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[[caption-width-right:350:♫ [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ect-kgxBb4M One of these things is not like the others...]]♫]]

->''"It’s called the science of listener attention. We did repetition, we did floating opposites, and now you end with the one that’s not like the others."''
-->-- '''Toby Ziegler''', ''Series/TheWestWing'', "Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail"

A dialogue trope where a character makes a list of items, groups or individuals and then deviates from the pattern established with the last one, sometimes the penultimate one. Usually PlayedForLaughs.

In literary criticism, this is called a syllepsis, or semantic zeugma.

Typically used for comedy, the last item is normally a focus of insult or ButtMonkey status. However it is possible to just delight in the subversion of the theme listing.

A SubTrope of NonSequitur.

A SuperTrope to:
* AndADietCoke: When a BigEater orders lots of unhealthy food and just adds one small concession to health.
* AndTheRest: When several characters are deemed important enough to call them by name, except for a few unworthy others who are dismissed as the "rest".
* AndSomeOtherStuff: Summarizing ingredients, but keeping the last few a mystery.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Listing strong, serious examples and then a weak, trivial finale.
** ArsonMurderAndAdmiration: Naming evil things, then mentioning some complimentary.
** ArsonMurderAndLifesaving: Naming evil things, then mentioning a good deed.
* BreadEggsMilkSquick: Naming nice, good, or mundane things, save for the last one, which is horrible or has a greater weight than the rest.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs: Naming three things, the third being a combination of the first two things.
* ClueEvidenceAndASmokingGun: In a crisis, two things of small importance to said crisis followed by a ''very'' big one.
* FamousFamousFictional: Naming famous real life people or things, only to have the last one be of fictional origin.
* LadiesAndGerms: When one part of the audience supposedly does not consist of ladies and gentlemen.
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: Separating your friends from one individual.
* OddNameOut: When the last name mentioned in a group sounds really odd in comparison to the other members.
* SubvertedRhymeEveryOccasion: When a song has a refrain or line that contrasts with the tone set at the start of it.
* TheTriple: Two normal items followed by a non sequitur or humorous third item.
** TheThreeCertaintiesInLife: Something funny is considered as certain as death and birth (or taxes).
* WeirdAside: A strange line which contrasts with the topic of the conversation.
!! Other examples:


* In one Advertising/{{Progressive}} commercial Flo is the band manager for The Dizzcounts, whose members are Safe Driver, Paperless, Paid in Full, Multi-Car, and [[Music/{{NSYNC}} Joey Fatone]].

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* One panel has several superheroes reacting to a warning of doom for them and anyone they've touched -- the rest worry about their female significant others; Batman worries about Robin. Of course, what makes it funny is the insinuation that the last one ''[[HoYay isn't]]'' really all that different....
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}} and ComicBook/{{Robin}}'' #10 (Jun 2012) has a subplot where a villain assembles a bunch of {{Mooks}} who have been permanently given [[CrossesTheLineTwice Hideously]] AmusingInjuries in their encounters with Batman: a guy with a footprint across his face from a kick, another guy who has permanent ligature marks from being [[UnwillingSuspension strung up in the air]] a long time, a girl who got a Batarang stuck in her ear (and enhanced it with other piercings), the guy who tried to [[BoomerangComeback throw a Batarang back]] at Batman and got it stuck in his ''head''... oh, and the three guys who were knocked into a vat of toxic waste and fused into some kind of [[{{Squick}} gawdawful]] [[BodyHorror monstrosity]]. Wait, what?
* ''Comicbook/LaffALympics'': Yogi's reasons for Monty Cristo not to arrest Hokey: "He's my friend! He's my buddy. And besides, I need him to skate in the last event!"

