Trope Grid

Sometimes, a trope has more than one Opposite Trope. This usually happens when a trope is about outside appearances vs. inside actualities or gender roles.

For this purpose, we can create a Trope Grid for covering the bases. Here are a few.

  A religion...  
Appears to Be Good Evil
But is actually good Saintly Church Dark Is Not Evil note 
But is actually evil Path of Inspiration, Corrupt Church Religion of Evil
  A person...  
Appears to be Nice A Jerk
But is secretly nice Sheep in Sheep's Clothing Jerk with a Heart of Gold
But is secretly a jerk Bitch in Sheep's Clothing Jerk with a Heart of Jerk
Appears Light Dark
And is good Light Is Good Dark Is Not Evil
And is evil Light Is Not Good Dark Is Evil
  A woman...  
Has Small breasts Large Breasts
And is proud about it Petite Pride Big Breast Pride
And is ashamed of it A-Cup Angst D-Cup Distress
  A homosexual...  
is Male Female
Masculine Manly Gay Butch Lesbian
Feminine Camp Gay Lipstick Lesbian
  A relationship...  
is Romantic Platonic
Becomes platonic Better as Friends Platonic Life Partners
Becomes romantic Official Couple Just Friends
  Character alignment...  
Alignment is Lawful Chaotic
Good Lawful Good Chaotic Good
Evil Lawful Evil Chaotic Evil
  A party member is...  
and Physically Strong Physically Weak
Skilled with Magic Magic Knight Squishy Wizard
Lacking Magic Magically Inept Fighter Utility Party Member note