->'''Helen:''' It's just that sometimes you judge people's behavior by a pretty rigid set of standards. Not everyone can live up to them.\\
'''Daria:''' That's what's wrong with the world.\\
'''Helen:''' Not even ''you'' live up to them all the time.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'', "Monster"

This character has a world-weary disdain for ''everyone'', themselves included. They typically suffer from a healthy dose of IntelligenceEqualsIsolation, and are the type to stand aside at parties and quietly drink beer while making [[DeadpanSnarker biting quips]] about the [[SurroundedByIdiots idiocy that surrounds them]].

To the "herd followers" they deprecate, this makes them a mild {{Jerkass}}. The sympathetic see their antisocial behavior as a sort of personal crusade against idiocy. The AlphaBitch and JerkJock are their mortal enemies. If they have any positive interaction with the BigManOnCampus, then they are also a CoolLoser, teaching him not to be a self-satisfied twit while he teaches them to be less haughty and smile a little.

The key element that differentiates the Snark Knight from a normal DeadpanSnarker, a SmugSnake, or a plain old {{jerkass}} is that the Snark Knight holds themselves to their own impossibly high standards. This means that they will [[SelfDeprecation throw barbs at themselves]] as often as they [[TakeThat throw them at others]], with the exact same level of vitriol. And because of these high standards, you can bet they won't be EasilyImpressed.

Sometimes the Snark Knight ends up as a {{Sidekick}} or one third of a PowerTrio with the main protagonist, providing the role of the [[CommanderContrarian cynical commentator]] and MetaGuy. Expect less personal {{Angst}} and more PluckyComicRelief in these cases.

SubTrope of DeadpanSnarker. Contrast LonersAreFreaks. Often the opposite of the StepfordSmiler. If their sarcasm is revealed to be a similar mask, they're a StepfordSnarker. See also KnightInSourArmor and CoolLoser.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In the anime ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'', the Host Club quickly gets rid of Haruhi's bookworm look to become a {{Bifauxnen}}, but she still acts as The Snark Knight in the show.
* England in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' fits this trope to a T. Though the part about 'quietly' drinking his beer is...[[CantHoldHisLiquor arguable.]]
* Chisame of ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', though her snarks don't tend to have as much power over the other characters as those of some other Snark Knights on this list.
* Ayase of ''Manga/MidoriDays'', which she has to overcome for her to truly love Seiji.
* ''LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya'': Kyon is this trope in spades. Most of his dialogue revolves around him snarking about how the world literally revolves around Haruhi's whims.
* Miyako of ''Manga/PrivatePrince'' sometimes come across as this.
* Haruko Hasegawa of ''Manga/{{Moyashimon}}'' is a dedicated microbiology postgrad with an acid tongue. She delivers a lecture on the validity of "sterilising" products when she sees Oikawa's [[NeatFreak compulsive disinfecting]]. Sawaki's supernatural ability to see and interact with (to him) [[{{UsefulNotes/Kawaisa}} cute]] microbes triggers a minor meltdown.
* In ''Manga/VirginLove'', Kaoru's default mode is disdain, which includes disdain for himself whenever he fails to live up to his own standards.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Ryuuken Ishida [[HiddenHeartOfGold appears to be]] a bitterly sarcastic individual who is hypercritical of his son's desire and ability to be a Quincy, causing the pair to dissolve into SnarkToSnarkCombat whenever they're in the same room together. Isshin Kurosaki, [[OddFriendship who knows Ryuuken's secret]], implies that Ryuuken is trying to help his son in some very [[JerkassFacade specific]] way. Flashbacks revealing the beginning of Ryuuken's problems with Quincies show no-one in the world is a harsher critic of Ryuuken than Ryuuken himself. He's clearly a StepfordSnarker, but the link between the start of his problems and his current situation has [[MysteriousPast yet to be fully revealed]].
* [[AloofBigBrother Sesshomaru]] from ''Manga/{{Inuyasha}}'' really comes across as this.
%%* Rin in the English dub of ''Anime/SpiritedAway''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
%%* Gert Yorkes of ''Comicbook/{{Runaways}}''.
* Enid Coleslaw (and possibly Rebecca Doppelmeyer) from ''Comicbook/GhostWorld''.
* Kim Pine ruthlessly snarks about everything in both the comic and [[Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld film version]] of ''ComicBook/ScottPilgrim''. Julie as well, before being [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderized]] into a {{Jerkass}}.
