British GameShow hosted by Davina [=McCall=] and airing live on ChannelFour. Pairs of contestants start the game with 1,000,000 in cash and have to bet it on answers to seven questions by shoving piles of cash onto platforms, all but one of which will drop away. The contestants get to choose the category before each question, but the titles aren't always straightforward.
!!GameShowTropes in use:
* AllOrNothing: The final question.
* CelebrityEdition: Rather than full celebrity editions, some episodes open with a celebrity pairing as the first contestants.
* GoldenSnitch: About as extreme as they get. The last question's no different than the others in terms of basic rules (you have to risk all your money, but leave one answer open). Problem is, [[AllOrNothing there's only two answers]]. And the question is arguably [[HarderThanHard the hardest in the game]].
* Personnel:
** GameShowHost: Davina [=McCall=].
** StudioAudience
* {{Whammy}}: Nothing's more straightforward than losing all the money you put on a wrong answer.
* WhoWantsToBeWhoWantsToBeAMillionaire: Oh yes. Dramatic music, huge set, a million pounds in CASH...
!!This show provides examples of:
* DownerEnding: Any time a team loses the million...[[EpicFail ESPECIALLY on the very first question]].
* RippedFromTheHeadlines: The questions are frequently taken from the that day's news.