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Uncanny X-Men Abridged
Uncanny X-Men Abridged is one dedicated and demented fangirl's response to the...problematic run on Uncanny X-Men by writer Matt Fraction and the "Interesting" art by the infamous Greg Land. Beginning as a series of quick one liners it's evolved into a full fledged all guns blazing parody that mocks everything from the characters, to the scripts, to the obviously traced art.

The full series can be found on the X-Men boards of Comic Book Resources, with an entire thread dedicated to the parody/review series. The writer, FeminineMystique aka. Kylie Dacosta, also peppers her work with in-jokes to other abridged series as well as movies, music and comics in general.

Despite being fairly new, it's already built up quite a fan base. Abridged versions of past X-Men story arcs are in the works. The series can be found here.

Provides examples of these tropes:

  • Author Appeal: LOTS. Pixie, who has quickly gained a reputation as a "Mary Sue" in the comics, is elevated to God-Mode Sue status and now handles introductions to each episode. She's the writers favourite character, yet, in the self deprecating style common to the series, she gets the most jokes directed at her.
  • Black Comedy Rape: Done off screen but Dani Moonstar takes a "Different" approach to "Destroying" Ares. Given the victim in question it's hard to feel much sympathy, as Ares has essentially been a cross between a steroid pumped thug and a superpowered gay basher throughout the arc.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Psylocke during the Sisterhood arc, Perhaps the first time in history that a character has orgasmed her way out of brainwashing, in a parody of Greg Land's "Tracing sources".
  • Calling Your Attacks: Pixie, Psylocke and Stereotypical Asian Villain of the Week from episode ten all do this.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Sort of. Atlanteans may not technically be human but there humanoid and they originate on Earth. And Cyclops and co. make no secret of what they want to do with them.
    • Cyclops just wants to get them to safety. Tasty, tasty safety.
  • Jerk Ass: ALL of them. But Cyclops takes the gold prize. His dick-ish comic behaviour is played for laughs all the way and he even gets Norman Osborn to call him a dick. NORMAN. OSBORN.
  • Too Soon: A recurring gag is someone making an analogy to a situation involving rape/assault and then comparing themselves to a famous rape victim and the villain to the attacker. This will quickly be followed by a "Gasp" and the character politely asking, "Too soon?"
    • Lampshaded by Emma and Martinique who both have no patience for the running gag.
    • Norman attempts this in episode 9, but Cyclops, being a huge dick, deliberately doesn't play along with the running gag, just to upset Norman even more.

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