* Comicbook/{{Wolverine}} is this in spades often. Wolvie, [[CharacterDevelopment for the longest time]], rivaled the Comicbook/IncredibleHulk for "angriest character" in Marvel; he would make snarky or snide remarks to just about everyone, [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold though he does have a soft]] [[PapaWolf spot for kids]], and generally got angry at the drop of the hat. But the person he hates the most, is himself. It's been suggested that one of the biggest reasons he hates Sabretooth so deeply is because he sees too much of himself in Victor - what Wolverine himself could become if he lost all his morals and let "The Animal" take over.
* Franchise/{{Batman}} is this, DependingOnTheWriter. He's generally shown being a jerk to other heroes, but he allows himself few joys in life and does his best to keep everyone at arm's length. It's implied that one reason he's so proud of Dick Grayson aside from Dick being his oldest "child" is that Dick has surpassed both himself and Franchise/{{Superman}} as a hero.
* Far more often, Batman's butler Alfred is the [[ObligatoryJoke Snark Knight when interacting with the Dark Knight.]]

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* Huey from ''ComicStrip/TheBoondocks'', whose high standards for everything cause him tons of stress, since he's also a miniature AngryBlackMan.
* ComicStrip/{{Garfield}} is perhaps the most well-known example. In fact, "fat", lazy", and "cynical" are the three adjectives that are usually tossed about when people discuss him.
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' portrays a WorldOfSnark where Dogbert is the greatest snarker of them all.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Series-722 Have Faith]]'', a series of crossover {{fanfic}}s by Mediancat, Faith of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' is one, because ''she really is [[spoiler:[[WesternAnimation/{{Daria}} Daria Morgendorffer]]]]''. This is a rare crossover by way of Multiple Personality Disorder.
* [[http://dcnation.wetpaint.com/page/Green+Shield+Tara+Strong Green Shield/Tara Strong]] of ''Roleplay/DCNation''; her genius-level IQ, photographic memory and dedication to her medical studies fulfills the genius requirement and the ridiculously high standards. She's also quicker with the snark than she is with her bow.
* The Blog/ReadingRainbowverse has Carrot Top, recovering alcoholic and general cynic.
* ''FanFic/MegaManRecut'' has Proto Man, who's more this than he is in the cartoon.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Megara from Creator/{{Disney}}'s ''Disney/{{Hercules}}''. She later becomes a DefrostingIceQueen. She's also voiced by the same actress who does Rin (see Anime & Manga section above) in the English dub of ''Spirited Away''. Coincidence? We think not. Hades is an interesting example, as his armour of snark goes hand in hand with his HairTriggerTemper.
* Hiccup in ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon'' is a male example, taking advantage of his position at the bottom of the pecking order to dish out some beautiful snark.
-->'''Hiccup:''' Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile.
* ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'': Chief Bogo is short-tempered, highly critical, and understands that the world is broken. At the same time he clearly holds himself to very high standards, and anyone meeting those standards in turn will earn his deepest respect because he believes the world needs good cops.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Kat Stratford from ''Film/TenThingsIHateAboutYou''. Or in her words..
--> "I'm not hostile, I'm annoyed."
* Film/{{Juno}}, who seems to get snarkier as her pregnancy goes along.
* Wednesday Addams, in ''Film/TheAddamsFamily'' films. Complete with a never-changing expression and a taste for sadism.
* Veronica Sawyer in ''Film/{{Heathers}}'', to a certain degree. It seems the uncool kids, like Betty Finn and Martha Dumptruck, manage to get the nicer ends of her {{Kuudere}} act. Everyone else is fair game.
* Janis Ian from ''Film/MeanGirls''. No one is safe from her razor sharp snark, except maybe her BFF [[Main.PetHomosexual Damien]].
%%* Denise Fleming in ''Film/CantHardlyWait''.
%%* Agnes in ''[[Film/ShowMeLove Fucking Åmål]]''.
%%* Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald from the ''Film/GingerSnaps'' trilogy.
%%* Enid and Rebecca (mainly Enid) from ''ComicBook/GhostWorld''.
* Kim Pine from ''Film/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld''. Almost everything she says is an insult, mostly to Scott. Even her ''facial expressions'' are snarky.
%%* Tyler Durden in ''Film/FightClub''.
* Alfred Pennyworth in ''Film/BatmanReturns'' - making him a Snark Knight to the Dark Knight!
* ''Film/SpiderManTrilogy'': While not making as many jokes as other versions of the character, he does make a few in each movie at his opponents' expense.
* Obi-Wan Kenobi from ''Franchise/StarWars'' is a Jedi Snark-Knight, especially when he was younger.
-->'''Obi-Wan:''' I was beginning to wonder whether you'd got my message.\\
'''Anakin:''' We transmitted the message to Coruscant like you requested. Then we decided to come and rescue you.\\
'''Obi-Wan:''' ''[looking at the chains around their wrists while awaiting their public execution]'' Good job.
* Suki in ''Film/TheScribbler'' has suffered from SplitPersonality syndrome her entire life. As a result, when she's in "normal" mode, she pretty much runs on non-stop sarcasm. This does not endear her to the detective and police psychiatrist grilling her about a series of suspicious deaths at her high-rise halfway house.
* Joy Gresham in ''Shadowlands'' is this, although she softens a little over the course of the film.
-->'''Douglas:''' ''[reading CS Lewis's inscription in his book]'' "The magic never ends."\\
'''Joy:''' Well, if it does, sue him.
* Kathryn Merteuil of ''Film/CruelIntentions'' is a ''very'' rare combination of this trope and AlphaBitch. It definitely shatters the stereotype that all mean girls are stupid, and possibly suggests that most Alpha Bitches are Snark Knights [[WhatYouAreInTheDark when no-one is watching]].
* ''Franchise/DieHard'': John [=McClane=] is a very good snarker, and many of his quips are at his own expense. For example, in ''Film/DieHardWithAVengeance'', one character says he's two steps away from being an [[TheAlcoholic alcoholic]], and John corrects him by holding up a finger and mouthing, "One step."

* The detective from ''Literature/PutTheSepiaOn'' lives off of this. A couple of his supporting cast members do, too.
%%* Dagny Taggart in ''Literature/AtlasShrugged''.
* Valkyrie Cain in ''Literature/SkulduggeryPleasant''. Overlaps with LittleMissSnarker.
* Lily in ''Literature/ThePrincessDiaries'' ([[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation not as much so]] in [[Film/ThePrincessDiaries the movies]]).
* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''
** Susan Sto Helit in the novel ''Discworld/SoulMusic''. In her later appearances she's [[TookALevelInBadass Taken a Level in Badass]] and become the KnightInSourArmour.
** And, of course, Adora Belle Dearhart.
--->'''Moist:''' You think he's cynical?\\
'''Adora:''' Yes. As you suspect, thatís practically a professional opinion.
%%* Thalia from ''Literature/PercyJacksonAndTheOlympians''.
%%* Melinda Sordino from ''Literature/{{Speak}}''.
* Bastille from ''Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians'' is, in fact, a knight. With snark.
* Greg Heffley from the ''Literature/DiaryOfAWimpyKid'' series would qualify as a male Snark Knight, if not for the fact that he usually doesn't hold himself to his own standards. Heck, he even says that his only New Year's resolution is to come up with resolutions for other people, [[HypocriticalHumor since he's the best person he knows.]]
* Literature/TakeshiKovacs often adopts a Snark Knight-like act when feeling particularly cynical; deep down, though, he's a KnightInSourArmor.
* Bernice Summerfield in the Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse:
-->'''Doctor:''' You're a cynic.\\
'''Benny:''' No, I'm an idealist who's been wrong one too many times.
* Christina Light in Henry James's first novel ''Roderick Hudson''. Speaking to Rowland Mallet, she says:
-->"I am a strange girl. To begin with, I am frightfully egotistical. Don't flatter yourself you have said anything very clever if you ever take it into your head to tell me so... I am tired to death of myself; I would give all I possess to get out of myself; but somehow, at the end, I find myself so vastly more interesting than nine tenths of the people I meet."
* Dominil finds herself firmly in Snark Knight territory in ''[[Literature/LonelyWerewolfgirl Curse of the Wolfgirl]]''. Daniel ''likes'' to think of himself as one, but he is too firmly mired in the chaos to be one.
* [[AuthorAvatar The unnamed author]] in ''"Sideshow", and Other Stories'' by Creator/ThomasLigotti.
* 'Pilsner' in the Redfern Barrett sci-fi ''Forget Yourself'' fits the bill, and as a result is strongly disliked by the central character.
* Marvin the Paranoid Android of ''Literature/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy''.
%%* Will the protagonist and narrator of ''Literature/TheLordsOfDiscipline''.
%%* Will Herondale from "The Infernal Devices", is never not snarky.
* ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' has Mr. Bennet and his favorite daughter [[TheHeroine Elizabeth]]. Mr. Bennet deals with his ill-matched marriage by constantly {{Troll}}ing his wife and laughing at his younger daughters, but when he realizes that this form of ParentalNeglect contributed to Lydia's near-disgrace and ShotgunWedding with Wickham, he admits and mocks his own folly. Elizabeth as well; she's bitterly amused by the irony of regretting the loss of Darcy when a few months ago she would have rejoiced to have him gone from her life.
* ''Literature/TheRulesOfSupervillainy'' stars Gary Karkofsky, who is the titular and seemingly light-hearted supervillain. Then you realize he's carrying an immense amount of Bruce Wayne-meets-Peter Parker-sized baggage.
* Literature/JessicaDarling is deeply unimpressed with most other people, while at the same time feeling like the world's biggest loser herself most of the time. [[FirstPersonSnarker Her commentary on herself and others is about equally scathing.]]
* In the dark near-future military thriller ''Literature/{{Victoria}}'', protagonist John Rumford is acerbic in his treatment of ''everyone'', including those few exemplars who actually meet with his overall approval. He will usually make his one exception where his fellow revolutionist and sometime mentor Colonel Kraft is concerned, but even he is not totally immune.
* ''Literature/CarryOn'': Baz gives out a good snark to everyone, and is a bit of a dark, intelligent character.
[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Sandor Clegane has a fatalistic view of the world, expressed through either complaints or snarky zings.
* ''Series/OneFootInTheGrave'' gives us Victor Meldrew, the king of this trope.
%%* Darlene Conner from ''Series/{{Roseanne}}''.
* In ''Series/BabylonFive'', Londo's first wife [[SdrawkcabName Timov]] falls into this. Even though she's constantly (and justifiably) berating him, he chooses to keep her over all his other wives. He's suspicious of all flattery, but he knows her contempt is genuine.
* ''Series/{{The Office|US}}'': Pam Beasley as she says things that offend her and sometimes towards Michael.
* ''Series/ParksAndRecreation''
** April Ludgate the college intern is another prime example. Season 2 has April starting to get over it, though, beginning to distance herself from her irony-loving friends and getting more involved in the department. She still provides a healthy dose of snark, particularly towards Jerry, the office ButtMonkey.
** April's sister Natalie.
* ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'':
** Odo started this way.
** Major [[spoiler:(later Colonel)]] Kira Nerys was the heavy-handed embodiment of this trope, just like [[{{Expy}} Ro Laren]] before her. Almost to a [[CantArgueWithElves "Can't Argue With Bajorans"]] extent. The role was originally written to be Ro Laren, as was the character B'Elanna Torres in Star Trek: Voyager.
%%* Jaye Tyler of ''Series/{{Wonderfalls}}''.
%%* Claire Fisher on ''Series/SixFeetUnder''.
%%* Georgia Lass of ''Series/DeadLikeMe''.
* ''Series/{{DawsonsCreek}}'': Dru Valentine, a typical JerkAss Snark Knight with ties to the rich, has disdain for nearly everyone (particularly the rich people he's connected to) and is never without a scathing, observant quip to anyone in his general vicinity.
* ''Series/VeronicaMars'':
** Veronica takes this role but unlike most, only after she's been pushed into it by her ostracization for standing by her father. Note her moral principles fall into a sense of justice and not letting the wealthy get away with crimes but she's loose on using deception to get her way. Such is the way of most PrivateDetective characters.
** TroubledButCute Logan also falls under this trope, especially after [[spoiler:he and Veronica get back together on season 2]].
* ''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'':
** August Leffler, Tommy's ex. August either went through character decay (or development; as a teenager, such a change in personality isn't unrealistic), becoming rather hypocritical and just liking to look down at everyone. Her initial apperance portrayed her as a more well-adjusted and pleasent person (At least, as well adjusted as The Snark Knight can get).
** Tommy himself could be considered a male Snark Knight, although to a much lesser degree than August.
* Kerry from ''Series/EightSimpleRules'' usually fits, though it can depend on the episode.
* Naomi from the second generation of ''Series/{{Skins}}'' characters; arguably Jal has flashes of this in the first two seasons too.
* The season 3 ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' episode "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS3E18Earshot Earshot]]" has a character like this named Freddy Iverson.
* ''Series/{{House}}''. If House weren't a [[BunnyEarsLawyer genius diagnostician]], he'd fall into LonersAreFreaks territory.
* Kat Warbler from the short-lived sitcom ''Series/TheClass''.
