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->"''Holy *tik* shrew! Lookit! She's my size -- with *tik* wings! I told you I sensed *tik* insect thoughts! Princess, I think I'm *tik* in love!"''
-->-- '''Bug''' from ''ComicBook/{{Micronauts}}'', on [[ComicBook/TheWasp Wasp]]
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An exceptionally ([[WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain Narf!]]) odd CatchPhrase used to the point it seems more like a bodily emission than speaking. This is often a single nonsense word added at the end of sentences, well past the expected formal variations in speech, [[SelfDemonstratingArticle eh?]] It can, [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes ah say]], it can also be a word, sound, or phrase that shows up in various places in a character's dialogue. In Japanese, character tics that occur at the end of sentences are referred to as "kyara-gobi" (キャラ語尾, chara(cter) word/sentence ending).

If a character's verbal tic slips (usually as a sign that [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness things are serious]]), then it's VerbalTicked. Contrast with StrangeSyntaxSpeaker, where the character is using language rules unknown to others. See also CharacterTics, for similar idiosyncrasies applied to physical behavior. A musical variant is LyricalTic. ThirdPersonPerson is a specific tic where the speaker refers to themselves in third-person.

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[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Empty, from ''ComicStrip/DickTracy'', prefaced almost everything he said with "As a matter 'a fact".

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* For Niles Standish on ''Series/CrankYankers'', "Let me just ask you" or "Let me ask you this" and "Yes, yes?"
* [[Creator/BabyFirstTV Harry the Bunny]] has a tendency sometimes to say "Mm-hmm" or "Mm-hmm, mm-hmm."

* Neddie Seagoon (Harry Secombe) from ''Radio/TheGoonShow'' frequently fills the time the audience laughs at someone else's joke at him by simply going whatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhatwhat... until the laughter fades.
** Please... don't do that with your head on.
* On ''Radio/HelloCheeky'', a parody of David Frost started every sentence with "Hello", a reference to David Frost's [[BeamMeUpScotty alleged]] CatchPhrase "Hello, good evening and welcome".
* Secretary Mildred Murfin in ''Radio/TheMenFromTheMinistry'' has a habit of saying "righty-ho" in the place of "right away". Also Mr. Crawley from the neighbor office always forgets names of basic everyday things and calls them "Whats-It's-Names."

[[Franchise/FinalFantasy ...kupo!]]