Time Of Your Life

"my name is abalaster dark'ness denouement crimson smith nd I am a vampire from a normal skool in da middle of noware"
Time of Your Life's first sentence (Ignoring the Author's Note). It gets worse after that.

Time of Your Life, by "Tara Gilesbie", is a Naruto Fan Fiction, and a good candidate for the worst fanfiction ever written.

If that sounds a lot like My Immortal, that's because it is. The story features the same "goffs", the same "prepz", the same spelling mistakes, the same author, the same everything, with the exception of the main character now being named abalaster dark'ness denouement crimson smith and it being Naruto Fanfiction.

You can read it here.

Has nothing to do with the Party of Five spinoff with Jennifer Love Hewitt.