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The "The" Title
It may be a stylistic choice, it may just be laziness, but for whatever reason a series, or just a very large and noticeable number of works by the same author, have titles prefaced by the word 'The'. These names are often things like (to take examples from the popular Animorphs series): 'The Experiment', 'The Escape', and so on. If an author uses this trope to excess, expect the names to get a little odd (The Answer, The Happening), confusing (The Unexpected), or downright unhelpful (The Attack, The Threat). The author may also get really carried away with the 'The' count and 'The' the title until it makes little grammatical sense.

See also: Idiosyncratic Episode Naming. Not to be confused with The "The" Title Confusion, where it's unclear whether or not something begins with a "the".

Not named for the the Movie called Attack of the The Eye Creatures, despite that being the the first example listed.


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    The Film 

    The Newspaper Comics 
  • The Far Side collections with indexes feature sections for each letter of the alphabet. However, every letter but "T" is blank, as each comic is identified as "The one with the [x]".

    The Literature 
  • The Animorphs series is a well-known example. Every single one of the regular Animorphs books (not all of the Megamorphs books do this) was prefaced by the word The. This series provided many of the title examples above.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events has this for all books in the series, followed by a pair of alliterative words for all but the last one.
  • Five of the twelve books in Galaxy of Fear. It's odd in light of how Clones and Spore are one-word titles, but there is also The Hunger, The Brain Spiders, The Swarm, The Doomsday Ship...
  • H.P. Lovecraft was really found of The The Titles. Maybe two thirds of the titles in his fiction bibliography belongs to this category.

    The Music 
  • On Gileah & the Ghost Train's self-titled album, every song title begins with The. Their order on the album is also alphabetical order. At least one song apparently had its name changed to fit the theme: "The Shadow"'s demo version was originally called "All I Need".
  • There was a band in The Eighties that was actually called The The.
  • Every song on Nits' album Les Nuits (except the title track, and that's just the same thing in French).

    The Sports 

    The Television 
  • The Sparticle Mystery has a plethora of The's.
  • In the Second Doctor era of Doctor Who, only Fury from the Deep did not start with "The", and its working title was The Colony of Devils.
  • Friends, nearly every episode is titled "The One with the..." or or "The One Where...".
  • Seinfeld, nearly every episode has a title that begins with "The."
  • Every episode title of The Class starts with "The Class..."

    The Video Games 

    The Western Animation 

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