The Rose Of Algeria

The Rose of Algeria, an "exotic comic opera", originally called Algeria and premiering during the winter theatre season in 1909, is an operetta with music by Victor Herbert and libretto by Glen MacDonagh, who also wrote the libretto for Herbert's 1903 operetta Babes in Toyland. The name was changed and the libretto revised after the operetta's lack of success in its first runs.

The plot focuses on Rebellious Princess Sultana Zoradie of an Algerian Bedouin tribe, the Barakeesh, and her determination to find the mysterious poet El Mokrani, who she has vowed to herself is the only man she wants to marry, so much that she holds out on signing a treaty with France and disguises herself as a fortuneteller to discover the poet's identity. Zoradie's attempt to find the poet is complicated by a French captain, De Lome, being secretly in love with Miriam, the fortuneteller, who is really Zoradie in disguise. Comedy is provided by the American deserter and owner "of a small menagerie" Van Cortlandt; Millicent, a female doctor accompanied by her nurses, and Mr. and Mrs. Cooings, a married couple.

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