The Team
aka: Team

A group of people who work together, whose members are split along particular roles based on complementary skills and personality traits that contribute to group dynamics in their own unique way. Many of the most common team roles are listed under The Index Team. The Team may or may not have an actual name of its own.

Most importantly, the Team has to have teamwork as its basic modus operandi; that is, they would seek to tackle any problems that any of their group encounters together, unless circumstances dictate otherwise (e.g. one of them has been ambushed while away from the others, or the problem involves participating in an official competition of one-on-one matches).

They can sometimes be a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. They may eventually become True Companions, if they are not in the first place.

The roles may loosely be seen through the lens of the Five Man Band (lead, foil lieutenant, strong/large, smart/small, sensitive/feminine) but without strict numerical or gender restrictions. Other non standard Party Members are also fair game as long as they are actually a group that works together, and the roles relate directly to group dynamics-not just a listing of a series' cast members.

Further there may be two or more characters holding the same "archetype", though often in different ways; a team may have both a scientific tech-savvy Smart Guy and tactical manipulation-savvy Smart Guy. Likewise, you may have two Big Guys, one being a long-range heavy-weapons specialist, and the other being a Big Freaking Sword-wielding close-quarters bruiser.

This is the Super Trope to Power Trio, Five Man Band, Five-Bad Band and The Magnificent Seven Samurai. If it's a military group, it's either The Squad or a Command Roster. If enough members are legitimately badass, it may also be a Badass Crew. They can also be a Dream Team. Compare and contrast Band of Brothers and True Companions. See also Cast Calculus for typical breakdowns.


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     Anime & Manga 
  • The Z Fighters / The Earth's Special Forces of Dragon Ball Z - the team that kept on growing. Almost all of them started out as enemies and settled into a different role. After the Android Saga almost everyone retired except for the Saiyans (mostly due to Can't Catch Up), and even Gohan, Goten, and Trunks left the front lines after the Buu Saga (the former lost interest and the other two were unofficially kicked off due to their immaturity and inexperience). As of the Universal Survival Arc in Super most of them unlocked more true potential and were re-recruited by Goku.
    • The Leader - Goku, he techinically founded the team when he partnered with Piccolo to fight Raditz. The others look to him for leadership, not only because he's almost always the strongest and has the best battle instincts, but because he's a genuinely lovable guy who they trust will want to do the right thing.
    • The Lancer - Piccolo, co founded the group with Goku and stepped up as The Leader whenever Goku was dead/hospitalized/traveling the universe. Initially threatening where Goku was approachable he became wise where Goku was simpleminded, especially after fusing with Kami. When he falls behind in power he still gives counsel.
    • The Team Benefactor - Bulma, as the head of Capsule Corp, not only has enough money to fund the team, but she's also an inventor and scientist who can build armor, time machines, and spaceships with training rooms in them.
    • Sidekick - Krillin plays second banana to Goku, Piccolo, Bulma and even Vegeta on occasion. While he's not that useful in a fight, he's never far from the action, and he'll faithfully back up whoever is currently holding down the fort.
    • Child Soldier - Gohan, Goku's son is a prodigy as a fighter, and Piccolo made sure to bring that potential out when he forcibly recruited the kid to fight the sayians. Unlike both of his father figures, he is a Reluctant Warrior who would rather focus on academics. Despite having the greatest hidden potential and being able to easily surpass Goku or Vegeta when he applies himself, he retires from fighting early on becoming a school teacher and family man.
    • Lovable Rogue: Yamcha, moreso in Dragonball when he was the Desert Bandit. Back then his bandit skills were useful in hunting the Dragon Balls. In Z he drops this trait and instead fights For Great Justice against threats to the Earth
    • Genius Bruiser: Tien is a strong martial artist who has reached enlightenment. His Solar Flare technique can work on anyone, regardless of how strong they are and his Kikohou is the only technique to work on the Cast From Life Span principle which means he can invoke You Shall Not Pass successfully on much stronger creatures.
    • Sidekick Chiaotzu is Tien's sidekick and follows his lead.
    • The Medic- Yajirobe's usual contribution to the Z Fighters is delivering Senzu beans from Corin, because otherwise he is a Lazy Bum who complains from the sidelines.
    • The Rival - Vegeta is Goku's cunning and ruthless Evil Counterpart. It takes several years for the team to warm up to him being around, but when he finally mellows out he becomes a second Lancer as Goku's only equal on the battlefield, and his training buddy on Beerus' planet.
    • Shell-Shocked Veteran - Future Trunks, polite, humble and extremely paranoid about evil threats after being ravaged by both the Future Androids and Goku Black.
    • The Dividual - Goten and Trunks, young kids who antics are mostly innocent, and harmless. They become Bratty Half-Pint Gotenks when they Fusion Dance, who's an arrogant showboat.
    • The Stoic - Android 18, joins late, rarely joins the fight, and even more rarely speaks. When she does its usually snark.
    • Shorttank - Videl, a tomboyish go-getter that wanted to be on the front lines.
    • The Face - Mr. Satan is the only one the public trusts and having a celebrity on the team comes with advantages.
    • Big Fun - Mr. Buu, usually docile, always hungry, but extremely powerful and dangerous when angered.
    • Genki Girl - Pan, just a baby but has the same zest for fighting as a full blooded Saiyan, unlike the other hybrids.
    • Token Evil Teammate: Frieza, finally recruited (conditional and temporary) to join the Tournament of Power Team after Buu dropped out. The first antagonist to fight alongside the Z fighters without actually being on a path towards redemption. Still solidly a bad guy.
  • The Riot Force 6 of the TSAB from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S:
    • The Leader / Big Good: Hayate Yagami, the Commander of Riot Force 6. She's not a good fighter, that's why she usually commands the team. If she does enter the battlefield, she nukes her enemies with her overpowered magic.
    • The Lancer: Reinforce Zwei, who Hayate's assistant, but unlike Hayate, Reinforce Zwei is actually quiet competent on the battlefield. She also serves as a Unison Device for Hayate, Vita and Signum to fuse with them.
    • Sergeant Rock / The Heroine / The Ace: Nanoha Takamachi, a Captain who trains the Forward Team and is the leader of the Forward StarS. She and Fate are the best fighters of Riot Force 6. Also, Nanoha is the titular heroine of the franchise.
    • Fair Cop / Fragile Speedster / The Ace: Fate T. Harlaown, a Captain and Enforcer who is a heroine equal to Nanoha. The leader of the Forward Lightning and she leads the investigation of the JS Incident under the command of Hayate.
    • Multi-Melee Master: Signum, a skilled and powerful swordswoman who masters sword and bow. A Vice-Captain and Fate's Number Two of the Forward Lightning. She is a mostly a fighter than anything else, who can teach others only how to take down the enemies.
    • Glacier Waif: Vita, who is Nanoha's Number Two of the Forward StarS and is the co-trainer of the Forward Team. Is very protective to others, icluding her subordinates.
    • Combat Medic: Shamal, a medic who also has abilities to observe the field provides the Wolkenritter with information. She has also combat abilities to back-up.
    • Team Pet: Zafira, Friedrich, the former being a wolf who stays in his wolf form and the other being a little dragon who can turn into a big dragon. Zafira is one of the Wolkenritter and Friedrich is Caro's Animal Companion. Both are quiet powerful.
    • Cute Bruiser: Subaru Nakajima, an Ascended Fangirl who admires Nanoha and serves her in the Forward StarS. A frontline fighter who is also a Cyborg.
    • The Smart Girl: Teana Lanster, also The Leader of the Forward Team. She is The Strategist who uses her brains in combat. Also a member of the Forward StarS.
    • The One Guy: Erio Mondial, the only guy who actually fights on the frontlines. Also a member of the Forward Team and the Forward Lightning.
    • The Beastmaster: Caro Ru Lushe, a member of the Forward Team and Forward Lightning who has the ability to summon dragons. She is also the White Magician Girl.
    • The Sixth Ranger: Ginga Nakajima, an extra member of the Forward Team who is actually from the 108th Division. Like her younger sister Subaru, Ginga is a Cyborg.
    • Right-Hand Hottie: Griffith Lowran, Hayate's secretary who commands the Long Arch when she is not there.
    • Bridge Bunnies: Shario Finienno, Alto Krauetta and Lucino Lilie, all three of them working on the bridge. Each of them has her own speciality. Shario is a mechanic who works on the Devices and observes the training results, Alto is a helicopter pilot who replaces Vice, and Lucino is a spaceship pilot.
    • Friendly Sniper: Vice Granscenic, the helicopter pilot who retired from sniping due to a failed mission. After being injured, he's replaced by Alto, but Vice comes back as a sniper while flying another helicopter.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! starts it off in the Kyoto Arc by combining the original Battle Couple-and-mentor of Negi (The Leader), Asuna (The Lancer) and Chamo (The Mentor) with Setsuna (The Big Gal) and Nodoka (The Smart Gal). The group evolves over the Mahora Festival to include several others. By the time the Magic World Arc begins, the Team has reached over 10 people in membership.
  • In Soul Eater, there is a complicated example. Maka's Resonance Link team consists of herself (The Hero and The Leader), Black Star (The Big Guy), and Death the Kid (The Smart Guy, maybe with a bit of Sixth Ranger as well). However, there are also their weapons, that all have their own roles. Soul is Maka's scythe, and is The Lancer. Tsubaki is Black Star's sword, and is The Heart. Liz and Patty are Kid's guns, and are The Chick and the Cute and Psycho one, respectively.
  • The Sasuke Retrieval Team in Naruto truly fits the Rag Tag Bunch of Misfits type; it was cobbled together from four different three man teams to make one five man team. Shikamaru led the team because he was the only Chunin and The Strategist and brought along four people with unique fighting styles: Choji's meat tank, Kiba's combos with Akamaru, Neji's Gentle Fist and Naruto's shadow clones. The Plan was to work as a team but the Sound Four said You Shall Not Pass one by one until they were all fighting alone.
  • In One Piece, the team roles for the protagonist pirate crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, have changed a bit as new members have joined, but here's where the current roster of nine falls:
  • BoboboboBobobo: Bo-bobo's gang grows as the series goes on until it composes the following members.
  • Girls und Panzer: Tankery teams are a double layered version. Each school has a group of tanks that work together on the field and each tank requires five people (commander, radio operator, driver, gunner, and loader) to operate at maximum effectiveness.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team:
  • Highschool of the Dead: this is how Takashi's group is built to take on the raging Zombie Apocalypse.
    • The Leader: Takashi Komuro, a Jack-of-All-Stats with great leadership skills to boot.
    • The Lancer: Rei Miyamoto, Takashi's childhood friend and main love interest.
    • The Big Girl: Saeko Busujima, by far the best fighter in the group, and is also Takashi's secondary love interest.
    • The Smart Girl: Saya Takagi, the most intelligent of the group, although that is also what causes her to be quite arrogant at times.
    • Friendly Sniper: Kohta Hirano, an excellent sniper and gun enthusiast, takes this role due to his chubby appearance which might hinder him in close combat.
    • The Medic: Shizuka Marikawa, the school medic, who takes this role... At least, when not driving.
    • Tagalong Kid: Alice/Arisu Maresato, although she can't do much because of her incredibly young age.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: The SOS Brigade. Interestingly, the Brigade actually counts twice: The roles Haruhi thinks everyone plays, and their real roles. The musical part of the trope is played with in the drama CD, Sound Around, when Haruhi makes the Brigade into a band and gives them the proper (from her point of view) instruments, though Yuki and Kyon's guitars are switched.
    • Haruhi's Version:
      • The Leader: Haruhi calls herself the brigade 'super commander' and has a unstoppable Type III personality.
      • The Lancer: Itsuki is Haruhi's offical Number Two/Yes-Man and is far calmer than her.
      • The Big Guy: Kyon is assigned all the miscellaneous heavy lifting and grunt work.
      • The Smart Guy: Yuki wears glasses and reads books all the time.
      • The Chick: Mikuru is dragged into the brigade to be the 'moe mascot' because she's "Cute, tiny and exceptionally well endowed".
      • Sixth Ranger: Tsuruya isn't officially in the Brigade, but still frequently involved.
    • Real Version:
      • The Lancer: Haruhi to Kyon, because the others actually put Kyon's orders above hers. She also contrasts his snarking 'do not care' attitude with her boundless energy.
      • The Smart Guy: Itsuki is the go-to guy for explanations (even if that explanation is just "explain Yuki's explanation") and spends most of his time contemplating or scheming.
      • The Leader: Kyon is snarky and apathetic, but when things get out of hand he takes control to guide everything back on track. Even Haruhi listens to him on occasion.
      • The Big Guy: Yuki is a super-human alien bio-robot who can alter reality, so she tends to be a catch-all solution to most problems. Not to mention she's Nigh Invulnerable with Super Strength.
      • The Chick: Mikuru is still The Chick. Itsuki theorizes she was chosen for her mission specifically to appeal to Kyon's protectiveness, which would also make the standard The Leader/The Chick romance an Invoked Trope.
      • Sixth Ranger: Tsuruya doesn't count as Sixth Ranger quite as much as Haruhi thinks (since the main Brigade keeps her out of the supernatural stuff), but she still has some elements. Not to mention that she might be a humanoid interface like Yuki, though there's not enough evidence to be sure.
  • Bakusou Kyoudai Lets And Go!! WGP has this as the main theme: five Mini 4WD racers build up a team to go heads-to-heads with other teams in an international competition.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's has Team 5D's, which consists... seven members. It has also the team with highest number of named members, as most teams have only three.
    • The Leader/Gadgeteer Genius: Yusei, who is the leader of the team and the Last Wheeler who brings the victories thanks to his skills and strategies and The Power of Friendship. He and Bruno also work on the D-Wheels.
    • The Lancer: Jack, who is the First Wheeler and uses brute force to overpower the opponents.
    • The Big Guy/The Smart Guy: Crow, the Second Wheeler of the the team. The Trickster who relies on several combos to balance his lack of having a Signer Dragon with a Super Mode like Yusei and Jack.
    • The Chick: Aki, the Benchwarmer. If one of the guys above cannot duel for whatever reason, she would duel in their place.
    • Tag Team Twins: Luca and Lua, the Pitcrew Twins who are together for most of the time and mostly support the team at the pit. They duel mostly together. Unlike Luca, Lua is not a Signer until the last arc of the series, but he gets more screentime than her.
    • Sixth Ranger/Gadgeteer Genius: Bruno, the mechanic who works in the pitcrew and improves the D-Wheels together with Yusei. He later turns out to be the Mysterious D-Wheeler dubbed Dark Glass who then turns out to be a friend and agent of the Big Bad Z-One. However, Bruno stays loyal to the team and invokes Mentor Occupational Hazard.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: The Lancers, who are a group of duelists whose task is to protect their world and other worlds against interdimensional threats, mostly from Academia from the Fusion Dimension.
    • The Leader/Big Good: Reiji, who founded the team and is their leader.
    • The Hero: Yuya, who is the main character and The Rival to Reiji.
    • Smurfette Principle: Serena, the only female duelist of the team and the former Evil Counterpart to Yuzu.
    • The Big Guy: Gongenzaka, Yuya's best friend and the tallest member, who relies on high defense power, but he is able to turn it into offensive strength.
    • Plucky Comic Relief/Jobber: Sawatari, the funny guy who nobody can take seriously, not even the show itself. He also loses a lot.
    • The Lancer: Kurosaki, who is one of the most skilled Lancers of the team and is a Foil to Yuya in terms of personality.
    • Ninja: Tsukikage, a Ninja duelist who is mostly a supporter to the main characters.
    • Tag Along Kid: Reira, Reiji's little brother who is quite skilled.
    • The Mole: Dennis, who is actually working for Academia. After he's revealed to be the mole, he leaves the Lancers.

     Film - Animation 

     Film - Live-Action 

  • Log Horizon: Teamwork is crucial in Elder Tales. Shiroe, a enchanter, has abilites that weaken enemies and support allies but even at his high level his attack power is weak. Naotsugu is a guardian and so his abilities are based on defending allies. Both of them can only turly shine when they work in a team.
  • A Mage's Power: Dragon's Lair mercenary teams are composed of four members: A tank fighter to draw attention, a battle mage for artilery support, a healer for buffs and health, and a Magic Knight as a back up for all roles.
  • Alicia L. Wright's Miss Prince contains, in essence, the inversion of the Five Man Band in the form of Rent-A-Legend. There are 5 females, 1 male and all of the former are Action Girls with the exception of The Protagonist, Lucinda:
    • Classical Anti Hero: Lucinda. She's much better as a actor and talker than as a hero but has had some badass moments where she defends Erlina, the fairy princess, from a town mob.
    • The Chick: Erlina. A princess who has shown more than enough battle skill in the form of magic. She also provides support to Lucinda and attempts to teach her magic.
    • The Leader / Smart Guy: Sara. Rent-A-Legend is her company and she runs the desk more as a businesswoman than as a fighter. Occasionally she does go out in the field when the situation mandates.
    • There are two Big Guys although in two very different disciplines:
    • The Lightning Bruiser, Freya, is a Yuki-onna with a lot of skill in hand-to-hand martial arts.
    • The Boisterous Bruiser valkyrie Gerda, on the other hand, has a large collection of swords in the form of the Rent-A-Legend armory and fights dangerous monsters. She also teaches Lucinda sword-fighting.
    • The Hero / The One Guy: Charming. The dirigible fansquee from the original family. Sara's go-to hero, who fulfilled that role before he went missing, he's really good at the task as a whole.
      Add two supporting characters and you get:
    • A more prominent Smart Guy: Rosie. This witch scientist has been researching vampirism, the cause and cure of it. She soon employs Erlina and teaches Lucinda about potions and how to brew them.
    • The Non-Action Guy and Heart Johann. He provides help, advice and god's advocacy to Rent-A-Legend whilst trying to live a very non-vampirific lifestyle with girlfriend Rosie.

     Live-Action TV 

     Real Life 
  • The book In Search Of Excellence tells how some companies, such as W. L. Gore, General Electric and 3M, often don't have regular assignments for some functions or projects. Instead, either people volunteer to be on a team, and the team members decide if they want to admit the person, or some projects are done by management selecting the necessary members, a manager, then creating an ad hoc team for the project, such as development of a new product, then once the project is finished,the team is dissolved and its members go on to other teams.

     Video Games 
  • Final Fantasy XII is basically what Star Warsnote  would be like if Luke was just a random kid instead of The Chosen One.
    • The Leader: Ashe, Basch, and Balthier all take turns in this role, but it seems to fall to Ashe most often as she's the driving force behind the story.
    • The Lancer: Again, Ashe, Basch, and Balthier all take turns but Basch fits the role the best as he's the most experienced of the party and his cool demeanor contrasts Ashe's hotheaded-ness.
    • The Big Guy: Fran is the tallest character, and while she's not quite as strong as Basch she's still a formidable fighter.
    • The Smart Guy: Balthier is the most clever party member, and also an Ace Pilot.
    • The Chick: Penelo seems pretty useless (and gets kidnapped frequently) but helps hold the team together as The Heart.
    • Tagalong Kid: Vaan is a Supporting Protagonist. He starts as a tagalong kid but gains some character development and becomes more heroic as the story progresses.
  • Final Fantasy XIV Being a MMO. It uses the cooperation of various Data Center (DC) players to form the team, sometimes some from other Data worlds may join in your fight too. Whether it's Black Mage, Healer or DPS and Tank.
  • Heroes Must Die has Lord Murder's Dark Council
  • Every one of the Suikoden games has it. 100% Completion requires having 108 characters on your team, a significant number of which are fighters, and using all their abilities to succeed in certain areas. Go ahead and try to divide them all up into classic character rolls.
  • Team Fortress 2. It's right there in the title—teams that do not cooperate suffer crushing, embarrassing defeats against teams that actually use teamwork. RED and BLU teams are identical in composition, broken down into three sub-teams (offense, defense, and support) of three members each. The nine classes act as The Squad and started as parodies of classic team compositions and character archetypes, but have become more nuanced by expanded game content and supplemental material. Their sheer diversity, colorfulness, and parodic nature makes it hard to pin down a precise team breakdown.
  • Wild ARMs 3: There's four of them and they travel together across the wasteland. The Chick is also The Leader, The Lancer is the actual emotional center, that The Big Guy is the best mage in the party with the worst melee attacks, and The Smart Guy is a Mighty Glacier with a sniper rifle. It gets to where one suspects the party's design is an intentional instance of playing with the usual personality-to-party-role stereotypes in your average RPG.
  • World of Warcraft: The Horde is an organization composed of races that fufill different roles for the sake of The Horde's goals. Since Vol'jin is the new Warchief, it is unclear if Trolls and Orcs will switch roles, with Trolls being The Leader and Orcs being The Lancer. Time will tell.

  • El Goonish Shive: The Eight main characters form one when they work together but aren't always seen together and are normally seen in two different groups according to what school they go to.
    • Moperville North:
      • Elliot is the most traditionally heroic of the bunch and the closest thing the comic has to a main character.
      • Ted is Elliot's best friend and the resident Mad Scientist who acts as The Smart Guy for the whole group.
      • Sarah is The Team Normal who acts as The Chick for the group and is typically left behind during dangerous missions.
      • Susan is the group's resident Deadpan Snarker who is much more serious compared to the others.
    • Moperville South:
      • Ellen is Elliot's Opposite-Sex Clone who, despite being similar to Elliot, is more Hot-Blooded and impulsive.
      • Nanase Ellen's girlfriend and The Ace of the group who acts as The Straight Man to the group alongside Justin.
      • Justin Nanase's friend who is very friendly and is The Straight Man alongside Nanase.
      • Grace Ted's girlfriend who is the most innocent and bubbly member of the group and possibly the most powerful.
  • Girl Genius: While it is subject to a lot of change Agatha's group of followers form one by the end of the Mechanicsburg arc.
    • The Leader: Agatha Heterodyne the main character and the heir to the Heterodyne's seat of power.
    • Love Interests: Gil and Tarvek are both potential suitors to Agatha who she can't chose between.
    • Number Two: Moloch unintentionally becomes Agatha's chief minion and mostly survives by being very Genre Savvy.
    • Impossible Thief: Violetta is a Smoke Knight who is an expert at stealth and is knowledgeable of poisons.
    • The Big Guy: Zeetha and Higgs share this role as the best physical fighters of the group.
    • Badass Army: The Jägermonsters become this once the Doom Bell is rung and help to fight off all of the people attacking the city.
    • Do-Anything Robot: The Dingbots are small clanks Agatha built who have the Spark and typically can accomplish anything due to their shear numbers.
    • The Smart Guy: Krosp who provides tactical and political advice to Agatha.
    • Genius Loci: Castle Heterodyne who, when repaired, can control the city's defenses to drive back the invaders.
    • The Good Chancellor: The Von Mekkahns who run the city when the Heterodyne's aren't around and command the defending citizens during the invasion.
    • Mega Nekko: Von Pinn who had her mind transferred into a large cat clank that she uses to command the other cat clanks.
  • The Order of the Stick was formed by Roy to hunt down and kill a lich. It is a group of six adventurers and eventually two Team Pets. Some of the roles are distributed among several characters, notably by having two or three major damage-dealers and two people capable of outsmarting the leader. Whether or not they work well together is...a crapshot.

     Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Beacon Academy expects its students to form four-man teams on their first day at the academy. The teams consist of two sets of pairs created by making eye contact with the first student encountered in a Grim-filled forest. The pairs are then put together on the basis of which sets of pairs collect the same relics at the end of their task. The leader of each team, as well as the team's name, is chosen by the headmaster on the basis of each student's performance during the task, with the team name being created from the first letter of each member's name (starting with the team leader). The teams are expected to stay together for the full four years of the course, work together, fight together, attend classes together and even share the same dorm room.
    • Team RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") consists of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long. The team was formed from choosing the white knights.
    • Team JNPR (pronounced "Juniper") consists of Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren. The team was formed from choosing the white rooks.
    • Team CRDL (pronounced "Cardinal") consists of Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing, Sky Lark. The team was formed from choosing the black bishops.

    Web Original 
  • Noob:
    • By Season 3 / the third novel / the eighth comic, the Noob guild has six permanent members.
      • Arthéon is The Leader. Moves to Sparadrap in Season 5.
      • Omega Zell is The Lancer to Arthéon. Ivy seems to naturally slip in the role in Season 5, both as the only other member consistently showing up and having a personality complementary to Sparadrap's.
      • The Big Guy (and usually tank) role has Arthéon, Nazetrîme during her brief tenure, then Fantöm gets hired due to his capacity to fill the role (according to the webseries and novels) despite the opportunity to show it never coming up afterwards. Sparadrap's warrior (Spärädräp) and Couette's earth build seem to be taking turns at the role in Season 5.
      • The Smart Guy (and usually the one who nukes), is shared by Gaea (mostly self-serving planning), Ivy (Gadgeteer Genius), Arthéon due to his background knowledge and Fantöm on select occasions. Only Ivy remains in Season 5 and Gaea gets replaced by her archer reroll.
      • The Heart / The Chick role is shared by Sparadrap and Couette, who are also both (sort of) The Medic. This is the only position that remains unchanged in Season 5.
      • The Sixth Ranger is naturally Golgotha (who's technically more of a Honorary True Companion), the closest thing the team has to a second permanent big guy. Couette, qualifies also with her sporadic presence and Ystos is somewhere between this and Big Brother Mentor.
    • The Justice Guild main roster qualifies for the trope too:

     Western Animation 

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