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The Maze Agency

The Maze Agency is an American mystery comic book series created by Mike W. Barr and first published in 1988. It revolves around a pair of detectives (Jennifer Mays and Gabriel Webb) and their adventures solving puzzling murders. It was first published by Comico Comics for 7 issues in 1988-1989, and when that company ceased operations, it was picked up by Innovation Comics for another 16 issues (8-23), continuing the numbering and running to 1991 plus an annual and a special. Caliber Comics brought it back in the late 90s as a three-issue miniseries. IDW then published 3 issues in the early 2000s.

The Maze Agency was a "fair-play" detective series, where the readers were presented with the same clues the characters were, and thus an equal chance to solve the crimes.

The main characters are:

  • Jennifer Mays is a smart, tough, and sexy ex-CIA agent who runs the private detective agency for which the comic is named. Gabriel Webb is one of the few people to see her softer, tender side.
  • Gabriel Webb is a true-crime writer who longs to create more cerebral stories than his sensationalist editors like. He's a little scatterbrained and easily distracted, but has a first-rate deductive mind. Although, he's romantically involved with May and helps her with many of her cases, he feels that the relationship makes accepting her repeated offer to join her business professionally inappropriate.
  • Detective Roberta Bliss is an NYPD homicide detective of Puerto Rican descent whom Webb and Mays often deal with in solving cases. She is sometimes annoyed by their tendency to complicate cases, but knows that they have the ability to crack murders that she'd have a hard time solving alone.
  • Ashley Swift is the head of the rival Swift Detective Agency, and Jennifer's former boss. She's a good detective, though not as good as Jen and Gabe, but her arrogance has a habit of rubbing her ex-employee the wrong way.

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