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Happens in Chapter Five of "[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9492424/1/The-Boredom-of-Yoto-Yokodera The Boredom of Yoto Yokodera]]" where Yoto remembers his day:
-->''Ugh, what a non-so-fabulous day. I’m late for track and field club, I still taste musty lemons on the roof of my mouth, it’s raining, I got expelled from school and arrested for public drunkenness and I got soy sauce on my school shirt!''
* When Bella is describing the Cullens in ''Fanfic/{{Luminosity}}'':
-->''[N]ow I had identifications for all five: Emmett the bear, Jasper the lion, Rosalie the Aphrodite, Alice the pixie, and Edward, the one who expected something to happen with or to or near me that wasn't[.]''
* ''FanFic/TheImmortalGame'': When Twilight is performing a Sherlock-esque asskicking on [[TheDragon Esteem]] and his troops, she lists the special abilities of herself and her friends as she uses the bond granted by the Elements of Harmony to copy them: Unicorn power, mastery of pegasus martial arts, unnatural strength, instant translocation, skill with blade, [[CrazyAwesome whatever it is Pinkie Pie does]]...
* In ''Literature/DresdenFiles'' fic ''[[http://dresden-kink.dreamwidth.org/1288.html?thread=483848#cmt483848 A Bird in the Hand]]'', Ivy tells Billy's fortune:
--> '''Ivy:''' You’re stubborn, but smart enough to ask for aid and guidance when you are in over your head. And your car is about to be towed. They’re writing up the ticket now.
* In ''Fanfic/NerveDamage'' Shirou summons [[TheWomanWearingTheQueenlyMask Arturia Pendragon]], [[DarkMessiah Arturia 'Alter' Pendragon]], [[WomanInWhite Arturia 'Lily' Pendragon]] and.... [[MsFanservice Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus]]
* In ''[[http://archiveofourown.org/works/939623?view_full_work=true Officium Est Electionem]]'', [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Feferi]] invokes this when trying to distract an unwanted suitor.
-->''After fifteen minutes of his endless, self-centered prattling, Feferi finally shuts him up by launching into her longest speech at him since he arrived. She talks ceaselessly about reforms, the election, and the likelihood of rain tomorrow.''
* ''Fanfic/RedFireRedPlanet'': One of the protagonists asks the station computer to give the top five results from a list of 447 possible explanations it came up with for a tachyon burst.
--> '''ComputerVoice:''' Microsingularity interacting with gravity wave. Nadion inversion field. Cloaked starship entering normal space. Quantum flux--\\
'''[=OS2.=] Kybok:''' Repeat the third item.
* ''FanFic/PersephonesWaltz'': Upon escaping their captor, Sayaka and Madoka break into Kyousuke's hospital room. He is understandably confused.
-->"H-how did you do that? What's happened to you? ...Why are you in a ''cape''?"
* An [[http://themysticmusegallery.tumblr.com/post/117191149920/access-granted in-universe file]] on [[spoiler:Molly]] [[Literature/DresdenFiles Carpenter]] warns:
-->''Do not threaten subject. Do not antagonize subject. Do not refer to subject as "fairy", "[[Literature/PeterPan Tinkerbell]]", or "[[Disney/{{Frozen}} Elsa]]".''
* In ''[[Fanfic/SkyholdAcademyYearbook Disorienuptials]]'', [[Franchise/DragonAge Leliana]] uses the penultimate variant when slipping some very important news into the school's morning announcements. It's {{played for laughs}} when one of the students pretends to then be very excited about the ''last'' announcement - that there will be pudding at dinner.

