Characters without a name are a specific method of PlayingWith NominalImportance, which can impact the story in several different ways.

Generally speaking, the more of a character's name that we hear, then the more important they are to the story. Just "we don't know their name", on its own, isn't significant. The BitCharacter is unlikely to have a name, because their impact on the story is low. When a character "doesn't have a name", but are so important to the story that they are given a name anyway, it tells us more about the story. It might be as simple as the [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep janitor who is called "Janitor",]] or they may have [[AllThereInTheManual an external reference]] for the name.

If the ''work'' has no name, please see NoTitle.

Subtropes include:
* NoNeedForNames -- A character or group of characters don't see the point in having names.
* NameAmnesia -- A character has lost/forgotten their name.
* NamelessNarrative -- All characters are identified by traits instead of names.
* NoNameGiven -- None of a character's name is used within the work, although they presumably have one.
** EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep -- A character's title is used in place of a name.
** OnlyOneName -- A character has one name, and it operates as both personal and family name.
** UnnamedParent -- A parent (or other adult) whose name is based on their relationship to the younger main character.
* TheScottishTrope -- Characters avoid saying a name out of superstition.
* SomebodyNamedNobody -- Character is given a name that reflects their lack of a name/identity.
* WithholdingTheirName -- A character refuses to share their name with others.
* YouAreNumberSix -- Characters are dehumanized by having numeric designations instead of names.
* YouKnowTheOne -- Characters refer obliquely to another noun.

Compare the following tropes, because they often overlap:
* LastNameBasis -- A character's personal name is rarely used in the work, potentially causing the audience to assume NoNameGiven.
* NamedByDemocracy -- A character gets a new name from the consensus of their fellows.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname -- A character's nickname is used so often, it may cause the audience to assume NoNameGiven.
* SpellMyNameWithABlank -- A character's name has been redacted at least once within the work. Possible to overlap with NoNameGiven, but does not always do so.

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