-->"I'd rather have a bitter cake."\\
"You ARE a bitter cake."
* In ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', Owen is a textbook example.
* ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' rotates this trope around through the years. Ellie is the first notable example during her goth years, Jimmy gains this along with DisabledSnarker title, Clare being the latest holder of this title.
* Toby Ziegler from ''Series/TheWestWing'' -- he's accurately described as "prickly" and "sad, angry and not warm," and he has a uniquely tense relationship with the president due to his constant frustration and disappointment at Bartlet's failure to fully live up to his genius, and his willingness to voice them.
%%* Ashley Jeurgens from ''Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager''.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': The Doctor has a very [[DarkerAndEdgier dark and twisted]] version of this in the Dream Lord, from ''Amy's Choice''. Even as he traps the heroes in a dream and toys with them, he snipes at all of their character flaws, with particular venom reserved for the Doctor. [[spoiler:He's actually an extension of the Doctor's psyche, particularly his darkness and self-loathing, which qualifies him for this trope.]]
** The Doctor identifies him because "No one in the universe hates me as much as you."
* Dan from ''Series/NathanBarley'' is a {{Deconstruction}} of the trope, penned by Creator/CharlieBrooker (himself arguably a RealLife example). He's a caustic depressive who writes withering articles about "the idiots" (who themselves respect him as "the Preacher Man"), growing more and more cutting and vicious as he falls in with them. However, when he's offered a job for a more reputable magazine, he realises he cannot write anything ''but'' cheap sarcasm, and it's hinted that his self-deprecation forms a self-destructive cycle; the show offers him plenty of get-outs, but he never ends up taking them.
* DS Barbara Havers of ''The Series/InspectorLynley Mysteries''. That poor, dear girl.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'': [[AdventurerArchaeologist Daniel]] [[BadassBookworm Jackson,]] especially in later seasons. If you had a [[DarkAndTroubledPast backstory]] [[CynicismCatalyst like]] [[IronWoobie his,]] you would be too.
* Malcolm from ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle'' takes the cake. Always, ''always'' snidely fuming at everyone and everything. A couple episodes try to tackle this directly (with him trying to suppress his desire to grumble and condescend for various reasons) but ends up blowing up in his face (he gave himself an ulcer once by swallowing down too much snark).
* Ryan King (played by Matthew Perry on ''Series/GoOn'') is definitely a big example. He also is something of a StepfordSnarker.
%%* Roxie from the later seasons of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch''.
* Athos from the BBC's version of ''Series/TheMusketeers'' is another potential poster boy for this trope.
-->'''Athos:''' If you'd told us what you were doing, we might have been able to plan this properly.\\
'''Aramis:''' Yes, sorry.\\
'''Athos:''' No, no, by all means, let's keep things suicidal.
* Maya from ''Series/GirlMeetsWorld'' combines this with thanks to ParentalAbandonment by her father. This makes her one of the darker characters you're likely to find on the Disney Channel and occasionally a walking example of TearJerker.
* ''Series/NightAndDay'''s Ryan Harper, to the very core. There is literally nobody who escapes his sneering and vitriol. He even delivers people's names in a sarcastic way, emphasising every consonant with dripping disdain to reflect the utter contempt in which he holds them.
* Greg Serrano from ''Series/CrazyExGirlfriend'', to a tee.
* The titular hero of ''Series/JessicaJones2015'' has always been this, even before Kilgrave. It's the reason she was unable to hold down any one of the series of menial office jobs she cycled through before becoming a private investigator. This trait is even more apparent in ''Series/TheDefenders2017''.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/ChrisJericho was this following his FaceHeelTurn in 2008, constantly expressing his distain for fans with sarcastic comments.
%%* Wrestling/CMPunk.
%%* Wrestling/RandyOrton
* Zeb Coulter, the manager for Wrestling/JackSwagger and [[Wrestling/ClaudioCastagnoli Antonio Cesaro]], the Real Americans.
* Wrestling/DamienSandow, especially in his Outside the Ring videos.
* Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield, when he's doing color commentary as a tweener character. Expect him to snark at ''all'' the faces (except for the Divas, whom he just [[DirtyOldMan leers at]]) and sometimes also at the heels (except for the Divas, whom he...well, you know).

* ''Theatre/{{Brand}}'' by Creator/HenrikIbsen, whose titular character ''is'' this trope.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Squall Leonhart of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII''. He's aloof, unfriendly, and periodically quite snarky, and if anything holds ''more'' disdain for himself than he does for others, mostly expressed via InnerMonologue.
