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The New Heroes
The New Heroes, also known as Quantum Prophecy Stateside, is a trilogy of novels by Irish author Michael Carroll. The books are set in a universe where superheroes and supervillains were commonplace until 10 years previously, when every one of them vanished. The books detail the adventures of the first of a new generation of hero's, Colin, Danny, and Reneta.

At times, the series subverts the conventions of the superhero genre but at other times gleefully embraces them.

The three books are:
  1. The Quantum Prophecy (The Awakening)
  2. Sakkara (The Gathering)
  3. Absolute Power (The Reckoning)

Also has [[Literature/Superhuman]] a prequel series set 26 years before the events of book one.

These books provide examples of:

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Miracle MondaySuperhero LiteratureNobody Gets the Girl
Nobody Gets the GirlSuperheroRelativity

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