* The Tagline to ''Film/AClockworkOrange'':
-->Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence, and Beethoven.
* ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'':
--> '''Lewa''': But what will come out of this? Some claw-tooth monster? A new MaskOfPower? A Matoran marching band?
* Played with brilliant subtlety in ''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}'' when Peter Venkman introduces his team at the library:
--> '''Roger Delacorte:''' I'm Roger Delacorte. Are you the men from the university?\\
'''Dr. Peter Venkman:''' Yes, I'm Dr. Venkman, Dr. Stantz, Egon...
* ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'':
-->'''Milo:''' What else have you got in there?\\
'''Vinny:''' Oh, you know: gunpowder, nitroglycerin, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue, paper clips (big ones). You know, just office supplies.
* In Film/TheThreeStooges short "Fight Night", Moe and Larry watch Shemp in a boxing match BehindTheBlack:
-->'''Moe:''' There goes Shemp with a left jab! There goes Shemp with a right uppercut! There goes Shemp with a haymaker! ''[OffscreenCrash]'' There goes Shemp...
* An unintentional one in ''Film/Plan9FromOuterSpace,'' though not at the end of the list.
--> We once laughed at the horseless carriage, the aeroplane, the telephone, the electric light, VITAMINS, radio, and even television!
** For clarification, vitamins are technically not an invention, since they can and do occur naturally.
* In ''Film/TheFortyYearOldVirgin'', Andy reads out the names of some of his porno tapes, such as ''HairyTwatter''.
-->'''Dave''': And this is...''Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond''. You know, that's not supposed to be in there. It's just a good show.
* In ''Disney/WreckItRalph'', King Candy is the last character shown in ''Sugar Rush'' and his design, name, and age are noticeably different than the rest of the characters in the game. [[spoiler: There is a reason for this.]]
* ''Film/{{Predators}}'' is a movie about incredibly dangerous people being brought into an extra-terrestrial game preserve on another world. This vicious band of misfits is comprised of a former black ops mercenary, an IDF sniper, a drug cartel enforcer, Spetsnaz commando, a convicted murderer/rapist, a death squad leader, a Yakuza mafioso... and a nerdy, bespectacled doctor. [[spoiler: Guess who's the most cold-blooded killer of them all.]]
* In ''Film/TheNakedGun'', Frank, trying to break Jane's sensory-induced hypnosis, says "Jane, since I've met you, I've noticed things that I never knew were there before... birds singing, dew glistening on a newly formed leaf... stoplights."
* ''Film/GuardiansOfTheGalaxy'':
-->'''Quill:''' I come from Earth, a planet of {{outlaw}}s: Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, [[Series/FullHouse John Stamos]]...\\
'''Drax:''' Sounds like a place which I would like to visit.
* In ''Film/{{Zoolander}}'', while brainwashing Derek into assassinating the prime minister of Malyasia, Mugatu warns him not to be distracted by "beautiful celebrities". The training room then offers cardboard cutouts of such examples like Lance Bass, Fred Durst, Lil Kim, and....Garry Shandling.
* ''Film/BatmanReturns'' features a scene of comic relief [[ChekhovsGag (albeit with serious consequences later on)]] about a third of the way through, during Music/DannyElfman's "Batman Versus the Circus" suite. Batman is surrounded on the street by four members of the Penguin's [[CircusOfFear Red Triangle Circus Gang]]: three males in clown makeup and wielding lethal or at least heavily injurious weapons, plus the Poodle Lady, a woman with only "normal" glamour makeup and not carrying any weapon at all. Batman calmly programs his computerized Batarang to hit all four criminals and releases it; it quickly cuts down the first three enemies, but never reaches the Poodle Lady because her pet poodle jumps up and catches it in his jaws. The Poodle Lady then [[StaringDownCthulhu just smirks at Batman]] and she and her dog run off. [[{{Foreshadowing}} (Embarrassingly, this would be only the]] ''[[{{Foreshadowing}} first]]'' [[{{Foreshadowing}} time that evening that Batman would be outsmarted by a woman!)]]
* ''Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment'': The owner of a lamp shop closes up for the night by shutting the security gates, padlocking the doors, setting a bear trap, and placing a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Film/DirtyHarry at the door.
* ''Film/TheGayDivorcee:'' When [[Creator/FredAstaire Guy]] finally catches up with [[Creator/GingerRogers Mimi]] in the park, he pulls out a picnic basket and props it on the running board of her car.
--> '''Guy:''' Can I offer you anything? Frosted chocolate? Cointreau? Benedictine? Marriage?\\
'''Mimi:''' [[RepeatWhatYouJustSaid What was that last one?]]\\
'''Guy:''' Benedictine?\\
'''Mimi:''' No, the one after that.\\
'''Guy:''' Oh, marriage?
* ''Film/FourChristmases'' has an example near the end of the movie. After three dysfunctional divorcee parents and their siblings; they finally reach Kate's father, who revealed that he and his wife divorced because he was so committed to his job that he couldn't make the time. Also, unlike the other three parents; he is actually very remorseful of the decisions he made and regrets them daily. Surprisingly somber for a comedy movie.
* In ''Film/AmericanGraffiti'', Curt, who is underage, attempts to purchase a pint of whiskey at a corner store by casually mentioning it in the middle of a list of other items that he asks the owner to get for him. It doesn't work; after the other items are bagged up, Curt is asked for proof of age.
* In ''WesternAnimation/PenguinsOfMadagascar'', Skipper repeatedly subjects [[BigBad Dave]] to AccidentalMisnaming. All of them are names that still start with "D", up until the end where he calls him Ramirez.

