Those Two Bad Guys

"But, Mister Croup, we hurt people. We don't get hurt."
Mr. Croup turned out the lights. "Oh, Mister Vandemar," he said, enjoying the sound of the words, as he enjoyed the sound of all words, "if you cut us, do we not bleed?"
Mr. Vandemar pondered this for a moment, in the dark. Then he said, with perfect accuracy, "No."

"Mister Rope, I believe someone's reading our entry."

"Why, so it appears, Mister Liche, so it appears."

"Do you think we should explicate ourselves, Mister Rope?"

"I do, indeed, Mister Liche. Salutations, reader. I am Mister Thaddeus Rope, a man of the hatchet, as you might say, and this is my companion, Mister Clive Liche, a personal exsanguinator."

"May I continue with the expositionizing, Mister Rope?"

"You certainly may, Mister Liche."

"Alright then, reader, you may notice something familiar about us. We may talk funnywise, yes, and one of us may have a bit more smarts than the other. We're independent constrictors, y'see?"

"I believe you mean contractors, Mister Liche."

"That I did, Mister Rope, thank you. Now, because of our potential, many writers use us in various forms. Don't they, Mister Rope?"

"They do indeed, Mister Liche, they do indeed. In fact, that's why we're here, because so many writers like to use us and our penchant for exposition and execution."

"And because of our killing people, right, Mister Rope?"

"That's right, Mister Liche. I believe that's all, reader. Anything you want to add, Mister Liche?"

"No, Mister Rope, I never did like maths. Sleep tight, reader."

"Yes, reader, sleep tight."
Those Two Bad Guys are a pair of bad guys who not only provide bloodshed, but also exposition in the form of conversation between them; not to be confused with Those Two Guys. They are usually foils for each other; commonly Brains and Brawn, and sometimes Red Oni, Blue Oni. They probably also look different, in such ways as Fat and Skinny or Salt and Pepper. When they show up in a video game, you can usually count on the player facing them as a Dual Boss at some point.

Example subpages

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     Fan Fiction 

  • Dungeon Keeper Ami gives us the indominable Mukrezar, and his ever-attentive Imp Butler. Their subplot mostly involves Mukrezar comeing up with zany schemes that are as improbable as a pretty elf with long, luscious, lovely pink locks trying to brutally murder everyone and everything in sight (in an awesome manner). Oh, wait...
  • Bachiko and Meiko in Perfection Is Overrated, although their status as "bad guys" is not initially apparent. They're also the only two SUEs who can actually work together, and because they are each other's most important people, they die when their Childs are destroyed.
  • Friendship Is Magical Girls has Snips and Snails serving in this capacity to Sunset Shimmer for the first half of the Magic Arc. Then Snips is killed by Spike in an Unstoppable Rage for shooting Twilight, and Sunset sacrifices Snails to Chrysalis to appease her. This leads to Snails becoming Eskarrg, Chrysalis' Dragon, in the Loyalty Arc.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • Edge and Christian used to do this routine back in their days as a tag team. Most notably, during their time in the Team RECK stable, where they'd discuss Kurt Angle's current scheme and provide exposition on what was bothering Angle that day.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the prologue to the Scion sourcebook Hero, Hugin and Munin, Odin's two talking ravens, behave this way. Although they're not so much "bad" as they are not very nice at all.

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Real Life 
  • Mr. Burke and Mr. Hare, the infamous Edinburgh duo who sold their victims' bodies to an anatomist as medical cadavers, fit the trope fairly well, apart from maybe the exposition bit.