Tsubasa Abridged

While there are a few Abridged Series of CLAMP's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle out there, two are particularly notable. Emerging at around the same time, they take very different (but equally entertaining) approaches to the series.

Also be sure to check out their interaction with respect to the Abridged War which is quite frankly hilarious.

ChibiTotalObelisk's Series

"Argh! I'm getting attacked by my own handwriting!"

Very heavy on shout outs and pop culture references. Surprisingly successful (considering this is a CLAMP series) in downplaying the Ho Yay.

The series stopped at episode 10 and as of 7th October 2011 Chibi Total Obelisk's YouTube account had been taken down.
This show provides examples of:

** JuliaZeeGreat's Series

As a CLAMP-ophile, Julia tends to make more references to other CLAMP series and push the CLAMP related tropes further than other Tsubasa Abridged Series. Unlike ChibiTotalObelisk, she turns the Ho Yay Up to Eleven.
This show provides examples of: