with options the programmers use for testing the game.
* DevelopersRoom \\
A room in a game filled with in-jokes and notes from the developers.
* DiscountCard \\
Shops sells their items at a discount to you.
* DoubleUnlock \\
A bonus is unlocked, but you can't access it until you unlock something else.
* DoWellButNotPerfect \\
Some game objectives require you to be not perfect, but somewhere between "mediocre" and "good" to win them.
* EarnYourFun \\
You get no rewards unless you jump all these hoops! [[NintendoHard Within ten seconds!]] [[FakeLongevity Five hundred times!]]
* EasyLevelTrick \\
A secret in a level that makes that level easier.
* EnemyRollCall \\
You get to see all the enemies by the end of the game, as well as their names.
* EmbeddedPrecursor \\
A bonus wherein the original version of a game is included somewhere in a later installment or UpdatedRerelease.
* EquipmentUpgrade \\
You are rewarded with some sort of enhancement to your gear.
* EveryTenThousandPoints \\
You get a reward every X number of points (or coins or whatever) you collect.
* EvilPaysBetter \\
If you can do good or evil missions, the evil missions will have better rewards.
* EvolvingTitleScreen \\
A video game title screen that changes to reflect player's in-game actions and achievements.
* ExtendedGameplay \\
A bonus story or challenge that begins after you beat the FinalBoss.
* FastForwardMechanic \\
Lets you skip ahead in time to the good parts instead of aimlessly trying to kill time.
* FlawlessVictory \\
When you beat a match in a FightingGame without getting damaged.
* GameplayGrading \\
The return of ScoringPoints! Anyone can finish the level, but can you finish it with an A-grade?
** EndGameResultsScreen \\
Better yet - can you finish the ''game'' with an A-grade?
** KyuAndDanRanks \\
The traditional grading system for {{Go}} and martial arts; it has since spread to many other games.
* GoldenPath \\
The path with the most content or the best endings.
* GoodPaysBetter \\
The path to good is filled with more dollar signs.
* GuiltBasedGaming \\
The game tries to deter or punish the player for a particular course of action by making them feel guilty.
* HealingCheckpoint \\
Reaching a checkpoint or save point replenishes your health and/or supplies.
* HolidayMode \\
A bonus (different sprite, special event) that only shows up on particular dates.
* IdiosyncraticComboLevels \\
[[VideoGame/SonicColors Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing!]]
* InexplicableTreasureChests \\
Boxes of goodies that can appear pretty much anywhere and can contain pretty much anything that no one seems to mind the player collecting.
* InexplicablyPreservedDungeonMeat\\
A fortuitous side effect of the cool, stale air you generally find underground.
* InfiniteOneUps \\
An easy way of gaining an infinite amount of lives, which makes the game far easier than it should be.
* IWasToldThereWouldBeCake \\
Standard video game rewards: Coins, [=1UPs=], power stars, and yummy cake.
* KillStreak \\
Kill a certain amount of enemies in a row without dying in order to acquire stuff.
* KleptomaniacHeroFoundUnderwear \\
When your hero searches through people's drawers, he finds underwear.
* LastLousyPoint \\
C'mon, [[HundredPercentCompletion I've got 99% completion...]] [[GuideDangIt dangit]], where is that LastLousyPoint?!
* LawOfOneHundred \\
All {{Platform Game}}s will have at least one type of common item that will give you an extra life if you collect one hundred of them.
* LevelLockedLoot \\
When a reward isn't immediately available, unless a character is at or above a specific {{character level}}.
* MeaninglessLives \\
Games that have lives, but it's so easy to gain them or so simple to continue that they are meaningless.
* MercyRewarded \\
You get rewarded for not killing the bad guys.
* MissingSecret \\
It looks like there's an item or secret that can be found (e.g. blank spot in the menu), but it doesn't actually exist.
* MonsterCompendium \\
A list of all enemies you encounter throughout the game with detailed information.
* MovingTargetBonus \\
You get more points for killing an enemy after it starts moving.
* NonCombatEXP \\
Your character gains experience points for activities other than committing monster genocide.
* NotActuallyCosmeticAward \\
Being awarded with achievements unlocks gameplay features.
* OffscreenStartBonus \\
If you go in the opposite direction from "normal" at the start, you get an item.
* OldSaveBonus \\
Where a save for a different game on your memory card unlocks a bonus in your own game.
* Over100PercentCompletion \\
The game allows more than 100% completion.
* PlayEveryDay \\
You'll earn more for playing a few minutes tomorrow than [[JustOneMoreLevel a few more hours]] right now.
* PromotedToPlayable \\
A character who was an {{NPC}} or boss in one installment of a series becomes a potential player-controlled character in a later installment.
* PromotionalPowerlessPieceOfGarbage \\
An expensive, unique, and/or rare item or card which is totally useless.
* RankInflation \\
When A rank isn't high enough, go for A+ or S or SSSSSS!
* RegionalBonus \\
A bonus given to a game when it gets released in other regions.
* ReplayMode \\
A menu feature that allows you to replay cutscenes, minigames and bosses you've unlocked through the game.
* RewardingInactivity \\
A reward given for ''not'' tackling the challenge in front of you.
* RewardingVandalism \\
Blow up people's houses - there's money inside!
** YouBreakItYouProfit \\
Also, you get the real estate value of the house!
* SecretLevel \\
A bonus level that is not required to finish the game.
* SetBonus \\
Benefits that are magically available when the player has a complete set of items.
* SlidingScaleOfVideoGameObjectives \\
How broadly the objectives of a video game are defined.
* SocializationBonus \\
An aspect of the game where you can get additional content or powerups by interacting with other people who own the game.
* SoundTest \\
A menu which allows you to listen to all (or most) of the in-game music.
* SpellingBonus \\
Collecting all the letters of a word may win players something extra.
* UnlockableContent \\
Extra content that is not immediately available but becomes so after specific requirements are fulfilled.
** PostEndGameContent \\
The extra content is only available after watching the credits at least once.
* UnexpectedlyRealisticGameplay \\
The only way to solve this is to do something videogames normally don't let you.
* UnstableEquilibrium \\
When a game rewards a player who performs well with bonuses and advantages - meaning the better you do, the easier it becomes, whereas if you do badly, it gets harder.
* VideoGameCrueltyPunishment \\
A game that allows a player to be cruel, but will make sure that he gets his comeuppance for doing so.
** DeletionAsPunishment \\
If the comeuppance is not enough to set the player straight, the game will just threaten to delete its save data (and if you're really unlucky, it'll actually do it).
* ViolationOfCommonSense \\
Where the game allows you (or outright ''forces'' you) to do something that would be ''really stupid'' in the real world.
* ViralUnlockable \\
Unlocking something by playing with somebody who already had it unlocked.
* VirtualPaperDoll \\
Any computer program that lets you change clothes a character is wearing.
* AWinnerIsYou \\
[[IntentionalEngrishForFunny Conglaturation !!! You defeeted the game ~~!]]
* {{Whoring}} \\
The process or act of focusing all effort or resources into only one or a few aspects of a game's mechanics with the intent of drawing massive profit or advantages from it.
* YouLoseAtZeroTrust \\
A game that punishes you for neglecting your relationships with other characters.