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Token Mini-Moe
aka: Token Moe Child
Just a bit more moe than some others.

During the development phase, it was said that "Caster turns into a loli with hyper power", but we only need one loli!

The Token Mini Moe is a young or young-looking member of a cast designed to appeal to one of two predominant demographics. The first is those who simply find the character absolutely adorable and/or endearing and feel protective towards him or her. The second are the Lolicons/Shotacons, who take an erotic or romantic interest in them. These groups can overlap, but it results in a Broken Base.

What defines a Token Mini Moe is a number of factors. First, they appear prepubescent, regardless of whether they are actually children or not. Why someone so much younger appearing is mixed in with a group of older looking people may be addressed, but it's just as likely that it will be noted and then the story will move on. In a harem series where they are used as a love interest, they will almost never be the main one and are frequently overshadowed, their arcs amounting to a Precocious Crush that is gently rebuffed. Since they are the Token Mini Moe, if there are other similarly young looking characters in the cast then it is probably not this trope.

Compare Tag Along Kid and Kid-Appeal Character, who are kids designed to act as Audience Surrogates for younger viewers.

In anime fandom this trope is referred to as "token loli" or "token shota" depending on gender; because of how language evolves, the words "loli" and "shota" are relatively neutral terms in anime, originally meaning "uncomfortably sexualized little girl/boy" but now relating to any child aged 12 and under. The words still have Unfortunate Implications elsewhere which we want to avoid — so please don't use them in this website — and hence this page being renamed from Token Loli (that and the fact that, because of the definition shift, female examples of Kid-Appeal Character and Tagalong Kid are also referred to as token lolis).


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    Anime and Manga 

    Fan Works 

  • Trapped on Draconica: Lydia is an adorable little girl that Daniar fawns over. The only reason she's involved in a Save-The-World plot is because her grandfather uses her as The Mole to spy on Daniar.
  • Flute from David Eddings' The Elenium books qualifies, even if she's a goddess incarnated and counts as The Chessmaster for the good guys.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • Michiru from AIR is a spirit, but still doesn't have her own route in the Visual Novel, probably for squick reasons.
  • Fuuko in CLANNAD is the Token Mini Moe astral projection who has her own route. While there is another little girl in the cast (Sunohara Mei) she isn't part of the main cast.
  • Angie in Shikkoku No Sharnoth should be about 20 or so, but looks and acts like a little girl.
  • Ilya in Fate/stay night. She doesn't get her own path even though it is that kind of game, (it was cut out before the game was released, though some of its backstory was eventually adapted into Fate/Zero) and she's revealed to be slightly older than Shirou. One Tiger Dojo has Ilya mention those bad end HCGs where she rapes Shirou were also left on the cutting room floor due to time constraints.
  • In ONE: To The Radiant Season Shiina fills this role.
  • Len, from the Tsukihime sequel Kagetsu Tohya. Unlike Ilya though, Len does get her own HCGs. Despite her young form she's actually a Really 700 Years Old succubus.
  • Higurashi: When They Cry has both Rika and Satoko. However, for Rika the "moe" aspect is an act, since she's mentally much older and much more cynical than she appears.
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, we have nine-year-old Maria Ushiromiya. Thing is, the younger member here is very creepy (to hilarious extremes, sometimes).
  • Primula from SHUFFLE!.
  • Suzushiro in the Ero-game Princess Waltz is the same age as the main character, but her height and build let her fill out this position, so to speak.
  • Mint Blancmanche from Galaxy Angel, who is supposed to be a teen but looks younger than ten. She does have her own route in the game, but it's not that kind of game.
    • Nano-Nano Pudding in the sequel.
  • Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro Na, with a route for the Really 700 Years Old alien Wreathlit and the "she's fourteen, and not your blood sister, honest!" Mai.
  • ''Gakuen Heaven": Biology teacher Satoshi Umino, who looks and acts cute and childlike despite being the oldest member of the main cast.
  • Katawa Shoujo features high school aged characters in the main cast, so the closest to this trope is Shizune's little brother Hideaki. Though Hisao does mistake him for a girl for his girlish looks and wardrobe.
    • Emi had a much younger appearance before some art updates, making her the Token Mini Moe of the main cast.
  • Kokoro from School Days. She doesn't get a route in the original game, but does have it in the Summer Days "sequel"... including two (very rape-like) sex scenes. The Japanese media was NOT amused.
  • Mana in Sharin No Kuni, where she acts as a Morality Pet for Sachi.
  • Coco in Ever17 is 15 years old (technically 32 in the True End), looks 10, and acts 5. Most of the time, at least.
  • Hisui from Jewel Knights Crusaders. She's stated to be 18, but neither her looks nor behaviour support that.
  • Tsuzura from Akai Ito, she looks like a little boy and generally acts like a little boy, but she's actually the most experienced (human) member of the cast.
  • Following Key's tradition of having one of these, LittleBusters has Kud.
  • Cross Channel has Miki Yamanobe, albeit she's a more mature and sociopathic example. In her route, she's assumed to be a year older than when she entered the loop due to avoiding the reset for years, but she still looks pretty much the same.

  • Jacquline from SamuraiPrincess is so much of a mini moe, the site named a the Jacquline themed skin off of this fact.
  • Yuki, a middle-schooler frequently involved with the antics of adults and high-schooler Robot Girl-oids in Megatokyo, may count. The other characters her age don't usually affect the story, except by influencing Yuki's actions.

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