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The Rainbow Blade
The Rainbow Blade is a Nickelodeon Fanon series that is a spin-off of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures. It revolves around Web, a lakitu/human/pegasus hybrid who loves fighting games. After most of his friends die, he is left as the main hero, and is given The Rainbow Blade, a sword which allows hypersonic speeds and can cause sonic rainbooms.

So where would you put this series? It's hard to tell, seeing as it's a fan-series with mostly original content created on a Fanon Wiki and with characters based off copyrighted characters from other series.Let's just say that Fan Fiction, Fan Works, and Web Original would all be acceptable places for it.

This series provides examples of:

  • Break the Cutie: Web, the innocent preteen, is now left a paranoid, vengeful sociopath.
  • One of Us: The main character, Web, is a brony, a gamer, and... A TROPER!!!
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