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The Online Warrior
"What's up guys, Max here."

The Online Warrior is an ongoing series of YouTube videos, made by "Miles923," also known as Maximilian. For a while, it chronicled his adventures in online games, including fighting and FPS games.

However, on the fourth episode of his Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series, he started doing something different- a character guide for individual characters, called Assist Me, beginning with Dr. Doom. This series is a departure from his normal fare, with actors playing the parts of the various characters, and something resembling a storyline. It was even picked up by Capcom to promote the release of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with 6 episodes covering 12 characters, and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. Max has continued the show, which will soon be entering its third season.

Max also covers trailers for new games, reviews older games on his "Sega Saturn Saturdays," does playthroughs of existing games, and provides live commentaries for his games during various "Week of" series.

Max also now has a channel Yo Videogames! for his Let's Play content which is done mostly with Matt Simmons (Doom), so that his other channel can focus on competitive games.In Yo Videogames! there's the normal Let's Play and old-school games aptly named "Retro Coach".

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Games with their own Online Warrior Series:

This series provides examples of:

"My name is Maximilian and I'll see you guys next time."
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