* One of the sections of ''Literature/GulliversTravels'' is titled "A Voyage to Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan." Admittedly, at that time Japan was almost completely closed off to foreigners and thus almost as fantastic as said other countries.
* The ''Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse'' short story "Walkin' City Blues" by Joffy Brown has the Doctor describing a FemmeFatale's "glamour implants" to his companion "A subtle combination of exotic pheromones, AI wetware wit-routines, genetically-enlarged pupils, and a spray-on tan."
* In ''Demon Haunted World'', Creator/CarlSagan laments how people often choose pseudoscience over science when [[TheWorldIsJustAwesome science discovers so many more cool things]]: UsefulNotes/QuantumPhysics! The building blocks of life floating in space! Colliding continents! ''Ancient Syrian beer advertisements!''
* ''Literature/TheHeroesOfOlympus'':
--> The coffee shops were doing a brisk business, and street musicians filled the air with the sounds of guitar, lyre, panpipes, and armpit noises.
* [[Creator/BrandonSanderson Brandon Sanderson's]] short story ''I Hate Dragons'':
** Skip is trying to explain the pain that his [[MediumAwareness ability to hear the spelling of words]] brings him.
--->'''Skip:''' Why, just today, I've heard the word dragon spelled 'dragoon,' 'daragon,' 'dragen,' 'deragin,' and 'blarsnaf.'\\
'''Sorceress:'''[[LampshadeHanging Er... 'blarsnaf?]]\\
'''Skip:''' That was from Pug the cook. He speaks Lukarvian, but the word should actually be spelled 'blarsnef' in his language.
** Also, Skip's three magical powers: hearing spelling, hearing punctuation, and smelling so delicious to dragons that they go crazy with the desire to eat him.
* ''Literature/DaveBarrySleptHere'' states that, at the time of the Suez Crisis, major international crises were also happening in "Hungary, Poland, Lebanon, and the quiz-show industry."
* The narrator of ''Literature/MidnightsChildren'' plays with this when he describes the LoveTriangle of his childhood:
-->[[LampshadeHanging To save time, I shall place all of us in the same row at the Metro cinema]]; Robert Taylor is mirrored in our eyes as we sit in flickering trances -- and also in symbolic sequence: Saleem Sinai is sitting-next-to-and-in-love-with Evie Burns who is sitting-next-to-and-in-love-with Sonny Ibrahim who is sitting-next-to-and-in-love-with the Brass Monkey who is sitting next to the aisle and feeling starving hungry.
* Creator/DaveBarry, in the column "Daze of Wine and Roses":
-->There were 12 sommeliers from around the country in the contest; they got there by winning regional competitions, and earlier in the day they had taken a written exam with questions like: "Which of the following appellations belong to the Savoie region? (a) Crepy; (b) Seyssel; (c) Arbois; (d) Etoile; (e) Ripple." (I'm just kidding about the Ripple, of course. The Savoie region would not use Ripple as an insecticide.)
* The [[SparseListOfRules three simple rules]] designed by the [[MagicLibrarian Librarians of Time and Space]] to ensure those with access to [[GreatBigLibraryOfEverything L-space]] don't [[TimeCrash destroy the space-time continuum]]:
## [[SpookySilentLibrary Silence.]]
## Books must be returned by the last date stamped.
## Do not [[TemporalParadox interfere]] with the [[TimeyWimeyBall nature of causality]].
* ''Literature/GravityFallsJournal3'': The comments on the back of the book. The first two are genuine praises from Creator/GuillermoDelToro and Creator/RLStine and the other comment is Grunkle Stan saying "This book is amazing! [=BUY IT TWICE!!=]"
* In ''LightNovel/TheIrregularAtMagicHighSchool'', the narration uses this trope. Tatsuya walks into Azusa's classroom and starts speaking to her in a very insistent manner. Onlookers comment, respectively; "Surprisingly forceful...", "So fierce..", and "[[CasualKink That might be nice.]]"
* ''It All Started With Columbus'':
-->The United States did not get Cuba out of the UsefulNotes/SpanishAmericanWar, but it got Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Guam, Typhoid, and Malaria.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Used from time to time on ''Series/OurMissBrooks''. This example comes from "Hawkins Travel Agency"; Miss Brooks is trying to sell Mr. Stone on a trip to France:
-->'''Miss Brooks''' ''(speaking with a French accent)'': Oh, there is nothing like [[GayParee Paree]] in the summer. The Arc De Triomphe, the Louvre Palais, the Place de Concorde... and Piccadilly Circus.\\
'''Mr. Stone''': Miss Brooks, Piccadilly Circus happens to be in London.\\
'''Miss Brooks''' ''(speaking with an cockney accent)'': Right-o governor, but if you were so nearby, you wouldn't want to miss that now, would you?
* On ''Series/{{QI}}'', Alan is always treated as the ButtMonkey of the group and there are several running gags to this effect. For instance each episode has a theme for the buzzers and then Alan will always reveal his one last as something comically different; e.g., the first three together are sections of the Westminster Chimes and his is a cuckoo clock; the first three get a cow bell, a bicycle bell, a tea bell and then Alan gets Creator/LesliePhillips going "[[CatchPhrase Ding Dong!]]". They also are often introduced with some extraordinary adjective or other theme and then a similar twist for Alan e.g.
-->'''Stephen''' (''introducing the panel as "four people who look a bit like other people"''): Please welcome Tony Blair (Rory Bremner)... Tommy Cooper (Phill Jupitus)... Ruby Wax (Ronni Ancona)... and... Alan Davies.
** In the episode "Keys":
-->'''Stephen'': The city of Toronto has given its key to The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Mickey Mouse.
* Similarly, the US version of ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' introduces each of the four panelists with a related non-sequitur, ending in Ryan Styles, who gets a phrase that is comparatively more mundane, insulting, or [[DamnedByFaintPraise damnation by faint praise]]. For example, one episode introduced Wayne, Jeff, and Colin as famous landmarks, and introduced Ryan as a Cleveland bus stop.
* On ''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'' the Solomons try persuading an alien why he should spare humanity
--> '''Dick:''' You are missing the real earth, like the happiness in a child's eye, when a loving parent tucks him in at night.\\
'''Sally:''' Or the wonder of two young lovers as they stroll down the beach, dreaming of what is yet to be.\\
'''Tommy:''' Or the quiet contentment of a couple in their autumn years as they sit and reflect on a life well spent together.\\
'''Harry:''' Or hookers. ''[{{beat}}]'' Cheap painted hookers.
* ''Series/TheDailyShow''
** In October 7, 2008, while analyzing the "stupid" vote, John Oliver broke it down into twelve sections: paste eaters, numbskulls, nitwits, fucktards, people whose hands get stuck in pickle jars when they eat pickles, people who lose arguments to babies, douchenozzles, tiger petters, people who jump up and down on frozen lakes, shaved gorillas who've somehow managed to acquire a driver's license, the voluntarily lobotomized, and [[TakeThat Cubs fans]].
** In their commentaries on the television news media, they'll often show the news media's hive-mind collective latches onto a particular key-word or -phrase and repeats it incessantly by means of a montage. They'll show sometimes upward of a dozen clips of different news anchors, reporters, and pundits repeating the same catch-phrase about an item, then end it with one of the talking heads saying something ... really bizarre, though still on-topic.
** Jon Stewart demonstrated some pre-made protest signs for his Rally to Restore Sanity, including, [[GodwinsLaw "I Disagree With You, but I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler"]], "Got Competence?", "9/11 Was an Outside Job!" and "Legalize Pot".
--->'''Jon''': I don't know how that last one got in there, we didn't write it. I think this is what happens when signs breed.
