The Topper

The Topper was a long running British Comic which began in 1953. It was the fourth humour comic to be released by DC Thomson after the better known The Dandy and The Beano and the shortlived The Magic Comic. In a similiar manner to it's sister comic, The Beezer, the comic was originally A3 in size before going to A4 in 1980.

The comic merged with two other comics during it's run Buzz in 1975 and later Sparky in 1977. The comic would go on to merge with The Beezer in 1990 as The Beezer and Topper before finally going defunct in 1993. Unlike The Beezer, after 1993 there were no more Topper annuals.

The comics most popular strip was Beryl the Peril. This strip was something of a Distaff Counterpart to The Beano's Dennis the Menace and was originally drawn by the same artist. This strip would go on to have it's own spin-off annual and go onto appear in The Dandy (one of the few Topper characters to survive it's closure).Other classic strips in The Topper included Mickey the Monkey, Send for Kelly, Fred the Flop, Tricky Dicky, Danny's Tranny, Desert Island Dick and Big Uggy.

This comic (and its strips) provide examples of: