Meet Sarge's latest insane idea: The Tropers film club.

Every week/bi-weekly a bunch of tropers get together on the main tropers IRC channel and pick a film to watch and discuss.

The time is 0000 GMT Monday (9 p.m. Sunday for the East Coast of the United States, 6 p.m. Sunday for the West Coast of the United States) and the film is chosen by democratic vote (usually, for the first run Sarge will be picking the film). In the event of a tie, Sarge will break it.

We're expecting real discussion and discourse over the meaning of the film and its content, not suggesting "highbrow" snobbery but a certain standard of behavior and discussion is expected.

The films suggested shouldn't be things like summer blockbusters (usually; exceptions can happen) but you should ask yourself before you submit something, "Does this have serious artistic merit?".

We will strive to provide a way to make sure everyone can watch the film. Don't suggest a film if you don't think you can't find it somewhere on the Web or provide a way for all of us to watch.

Our first film wasNetwork from 1976, directed by Sydney Lumet and starring Peter Finch. It was a hamtastic experience, no scenery was left unchewed.

By vote it was determined our next film will be Yojimbo from 1961 by Akira Kurosawa. How can you go wrong with Noir and Samurai?