''The Mummy'' may refer to:

* ''[[Film/TheMummy1932 The Mummy]]'', 1932 Franchise/UniversalHorror film with Creator/BorisKarloff in the title role, the mummy Imhotep.
* ''[[Film/TheMummy1959 The Mummy]]'', 1959 Film/HammerHorror film with Creator/ChristopherLee as the mummy.
* ''[[Film/TheMummy1999 The Mummy]]'', 1999 loose remake in ''Film/TheMummyTrilogy'' starring Creator/BrendanFraser.
* ''[[Film/TheMummy2017 The Mummy]]'', 2017 staring Creator/TomCruise and Creator/RussellCrowe

For the Mummy as a stock character, see {{Mummy}}.

There is also an unrelated series of {{Mummy}} movies, consisting of ''Film/TheMummysHand'', ''The Mummy's Tomb'', ''The Mummy's Ghost'', and ''The Mummy's Curse'', featuring Creator/LonChaneyJr as the mummy Kharis. The 1959 Film/HammerHorror film ''The Mummy'' is a remake of this series, not of the 1932 film.