[[caption-width-right:300: Tropey, ready for action.[[note]]Okay, that's actually a picture of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laika Laika]], but Tropey's too distracted to notice.[[/note]]]]

Tropey [[GratuitousAnimalSidekick The Wonder Dog]]! Howya doin' boy? [[BabyTalk Whoosagoodboy]]? [[CutenessProximity That's right, you are]]!

What's that, Tropey? We're here to talk about something?

Oh, [[RepeatingSoTheAudienceCanHear we're here to talk about tropes that use a metaphorical dog like yourself?]]

And [[TimmyInAWell Timmy's fallen in the well]]? You want us to [[RocksFallEveryoneDies bury him with rocks]]? [[ComedicSociopathy Sounds like a good idea to me]]! Good boy! And maybe after we finish, we can go play some [[AnimalAthleteLoophole Basketball]]!

!!Tropes: [[index]]
* AdoptTheDog: Someone who was neither good nor bad does something nice and then joins forces with the good guys.
* DogKickingExcuse: Someone can't bring themselves to be mean, so they try to look for some excuse to be mean to the person or animal they're being mean to, often a reason to be angry.
* TheDogWasTheMastermind: A slightly more literal case than most, but still falls under Tropey's purview. This is when the BigBad is someone you least expect.
* PetTheDog: Someone does something nice just for the heck of it, which lets the viewer/reader know they're a good person.
** LickedByTheDog: An animal or child acts like they like someone who's thought to be a nasty piece of work.
** PhotoOpWithTheDog: A character makes a big show out of doing something nice, in order to better their image.
* KickTheDog: Somebody does something mean [[ForTheEvulz purely randomly]] to set them up as a baddie.
** KickTheMoralityPet: A good guy is starting to turn evil but feels guilty when they accidentally hurt or offend someone they care a lot about.
** KickTheSonOfABitch: Someone is mean to another person, who's known for being a meanie in general, but the "kicker" didn't know the person they were mean to was also mean and had malicious intent.
** AndYourLittleDogToo: The villain threatens the protagonist and also a friend of theirs, who's completely innocent.
** TheDogBitesBack: Someone the villain was mean to decides that they've had enough and is mean back to the villain or at least helps defeat them.
** BaitTheDog: The writers set the villain up as being kind of cool, but then make them do something evil so you'll stop liking them.
** PokeThePoodle: Someone is too nice to do something mean, so they do something ludicrously minor instead and pass that off as evil.
* ShootTheDog: A character does something that could be seen as immoral because they have to.
** TheDogShotFirst: Initially, the writers wanted the hero to do something one way, but that seemed evil so they rewrote it to make them do it in a way that's less evil, or not do it at all.
** ShooTheDog: Someone is forced to send someone else away for the greater good.
* ShaggyDogStory: An adventure that is rendered moot when it ends.
** ShootTheShaggyDog: A "Shaggy Dog" story where, not only does it end up being pointless, but someone dies for a senseless reason.
* ThrowTheDogABone: Something good happens to [[ButtMonkey someone who's generally unlucky.]]
** YankTheDogsChain: It looks like something good happened to a ButtMonkey, but eventually, the good thing goes away or something bad happens.
* EvenTheDogIsAshamed, DogDiesAtTheEnd, EatTheDog, MicrowaveTheDog, ScareTheDog, PostApocalypticDog and so on are merely friends of Tropey, as their dogs are less metaphorical. And then there's TropeyComeHome, which is as literal as it gets. Not to be confused with ThisIndexBarks, which is about real dogs. (MakeTheDogTestify is borderline; while the "Dog" in question does not have to be a Canine, it does have to be an animal, and it usually is a Canine.)