* Although there is never [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation exactly one interpretation]] of a ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' character, Patchouli Knowledge is usually portrayed as a Snark Knight. The games show her as completely deadpan and cynical (especially in her lines regarding Sakuya in Subterranean Animism or Immaterial and Missing Power), but nevertheless a good and caring friend of Remilia, and {{fanon}} often shows her as having a crush on Marisa.
* Jacqli of ''VideoGame/ArTonelicoIIMelodyOfMetafalica'' at first appears to be a {{Jerkass}} willing to betray anyone to accomplish her mysterious goals, and bitingly sarcastic towards everyone, especially the protagonist (also a DeadpanSnarker) but over time, as she comes to trust the heroes, she reveals her goals truly are noble that are simply hidden behind a hostile exterior because she is embarrassed to be working towards such goals, and distrustful of others.
* Shadow the Hedgehog from the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' series. He's got goals, generally involving being the best (just like Sonic, which is why they clash so often). And he mostly prefers to fulfill these goals on his lonesome. His only real friends are [[RobotBuddy the robot]] [[KillerRobot E-123]] [[SociopathicHero Omega]] and [[ClassyCatBurglar sassy gem thief]] [[FemmeFataleSpy Rouge]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Bully}}'''s Jimmy Hopkins serves as a slight {{subver|tedTrope}}sion of this trope. He understands how crooked the school system can be with the various cliques and corrupted officials. He starts off the game as simply wanting to be left alone, but eventually transforms more into a KnightInSourArmor.
* This is an option in the ''VideoGame/MysteryCaseFiles'' PC game ''Dire Grove.'' On the main menu, you can toggle whether you want the PlayerCharacter's internal monologues to be Normal, Motivational, or Snarky. This is also an option in the next game in the series, ''13th Skull''.
* Kendall Flowers from ''VisualNovel/DontTakeItPersonallyBabeItJustAintYourStory'', which provides a sharp contrast to Charlotte, who is as intelligent as her girlfriend, but actually cares about school/people in general.
* Mahk in ''Videogame/IMissTheSunrise''. He is an InsufferableGenius who practically radiates an aura of disdain for everything around him.
* Jade Curtiss from ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss'' fits this trope, mixed with StepfordSnarker. He snarks at everyone, especially himself, in part to help him cope with his LackOfEmpathy and his guilt over his [[MyGreatestFailure youthful indiscretions]].
* Another ''Tales'' example, [[VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia Yuri Lowell]] seems to have a sarcastic quip for just about any situation.
* Ange Ushiromiya in ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'' can do nothing but snark, as throughout the story she's stuck in the role of observer/investigator. Most of this is a defense mechanism against a world that has hurt her, and she expects to hurt her more. Even as a child she had a bit of a smart mouth (though not to the extent of a LittleMissSnarker.) In the 'Trick' ending, she embraces her cynicism along with everything she's learned from Rokkenjima to take on the 'Knight' aspect.
* ''VisualNovel/FleuretBlanc'' has Amara, who [[ThePerfectionist strives for perfection with every action]] and belittles those who don't live up to her standards. She disdains the gossipy Kant and Roland, and also disliked the HotBlooded Anastasia. However, she can grow to respect you if you [[spoiler:complete her scavenger hunt]].
* ''Videogame/LeagueOfLegends'' features an above it all space dragon named Aurelion Sol, who is the closest the game has to a god, he likes to make fun of everyone he comes in contact with. There's also the fact that some space spartans enslaved him so he's rather bitter about humanity in general.
* ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' Canach, his comments are the highlight of every episode he is taking part of. https://youtu.be/HcHsORZN8CA

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'': This ''is'' Church. He even crosses into outright ([[FailureIsTheOnlyOption attempts at]]) heroism sometimes, but never ceases pointing out how stupid everyone around him is, [[TheDitz especially Caboose]]. He also has a strange sort of enduring optimism, in that he can be compelled to genuinely try to help people he likes. Washington from ''Reconstruction'' almost fits too, but...
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'': Qrow's entire character revolves around this with his cynical yet laid back attitude, always favors a drink and actually fights WHILE drunk, and angrily calls out his "partners" for idiotic decisions, though [[CoolUncle he takes a more playful attitude towards his nieces Ruby and Yang.]]
* ''WebAnimation/DSBTInsaniT'': Killdra usually has a (rather dark) quip to anything, but she is prone to SelfDeprecation too.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Aggie of ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'' starts off this way. Early storylines see her standing on the sidelines and aiming sarcastic comments and the occasional prank at [[AlphaBitch popular girl]] Penny for her apparent superficiality and snobbery, in contrast to Aggie's espoused (though not always upheld) progressive values. She's also initially something of a loner with only one friend, the bookwormish Duane. Eventually, she develops a wider circle of friends, [[spoiler:including Penny herself]].
* Faye from ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'', big time.
* Beth from ''Webcomic/BetterDays'' is portrayed this way, not in the comic itself, but in the first couple pages of the pornfolio "Beth's Night In".
* Half the cast of ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'', Davan especially.
* [[DeadpanSnarker Susan/Tiffany Pompoms]] from ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' starts out like this, due to a combination of catching her father [[YourCheatingHeart with another woman]], her mother's followed bitterness over the matter (and men in general), and [[spoiler:being tricked as a child into hunting and killing a not-vampire on her own]]. [[CharacterDevelopment She later shed that aspect of her character, due to her friends' influence.]]
* Tristan of ''Webcomic/AngelMoxie''. A pretty cynical youth -- especially of anything she perceives as "girly", thanks to her extreme tomboyishness. Her mother is utterly desperate for Tristan to display even average teenage behavior.
* Haley Starshine of ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' certainly isn't one... but, on the other hand, her brain is hosting "[[DarknessVonGothickname Mistress Shadowgale]]", a.k.a the [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0311.html imaginary personification of her self-loathing]], which certainly has several levels of Snark Knight.
-->'''Haley:''' You look like I did as a teenager.\\
'''Mistress Shadowgale:''' How else would you expect your self-loathing to look?\\
'''Haley:''' Good point.
* The main idea behind this is explained in [[http://www.rockpapercynic.com/index.php?date=2009-11-06 a comic]] of ''Rock Paper Cynic''.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''
** Karkat hates everyone, including himself. (At one point he thought he was his own hate-soulmate. [[ItMakesSenseInContext It's a troll thing.]]) He insults everyone mercilessly, again including himself. His ability to rag on himself is aided by the time travel tomfoolery that all the trolls are up to their [[BizarreAlienBiology bulge]] in; he constantly gets into arguments with his [[IHatePastMe past]]/{{future|MeScaresMe}} self. He also happens to be the Knight of Blood. Despite his bluster it's worth listening to him, as Karkat has a good measure of people and can point out their flaws accurately.
** Rose. Pretty much 90%+ of everything she says is sarcastic, either playfully so or biting. Part of this comes from a childhood of passive-aggressive antagonism with her mother -- except even that may have been one-sided and an illusion caused by Rose viewing her attempts to bond through JadeColoredGlasses.
** To a lesser extent, Dave. He holds up a [[TheStoic cool facade]] to pretty much everything, mocking everything and everyone he comes across, but when push comes to shove he's actually [[InferioritySuperiorityComplex pretty insecure about his own abilities]], especially compared with people he considers heroes like [[AloofBigBrother his Bro]] or [[TheHero John]].
%%* Tycho from ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'' is frequently shown to be like this.
%%* Counselor Charles from ''Webcomic/CampCalomine''.
%%* In ''Webcomic/{{Unsounded}}'', [[GentlemanWizard Duane]] exhibits this in ''spades''.
* Sarna in ''Webcomic/ErrantStory'' follows this trope all the way to [[spoiler:her death]].
* In ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' [[HeroAntagonist Major Murtaugh]] from Sanctum Adroit is [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2011-08-24 like this]], as well as her boss (NoNameGiven).
* Corrick of ''Webcomic/{{Plume}}'' has a habit of keeping out of everyone else's emotional rollercoasters, and his method of choice for dealing with his protectees is to snark. A ''lot''.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick. She's even ''more'' cynical than her SpearCounterpart ([[CausticCritic which is a pretty huge achievement]]) and can make WesternAnimation/{{Daria}} look fun-loving at times, but she's also a BrokenBird prone to SelfDeprecation.
** Most imitating WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic or the WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd and [[FollowTheLeader taken up the mantle of internet reviewer]] invoke this trope. Ironically, The Nostalgia Critic himself has [[CharacterizationMarchesOn become]] more of a pitiful [[TheChewToy Chew Toy]]. This is especially true of any reviewers that have posted a "worst mistakes" video and called themselves out for errors they made in previous reviews.
** WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows has evident distain for his fellow reviewers, roommates, typical AcceptableTargets like Chris Brown, and [[SelfDeprication himself]]. This makes the few times he does genuinely like something more {{Adorkable}}
* [[CausticCritic Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw]] of ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' avoids hypocrisy this way.
--> '''[[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/6163-Wreckateer-and-Deadlight Yahtzee:]]''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext Tony Hawk's head isn't even particularly big]], and he can hardly be said to be exploring [[CrapsackWorld a big, scary world]]; he's just farting about on a bit of wood, [[TakeThat being paid too much money to not get a proper job]]. ([[LampshadeHanging Yeah, all right,]] [[HypocriticalHumor glass houses.]])

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'': Daria Morgendorffer. Formerly a minor character on ''WesternAnimation/BeavisAndButtHead'', her derisive comments on the stupidity of the title characters made her popular enough with the fans' own sense of teenage world-weariness that she got [[SpinOff her own show]]. She used to be the {{Trope Namer|s}}.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. Lisa Simpson alternates between this and SoapboxSadie, depending on the episode.
* Sam(antha) from ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom''. Also alternates between this and SoapboxSadie.
* Raven from ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' (not so much in [[ComicBook/TeenTitans the comic]]).
-->'''Raven:''' This party is pointless.
* Mandy from ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'', also with HeroicComedicSociopath elements.
* Lydia Deetz in ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}''.
* Cassandra from the ''Disney/{{Hercules}}'' TV series, even more so than Megara.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** With Craig, snarking makes up the majority of his dialogue, especially in "Pandemic".
--->'''Craig:''' This is fun. Let's walk for miles through a spooky jungle. It just keeps getting better and better.
** Stan himself is also a great example.
* Nikki from ''WesternAnimation/{{Sixteen}}'' is her group's version of the Snark Knight.
* June from ''WesternAnimation/KaBlam'' sometimes fell into this trope.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'':
** Noah definitely falls into this category, since that was his only distinctive trait in season one, with Duncan coming in at a close second. Now that it's been 3 seasons, Noah's fleshed out more, but is still definitely a snarker when he wants to be.
** Gwen also qualifies, especially in the first season.
* Brendon Small of ''WesternAnimation/HomeMovies'' comes close. His ruthless self-criticism applies only to filmmaking, not any other aspect of his... uh, does Brendon ''have'' a life?
* Mai of ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', without question. She derides everyone and everything, declaring that even VictoryIsBoring. Though she [[DefrostingIceQueen defrosts somewhat]] [[LoveRedeems around Zuko]].
* If anything, the animated version of Obi-Wan Kenobi from ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'' is even snarkier.
* In ''WesternAnimation/SpacePOP'', being a snarky, sassy wise-cracker is Rhea's main character trait.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* UsefulNotes/JohnAdams and his son, UsefulNotes/JohnQuincyAdams, both fit this trope to a T. Considering that both were believed to struggle with depression in addition to IntelligenceEqualsIsolation, this makes sense.
* Creator/DorothyParker qualified, at least during her Vicious Circle period. Snarky, sour, misanthropic, cynical, self-flagellating... even if she did seem to have great sympathy for the Virgin Mary.
* Creator/AlfredHitchcock seems to be this in his [[Series/AlfredHitchcockPresents television persona]].
* Both Creator/FriedrichNietzsche and Søren Kierkegaard were this in spades.
* The late author Creator/ChristopherHitchens.
* The years since the break-up of Music/TheBeatles and especially since his murder have revealed Music/JohnLennon to be an example of this.
* American feminist writer Camille Paglia, especially as regards other feminists.
* Britain is [[NationalStereotypes perceived]] as this by the rest of the world.
** But they're known for [[{{SelfDeprecation}} self-deprecating humor]] and charm along with their wit. [[FrenchJerk The French]], however, are not.
** Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is a {{literal|Metaphor}} Snark Knight.
* Creator/GeorgeCarlin. This personality trait was exaggerated in his stage persona, but those close to him say the real Carlin shared most of his character's views, he just [[MeanCharacterNiceActor wasn't as much of a jerk about it.]]
* Florence King. What else can you call someone who's magazine column was titled "The Misanthrope's Corner" and whose book titles include "With Charity Towards None"
* Creator/WarrenZevon was one. In his final appearance on Letterman, having discussed Zevon's recent diagnosis of terminal cancer, the host said "To me, you look and seem remarkably healthy." Zevon replied: "Well, don't be fooled."
* Ambrose Bierce. His book ''The Devil's Dictionary'' is pretty much ''the Bible'' of this trope.