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The Locked Series
"Shino wasn't sure when he had first felt attracted to Tenten, only that it had begun at the end of last year when they moved him into one of her math classes to see how he did at that level and continued to grow throughout this year. And it was shallow, he knew, but the first thing that did draw his attention to her was her appearance. The way she moved and spoke, and how she seemed to fit like a missing puzzle piece in this world. Then the more he saw of her, he started to realize it wasn't just physical attraction, but her personality as well. How easy she was with people, and the way she cared but never seemed to enjoy showing how deeply she did. He'd watched how she interacted with others, and even those in his class, never looking down on them, and when a challenge was presented, she never shrank back from it. Nor did her world seem to revolve around trivial things as other girls her age did. One thing he didn't enjoy now that it was unleashed on him though, was her absolute stubbornness and flaring temper."
Aburame Shino, Locked

An AU Naruto fanfiction set in a fictionalised 'real world' universe, where the main character are attending high school. Aburame Shino the quintissential outcast and nerd has a crush on the popular girl Tenten in the year above him, to the point he seems almost a bit obsessed , When they get accidentally locked in the school together, drama and fighting for their lives against the two "bad guys" locked in with them ensues.
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