The Looney Scientists Show

The Looney Scientists Show is a fanfic series on the same website as The Pokemon Squad, by Lancelot Niccals and former Pokemon Squad co-creator Sailor Pikachu, though Sailor Pikachu doesn't do any of the episodes- she just outlined the concept. Lancelot makes the episodes.

The series centers around Dr. Doofinshmirtz, Drakken, Shego, DNAmy, Miss Grotke, and Lancelot Du Lac all living under the same roof as they get into extremely weird situations. While it is a Crossover, it's not as wild as Pokemon Squad, as most of the other characters who appear are from each characters' respective shows. Though for one-shot gags, other characters from other shows sometimes appear.

The fanfic started out as a one-shot gag between the creators as a parody of The Looney Tunes Show episode "Double Date", where it was only Drakken and Doofinshmirtz living together. They decided to move the rest of the cast in for comedic purposes. This happened a year prior to the series. "Double Date" became the second episode in the series.

There is a lot of Flanderization. Though this was only done as Rule of Funny (And the series really isn't something to take seriously, anyway)

Currently on seven episodes starting here.

Provides examples of: