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The Tale Of Westala And Villtin
The Tale of Westala and Villtin is an fanfic series written by Örjan Westin, Marco Villata and Elin Rosén. Not Terry Pratchett fanfic; fanfic.

The main characters are two heroes, with a notable resemblance to both the authors and Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, who over the course of their adventures encounter various heroes and villains with a similarity to other afpers. Parodies of anything else the authors can think of also make regular appearances, if at all possible in combination with the above.

The series currently runs to one novel-length fic, one novella, one quick skit, and one unfinished novel-length fic. While the first one was started on the spur of the moment and continued in a rather random fashion, the second one was much more planned, which may be why it became moribund.

The Taleoverse has even spawned its own fanfic.

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