Tights Under Shorts


If Modesty Shorts involves a character wearing a skirt over shorts, then Tights Under Shorts involves a character wearing, well, tights under shorts. This is a great way to avoid too much fanservice with even the shorter shorts (including hot pants), though not as popular or traditional as Modesty Shorts, Skirt over Slacks, or Proper Tights with a Skirt. If flesh-colored tights are used, especially where censorship rules don't allow bare legs (as was most notoriously the case with The Dukes of Hazzard), then it can be used as a method of Getting Crap Past the Radar. Under certain circumstances, the tights can serve to prevent visible leg injuries (like scraped skin or minor cuts) if their material is strong enough.

Don't expect the shorts in question to be Modesty Shorts except on EXTREMELY rare occasions.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Chrono from Chrono Crusade wears black tights under a pair of red shorts.
  • Konata wears black tights under her olive green shorts with one of her casual outfits in Lucky Star, particularly on the cover of volume 1 of the manga, as well as in several strips in the manga itself.
  • Ritsu wore blue pantyhose under her shorts in one of the ending sequences of K-On!.
  • Kurisu Makise in Steins;Gate.
  • In the anime version of Cardcaptor Sakura, and possibly a few other times, Sakura wore tights under shorts during a winter scavenger hunt.
  • Apparently Hikaru no Go, a rare male example, when he was younger as seen through the time skip in the third opening.
  • This is part of Kyoko Sakura's attire in this New Year's celebratory image featuring the main cast of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
  • In Marvel Disc Wars: The Avengers, Jessica Shannon wears this by default.
  • Another rare male example, Mephisto Pheles' regular outfit includes puffy shorts and vertical-striped tights.
  • Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu! has worn this on occasion, particularly in the second season.
  • This is part of Mia Ageha's casualwear in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
  • In Go! Princess Pretty Cure, both Kirara Amanogawa and Yui Nanase wear this with their winter clothes.
  • Asahina Aoi's Future Foundation Outfit in Dangan Ronpa 3.
  • Makoto from Flying Witch is most often seen wearing black tights under her shorts or skirt.
  • Yuko Nishigori from Yuri!!! on Ice always wears black tights under her shorts when she's at the skating rink, and she's been wearing them this way ever since she was young. She also wears white tights with her pajamas at home.

     Comic Books  

  • Incandescence wears black opaque dance tights under her Leotard of Power for a more modest look.
  • Worn by Ramona in Scott Pilgrim, who often has the tights be bright colors.
  • Gabby's "costume" in All-New Wolverine consists of body armor, a Cool Mask decorated with painted lashes and band-aids, bright pink sneakers, and mismatched tights worn under a pair of black shorts.

     Fan Fiction  

  • In the planned fanseries Pretty Cure Strange Happenings (which is still in the developmental stages as of writing), Cures Kyuketsu and Ramen wear this with their costumes; specifically, Kyuketsu wears jean shorts and Ramen dark green shorts, both over white tights.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya wears jean shorts over red tights with one of her casual outfits in SOS Pretty Cure.
  • Lina Eastwood does this as Super Cure Western in the series finale of Pretty Cure Hollywood Stars as the rest of the Cures get their own final costume upgrades as well.
  • Tsumugi does this fairly frequently in Rhythmic Pretty Cure. Usually, it's during rhythmic gymnastics classes, competitions and exhibitions, or when she's Cure Clubs.
  • Ironically, Misty shows a lot less skin in Pokémon: Clefairy Tales, as confirmed by Word of God, despite wearing a costume similar to her default anime outfit (which also appeared in a variation in Pokémon Yellow), as she is stated to be wearing flesh-colored tights under her trademark jean shorts.

     Film - Animated  

  • Part of Penny's costume from Bolt when she's filming the eponymous TV series about a girl and her superdog.

     Film - Live Action  

  • Olivia Castle wears fishnet tights with black leather shorts during the opening disaster scene in Final Destination 5.
  • Trash from The Return of the Living Dead appears to be wearing this at first, but this gets subverted during her striptease scene when it's revealed that she's actually wearing thigh-high legwarmers.
  • Ruby Keeler wears this for her tap dance solo during the eponymous music number at the climax of 42nd Street.

     Live Action TV  

     Video Games  

  • Mira from the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl generation of video games.
    • Both the female and male protagonists of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 sport these as well. They appear to be wetsuits rather than tights, but the effect is the same.
    • This is among one of the many outfit combinations available in Pokémon X and Y.
  • Mao from Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice is a rare male example. In his case it's more longer shorts under regular shorts.
  • Chaos from Xenosaga does this as well.
  • Another male example, Ash Crimson from The King of Fighters in his alternate costume's first color in Maximum Impact: Regulation A, as well as in one other palette swap.
  • Invoked by most incarnations of Mega Man and his supporting cast, as most robot characters' legs are painted a different color from their pelvic components. Mega Man Legends' Roll is a straight example, but her tights are only slightly longer than her iconic short shorts.
  • Margeruite (Margaret) in Rune Factory 4 wears a sort of mini-onepiece-pants outfit and wears tights with it. Including wearing some tights over those.
  • Naoto Shirogane wears this with one of her costumes in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.
  • Female and male characters can sport this look in Phantasy Star Online 2 by pairing an outfit with shorts with either the leg tights available for women (and at least one option for men listed below,) full body tights available for both genders, or sufficiently long socks/stockings if the shorts happen to be long enough.
    • The Straight Liner outfit is a male example, featuring leg tights under futuristic athletic shorts. The tights can be paired with any other Layered Wear outfit.


  • Homestuck. Equius Zahhak usually dresses like this. Fanservice was probably not the intended effect.

     Web Original  

  • Blake Belladonna has this as part of her wardrobenote .

     Western Animation  

     Real Life  

  • Players of modern Roller Derby often do this as sliding bare-skinned along a concrete or wooden surface causes "rink rash." Tights are a necessity and are worn to protect the skater during the inevitable falls and crashes. As spectacle continues to cede primacy to athletic prowess, the once-obligatory booty shorts and short skirts are giving way to more conventional athletic wear.
  • A popular choice for soccer players to keep their legs warm in cold weather, as well as for muscular support.
  • Curiously, done with the "Hooters Girls" outfits, in the manner of Daisy Duke.
  • Some cosplayers will add dance tights if the costume involves shortshorts. This is to help even skintone and hide cellulite.
  • Growing more common across NBA athletes. Players like Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant wear tight pants underneath their uniform shorts.
  • Lindsay Lohan sported this look shortly after hooking up with a new romantic partner in March 2016.
  • Worn by Tomoko Kaneda for this interview with Anime News Network's Anime Now service in February 2017.