[[caption-width-right:300: Tropey, ready for action.[[note]]Okay, that's actually a picture of [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laika Laika]], but Tropey's too distracted to notice.[[/note]]]]

Tropey [[GratuitousAnimalSidekick The Wonder Dog]]! Howya doin' boy? [[BabyTalk Whoosagoodboy]]? [[CutenessProximity That's right, you are]]!

What's that, Tropey? We're here to talk about something?

Oh, [[RepeatingSoTheAudienceCanHear we're here to talk about tropes that use a metaphorical dog like yourself?]]

And [[TimmyInAWell Timmy's fallen in the well]]? You want us to [[RocksFallEveryoneDies bury him with rocks]]? [[ComedicSociopathy Sounds like a good idea to me]]! Good boy! Now lets play some [[AnimalAthleteLoophole Basketball]]!

!!Tropes: [[index]]
* AdoptTheDog
* TheDogWasTheMastermind: A slightly more literal case than most, but still falls under Tropey's purview.
* PetTheDog
** LickedByTheDog
** PhotoOpWithTheDog
* KickTheDog
** KickTheMoralityPet
** KickTheSonOfABitch
** AndYourLittleDogToo
** TheDogBitesBack
** BaitTheDog
** PokeThePoodle
* ShootTheDog
** TheDogShotFirst
** ShooTheDog
* ShaggyDogStory
** ShootTheShaggyDog
* ThrowTheDogABone
** YankTheDogsChain
* EvenTheDogIsAshamed, DogDiesAtTheEnd, EatTheDog, MicrowaveTheDog, ScareTheDog, PostApocalypticDog and so on are merely friends of Tropey, as their dogs are less metaphorical. And then there's TropeyComeHome and OldDog, which are as literal as it gets. Not to be confused with ThisIndexBarks, which is about real dogs. (MakeTheDogTestify is borderline; while the "Dog" in question does not have to be a Canine, it does have to be an animal, and it usually is a Canine.)