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The Skywalker Paradigm
Now, I'm not gonna tell you about Star Wars. If you're listening to this, you're a dork, like me, and you've seen this a hundred times. What I'm gonna do is show you the things that you missed, and what I think you're gonna find is that you haven't been paying very close attention to it at all. Let's go!
The Skywalker Paradigm Intro

What do you get when you subject one of the most beloved science fiction films of all time to political propaganda analysis techniques?

Depending on your outlook, either a hilarious Affectionate Parody, a bastardization of the work, or an interesting new way of looking at a beloved classic.

Created by Jack Eggers, the Skywalker Paradigm is an exercise in propaganda analysis in which the original Star Wars trilogy is assumed to be a series of rebel propaganda films made after the fall of the Galactic Empire created from compiled historical footage, and then subjected to propaganda analysis techniques. Sadly no longer available on the net, the Skywalker Paradigm took the form of a series of clips from the film with annotation and commentary, pointing out various points of interest and drawing conclusions. An audio version in the form of a lecture by Eggers synced up to the first hour of the original theatrical release of A New Hope, meant to be played alongside the film, was also available for download.

Among the Paradigm's many conclusions, some of the most important are that Darth Vader is the real hero, Obi-Wan is the real villain, and Luke is being brainwashed into an assassin.

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