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* ''[[VideoGame/{{Turgor}} Turgor]]'', a Russian VideoGame [[MarketBasedTitle which was localized in English]] as ''The Void''.
* ''Literature/AVoid'', a book by one known as Georges Perec without including a particular common symbol.
* ''Film/TheVoid'', a 2016 scifi/horror movie set in a hospital with a gateway to the titular realm.
* ''Literature/VoidTrilogy'', a ScienceFiction trilogy by Creator/PeterFHamilton, which contains a galaxy-devouring void.
* ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'', UrbanFantasy novels by Creator/TerryBrooks in which The Void is the antagonistic force bent on destroying life.

* BeautifulVoid, which is a setting that is lacking background and supporting characters.
* BlankWhiteVoid, which is a blank white setting
* PowerOfTheVoid, the power of nothingness
* VoidBetweenTheWorlds, which is (the non-existence surrounding/between reality or realities)/(an entirely empty reality in and of itself).
* WhiteVoidRoom, a featureless white room