For some reason, [[TheMusical musicals]] about [[OurVampiresAreDifferent vampires]] had a huge run of popularity at the turn of the millennium. [[GenreKiller The ones that made it to Broadway flopped]], and it's become common knowledge that Vampire Musicals don't work.




[[folder: Broadway]]
* Jim Steinman's ''Dance of the Vampires'', a [[ExecutiveMeddling vastly rewritten]] version of the wildly successful ''TanzDerVampire''. It's ''horribly'' ironic that one of the most popular and profitable musicals in European history was mutated into [[IncrediblyLamePun the most prominent nail in the genre's coffin]].
* Frank Wildhorn's ''{{Dracula}}: TheMusical''.
* Elton John's ''[[TheVampireChronicles Lestat]]''.
* ''Vampire's Rock'' a JukeboxMusical using the music of ''Music/{{ACDC}}'', ''Music/GunsNRoses'', ''Music/LedZeppelin'', ''Music/BonJovi'', ''Music/MeatLoaf'', ''Music/JoanJett'', ''Suzi Quatro'', ''Music/{{Queen}}'' etc. Which has the basic plot of, "The year is 2030, and the evil [=BARON VON ROCKULA=] is looking for his eternal bride!".

[[folder: Comics]]
* In this as in so many other things, JackKirby was ahead of his time. In ''Superman's Pal JimmyOlsen'', rogue DNA Project scientist Dabney Donovan created an artificial miniature planet called Transilvane and populated it with vampires and werewolves by exposing it to horror films. Superman tried to fix it by playing ''{{Oklahoma}}''. Unfortunately we never got to see the result...

[[folder: Film]]
* ''JesusChristVampireHunter''.
* ''[[ Barackula]]''.
* In ''ForgettingSarahMarshall'', the main character wants to make a Dracula musical ''with puppets''. [[spoiler:He ends up doing it and we get to see just how awesome it really is.]]
** At the end [[spoiler: he explains that he realised that he should play the thing for comedy instead of angst]], possibly LampshadeHanging this trope.
** There actually ''is'' a Dracula musical with puppets, a Quebecois production that subsequently toured around Europe to blockbuster sales and is called "Dracula: Entre L'amour et La Morte". It's set in the future and there's heroin and leather and, well, puppets.
* ''Suck: Vampires Rock'' is not exactly a musical, but it is a film about a rock band hitting it big after their bassist becomes a vampire and starts to turn the rest of the band, so obviously there are a lot of performances throughout.
* ''{{Rockula}}'', naturally.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* The ''[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]]'' MusicalEpisode "Once More With Feeling" may be the only vampire musical that has been well-received. This may be because there's really not a whole lot of vampirism driving the plot (lots of demons, sure). Spike however does open his heart about his feelings for Buffy in several songs.
* In ''JoanOfArcadia'', there was a ''[[ZombieApocalypse zombie]]'' musical.
* ''Series/TheVampyrASoapOpera'', a 1992 miniseries setting an updated story to the music of Heinrich Marschner's opera ''Theatre/DerVampyr''.
* In ''TheHardTimesOfRJBerger'', RJ plays the lead in "Vamp Side Story", a crossover between Twilight and West Side Story.

[[folder: Theatre]]
* ''Dracula Spectacular''.
* Vampire [[{{opera}} operas]] are nothing new -- for example, Marschner's ''Theatre/DerVampyr'' (premiered 1828); however, while this one is still performed occasionally, vampire operas aren't hugely popular.
** ''The Dracula Diary'' is modern chamber opera by Robert Moran, concerning a vampire opera diva and her hapless impresario.
* There were actualy four vampire ''Theatre/SeraMyu'' musicals. The first swapped out the Death Busters for Dracula, a sequel, a re-make of the sequel (which is the one that is considered part of the arc) and another sequel.
* There is also a Dracula ballet that has been filmed as ''Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary''.
* The ''{{Takarazuka}}'' has had at least two.
* Apparently, a musical based on ''Series/{{Angel}}'' was recently performed in Tel Aviv of all places.
* ''The Cure'', an OurVampiresAreDifferent musical in the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival.
* The original European ''TanzDerVampire'' in that it is a vampire musical. The trope of being terrible on the other hand is subverted, the musical being one of the most well-received musicals of European theatre.
* Lampshaded in ''[[ExcitedShowTitle Gutenberg! TheMusical!]]'', which is partially about writing musicals.
* DraculaTheMusical is a Swedish variation. A small production but a huge hit with all the performances during its limited run being sold out. Note that it was marketed as comedy, but while having humor, it is pretty bleak.
* ''[[Theatre/DraculaALoveStrongerThanDeath Dracula: a Love Stronger Than Death]]'', a French RockOpera version that opened in Paris in 2011. It was a modest success, with a TV broadcast and a national tour, but didn't do well enough for the show to be released on DVD (which is otherwise fairly standard in France).
* ''Theatre/LiliumShoujoJunketsuKageki'' stars members of Music/HelloProject as gothic vampire girls living in a secluded garden.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* ''XMenEvolution'' had one of these as a ShowWithinAShow, a school play that Kitty wound up "teaching" Rogue how to dance for.
** The play was literally the above ''{{Dracula}}: TheMusical''.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* The fan-made ''{{Twilight the Musical}}''. Played for laughs, though.
* "I Kissed a Vampire," an Internet musical available through iTunes. Probably trying to follow in the footsteps of [[DrHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog]].