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The Slug
A slug is like a teaser that summarizes a show. Not typically used in anything other than news TV and radio, but occasionally seen in entertainment. Example:

"Flooding has claimed three lives in anywhereville, please tune in for details".

For syndicated shows, the slug may be a short episode synopsis that the local station gets in the syndication deal. The local station will tack on a card at the end showing the time the show will run. Example:

Syndication Voiceover: "Hilarity Ensues as Bobby gets a new pet!"
Bobby:" "Mom look what I got!" (canned laughter)
Syndication Voiceover: "On the next Show X!"
Local Voiceover: "Tonight at 5 on Station X!"

Related to Tonight Someone Dies.

Websites, news and blogs in particular, use a slug for a mnemonic URL for content. For example this exact TVTropes page's slug is TheSlug.

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