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[[caption-width-right:350: York's on the left and Sargent's on the right. Which Dick do you prefer?]]

->''"Creator/DickSargent -- didn't he play Creator/DickYork on'' Series/{{Bewitched}}''?"''
-->-- '''Crow''', ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'', "Film/PartsTheClonusHorror"

This is when a new actor is brought on to play the same character as a previous actor who has left the series, with no explanation for the switch given to the audience. [[TropeNamers Named]] for the famous Darrin swap case: Creator/DickYork to Creator/DickSargent, on ''Series/{{Bewitched}}''.

This became a notable phenomenon only with the rise of series television. Prior to TV, there was no expectation that a role in a theater production would be played by the same actor. It was, and still is, assumed that any production of a particular work would seek out whatever actors it wanted for the roles, and a single production can feature different actors in the same role on successive nights.

However, TV broadcasting made a bond between a role and a particular actor. Television audiences, unlike theater audiences, found it more difficult to suspend their disbelief in this respect. Maybe this was because reruns existed which would forever tie the appearance of a character to the actor that played them. Or maybe because a TV series, however long, is still perceived as a single, continuous narration -- as opposed to multiple performances of a theater play.

In daytime soaps, there are several standardized ways this is done:
# the new actor takes over with no announcement. In this variety, the actor is playing a character who has not recently been on the show. The audience is initially unaware that this person is the character we know, as his/her first interactions are always with characters who have joined the show since he left. Then someone he/she knew addresses him by name, and we are surprised. Though rarely seen outside daytime, this was done on ''Series/{{CSI}}'' in the episode "Hollywood Brass", in which Brass's daughter was played by a new actress with a different hair color.
# the new actor takes over a major recurring character, and the characters make a point to address them as such from the very beginning of the episode.
# the first shot of the new actor will be accompanied by a short {{narrator}} announcement explaining that "the part of (character) will now be played by (new actor)." This is a more common method in {{telenovela}}s.

Contrast TheNthDoctor, which is the trope for cases where character's new voice and appearance ''are'' explained in-universe. If there's a TimeSkip and most of the cast remains the same then it can be a TimeShiftedActor if the age difference justifies the particular change. For long-term cast attrition in general, see LongRunnerCastTurnover.

This often is the case for spinoff series and video game versions of animated films. Celebrities typically do not reprise their roles in these cases, either because the producers cannot afford them, or because they work solely in films.

Compare with SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute, FakeShemp, TheOtherMarty, and ObviousStuntDouble. Directly related to CharacterOutlivesActor. Contrast with YouLookFamiliar. Can be {{Hand Wave}}d by the LiteraryAgentHypothesis. Often subject to ReplacementScrappy-ism. Often done with {{Continuity Reboot}}s. Occasionally explained away with MagicPlasticSurgery. Usually the replacement is a PoorMansSubstitute.

Defiance of this leads to RoleReprisal. If the original actor returns to the role later on after being recast, see TheOriginalDarrin.


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* The foreign animated adaptations of Disney and Cartoon Network's properties:
** ''Franchise/LiloAndStitch'' franchise:
*** ''Anime/{{Stitch}}'': None of the original English voice cast from the ''Disney/LiloAndStitch'' [[WesternAnimation/StitchTheMovie mo]][[Disney/LiloAndStitch2StitchHasAGlitch vi]][[WesternAnimation/LeroyAndStitch es]] and ''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries'' such as Creator/ChrisSanders, Creator/DaveighChase, Creator/KevinMichaelRichardson, Creator/FrankWelker or Creator/RobPaulsen reprise their roles for the English dub. Creator/BenDiskin replaced Sanders as Stitch, and Jess Winfield, one of the executive producers and writers of ''The Series'', is really the only real connection between this anime and the original franchise, with him providing the voice of Jumba instead of Creator/DavidOgdenStiers.
*** ''Animation/StitchAndAi'': Once again, none of the original cast from the films or ''The Series'' return to reprise their roles, although Diskin and Winfield reprise their roles as Stitch and Jumba, respectively. Winfield has also now taken over the role of Jumba entirely after the death of David Ogden Stiers in 2018.
** ''Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ'': Due to this being a Japanese co-production, none of the original cast from ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' reprised their roles in the English dub. However, Tara Strong did express interest in reprising her role of Bubbles for a dub, as unlikely as that is to happen.
** ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinChronicles'': Apart from Creator/TaraStrong as Omi and Creator/JenniferHale as Katnappe, ''none'' of the original voice actors from ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' return for the English dub due to a Canadian law preventing voice actors without Canadian citizenship from appearing in animated projects.[[note]]It's worth noting most of the replacement actors [[LoopholeAbuse also have dual citizenship, possibly in an attempt to tie into the series' US roots]].[[/note]]