Tropes about something which one would expect to exist (as an inevitable part of RealLife, or a logical extrapolation from known aspects thereof) being conspicuous by its absence. In some cases these are AcceptableBreaksFromReality that facilitate ConservationOfDetail, but they often inspire a degree of FridgeLogic.

See also CensorshipTropes, ThisIndexDoesNotExist, ThatWhichMustNotBeIndexed, and WeWillNotUseAnIndexInTheFuture.

* ConvectionSchmonvection\\
In fiction, heat can only be transferred by direct contact. For instance, people can get within inches of magma and be perfectly fine, but if they actually ''touch'' the lava, they'll be fried instantly. ([[DoNotTryThisAtHome Don't try that in real life.]])
* GetBackInTheCloset\\
Homosexual relationships never go farther than [[HoYay suspiciously-close friendship]].
* HideYourChildren\\
In video games where [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential the player is able to inflict gratuitous mayhem on anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path]], children are either utterly invulnerable or do not exist.
* HideYourLesbians\\
Homosexuals do not exist.
* NoBikesInTheApocalypse
* NoBiochemicalBarriers\\
Anything can copulate and produce offspring with anything else, [[HotSkittyOnWailordAction logic and compatibility be damned.]]
* NoBisexuals\\
Everyone is either straight or gay. There is no middle ground.
* NoConservationOfEnergy\\
Energy can freely appear out of nothing and[=/=]or vanish into oblivion.
* NobodyOver50IsGay\\
Homosexuals exist, but they only ''started'' existing rather recently, so ''elderly'' homosexuals do not exist.
* NobodyPoops\\
Distasteful bodily functions are never shown onscreen.
* NoHuggingNoKissing\\
Romantic interactions are never shown onscreen.
* NoOSHACompliance\\
In fiction, facilities that are ridiculously hazardous are somehow allowed to continue existing in their present form, no matter how many people get maimed or killed in them.
* NoOntologicalInertia\\
Got a problem? Eliminate the source of the problem and it'll be solved instantly!
* NoProductSafetyStandards\\
Nobody has any qualms against selling stuff with a knack for killing its owner.
* NoSuchThingAsHR
* NoPeriodsPeriod\\
The tendency for non-pregnant, fertile women to leak blood out of their vagina every month is completely ignored.
* NoPeripheralVision\\
People can't see anything that's not directly in front of them.
* NoPunctuationPeriod
* NoThemeTune\\
We don't need no stinkin' {{leitmotif}}s!
* NoTranshumanismAllowed
* NoZombieCannibals\\
Undead will only consume the living -- they never turn on each other.
* SchoolOfNoStudying
* SocialServicesDoesNotExist
* ThereAreNoAdults
* ThereAreNoCoincidences
* ThereAreNoGlobalConsequences
* ThereAreNoGoodExecutives
* ThereAreNoPolice
* ThereAreNoTents
* ThereAreNoTherapists
* ThereIsNoHigherCourt
* WorldOfNoGrandparents

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