''An index dedicated to Nature-related tropes. For specific PlantTropes, see the related index.''

!!Character Tropes:

+ TwentyFourHourTropeClock
+ AnimalTropes
+ ElementsOfNature
+ PlantTropes
+ TropesOfTheJungle
+ WeatherAndEnvironment

* {{Druid}}: A magic-user who communes and often commands nature.
* EarthMother: A goddess or female figure associated with fertility, life, nature and the Earth.
* EarthyBarefootCharacter: A character wears no shoes to show their connection to nature.
* ForestRanger: A wilderness-dwelling hermit and guardian of the wild.
* GranolaGirl: She's free-spirited, an environmentalist, a bit of a hippie and a fan of all things natural.
* JunglePrincess: A woman who was raised in the wild and fights for nature.
* MotherNature: She's ''the'' goddess of nature.
* NatureHero: Someone who fights to protect nature.
* NatureLover: Nature is beautiful and they know it.
* NatureSpirit: An AnthropomorphicPersonification of nature.
* OutdoorsyGal
* {{Treants}}: Humanoid trees who live in the forest and protect nature.
* WildChild: "Civilization? What's that?"

!! Locations:
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* {{Arcadia}}: Not quite the city, yet not quite the Wilderness.
* BubblegloopSwamp: A video game level based on swamplands. Expect mud and crocodiles.
* DeathWorld: A land or planet where everything -- the plants, the animals, the geology, maybe even the ''air'' -- is a threat to your life.
* DontGoInTheWoods: Terrible things happen to those who wander into the forest.
* ForestOfPerpetualAutumn
* FourSeasonsLevel
* GardenOfEvil
* GhibliHills: Gorgeous, unspoiled natural landscapes right next to human settlements.
* GreenHillZone: An early-game level themed around grassy meadows, hills and light woodlands.
* HungryJungle (often in DarkestAfrica): The jungle is untamed and full of danger, and if you go there you're likely gonna die.
* LastFertileRegion: The last place to support life in an otherwise barren world.
* TheLostWoods: A wild, ancient forest teeming with magic.
* RiverOfInsanity
* RoaringRapids
* SwampsAreEvil: Swamps are nasty, unwholesome places, and full of evil or just unpleasant creatures.
* ThirstyDesert: Water! Water!
* WildWilderness: Somewhat a {{Deconstruction}} of the wilderness being so "beautiful" and [[NatureIsNotNice filled with dangerous animals trying to kill and eat you]], but still.

!! Seasons:
* BizarreSeasons
* CherryBlossoms
* CicadianRhythm
* ColdSnap
* DreamingOfAWhiteChristmas: It always snows when it's Christmas.
* HeatWave
* IndianSummer
* ItsAlwaysSpring
* SeasonalBaggage: For the Four Seasons as a motif.
* SpringIsLate

!! General / other tropes:
* AllNaturalSnakeOil
* AppealToNature
* BambooTechnology: Everything is made out of what you'll find in nature.
* BladeOfGrassCut
* CoveredInMud
* FancyCamping: When someone on a camping trip carries so many of their city comforts with them that you have to wonder why they even went at all.
* FertileFeet: Wherever the character walks, plants grow.
* FillItWithFlowers
* GaiasLament: When nature is sad, you'll be sad.
* GaiasVengeance: When nature is pissed, [[OhCrap you're fucked]].
* GardenGarment: A dress made of living plants.
* GlobalWarming
* GreenAesop: The moral is that nature needs to be respected.
* GreenThumb: When a character has powers that allow them to control plant life.
* HopeSproutsEternal: A new, green shoot is a ray of hope in a blasted wasteland.
* HorribleCampingTrip
* InHarmonyWithNature
* MotherNatureFatherScience: Nature is caring and feminine, Science is industrious and masculine.
* MuckingInTheMud
* NatureIsBoring: Some people are just not interested in nature.
* NatureIsNotNice: Just because nature is beautiful, doesn't mean you would survive.
* NudeNatureDance
* OldFaithful: A geyser that erupts at very precise intervals.
* PaintingTheFrostOnWindows: Natural phenomena are managed and run by magical beings.
* PickedFlowersAreDead
* SolarPunk
* {{Transflormation}}: People turning into plants.
* VineSwing: Moving through the canopy by swinging from tree to tree using conveniently placed, common and sturdy vines.