[[caption-width-right:180:Left to Right: Joe, Jay, Bart and Skrocki. Invisible in the background is Anton]]
-->''..and Winger is my favorite band''

The Revolutionary Hydra were an indie band on Barsuk Records based in Washington. It had a rotating cast of members, including Bart Sharp, Joe Chilcote, Jay Chilcote, Benjamin Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie), Pepe, Chris Walla (also of Death Cab for Cutie), Allisyn Levy, Robbie Skrocki, and Herbert Bergel.


The PEEFs (2004)

Knockout to Dispense (2002

Airport Transit Guide (2002)

The Antiphony (2001)

The Swiss Admiral (2001)

Queen of the Gravity Urge (2000)

Ratcheting Down the Melancholic Afterbeat; A Novel (1999)

Hiss Inclusive (1998)

Tidbits of Etcetra (1998)

Your Bruise (1998) split with Death Cab for Cutie

Pacer v. The Hydra (1997)

The Left-Handed Scissors Incident (1997)

Jazz Mesopotamia (1996)

The Revolutionary Hydra (1995)

!!TheRevolutionaryHydra contains examples of:

* [[CoveredUp The Face that Launched 1000 Shits]] has actually only been RECORDED by [[DeathCabForCutie Death Cab for Cutie.]] It was originally a Revolutionary Hydra song they only played live.
* [[LighterAndFluffier Bunny Parade]] the only song purely sung by Allisyn Levy
* [[LiteraryAgentHypothesis Anton Filligree]] plays a major role in most aspects of the band, despite being fictional.
* [[ShoutOut Shout Outs to numerous literary works]]
** The name of the band itself was taken from Anna Karenina
** "Good News for the Warm Blooded", Off Ratcheting Down the Melancholic Afterbeat references The [[SlaughterhouseFive Slaughterhouse Five]] and [[TheSotWeedFactor The Sot-Weed Factor]].
* [[WordSaladTitle Word Salad Titles include:]]
** William Wizard Cauliflower
** Egg Toss Frequency