* From ''Series/CovertAffairs'': After losing a lot of money at craps, intentionally [[spoiler: And, ironically enough, almost failing to do so as she suddenly won 30.000 dollars betting on snake eyes; Auggie's astonished expression is gold]], Annie is talking to the woman they're hoping will try to turn her:
-->'''Annie''': My sister's husband lost his job a couple of months ago, so they... they burnt through all their savings, I don't have anything, I don't have anyone to go to... ''[increasingly emotionally]'' I'm totally screwed, God! And if I can't leave the country, I'll probably lose my job, -- I mean I have to tell them why I can't come back, ''and my TOOTH hurts!''
* From ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'':
--> '''Rajesh Koothrapali''': Doctor Gablehauser.\\
'''Eric Gablehauser''': Doctor Koothrapali.\\
'''Leonard Hofstadter''': Doctor Gablehauser.\\
'''Eric Gablehauser''': Doctor Hofstadter.\\
'''Sheldon Cooper''': Doctor Gablehauser.\\
'''Eric Gablehauser''': Doctor Cooper.\\
'''Howard Wolowitz''': Doctor Gablehouser.\\
'''Eric Gablehauser''': ''[[RunningGag Mister]]'' Wolowitz.
** Also, when Sheldon temporarily becomes a CrazyCatLady, he names all of his cats after physicists who worked on the Manhattan Project - except for the last cat, "Zazzles", who is "just so zazzy".
* One ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit'' episode had JustForFun/JohnMunch give a ''strange'' set of statements, "Yeah, and I want the troops home, the Kyoto Protocol signed, and a Tijuana oil job from Miss February." to a high school girl. He might have been playing up some ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne to the "old" part of being called a DirtyOldMan.
* ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'', "The End of the Curse". Dorothy insists that the minks have to go. Rose counters:
-->'''Rose''': We are not giving away Fluffy, Muffy, Buffy, and Joanne.\\
'''Dorothy''': Rose, they are non-breeding minks who eat their weight in food every day—Joanne?
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'': This conversation about Angel's SoulJar:
-->'''Willow:''' There's lots of jars in the world -- can't shatter them all. I mean, you could, but good things come in jars. Peanut butter, jelly, those two-headed fetal pigs at the natural history museum. (Wes doesn't respond) Come on, everybody loves fetal pigs.
* ''Series/SesameStreet'' is the {{Trope Namer|s}}, more or less. Played straight, as a teaching routine (shown as the page image); viewers were asked, in this game of same and different, to identify the odd item out of a group of (typically) four, such as three boxes having different breeds of cats, and the fourth having a dog. At times, actions were depicted and the object was to pick the box with a different type of action (such as three kids dancing or sports activity, while the fourth kid is engaged in a sedentary activity such as reading). The song that played during all this was "One Of These Things," with the lyrics sometimes varied due to the subject.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'': Dr. Cox often makes long lists of things he dislikes or doesn't care about, and usually ends with, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlMWVwAHll0 and Hugh Jackman]]."
* Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus: They loved this trope. Many sketches feature odd lines or characters that come across as being totally out of place.
** For instance, in the sketch where German and Greek philosophers play a game of soccer the German team also has Franz Beckenbauer playing along, who wasn't a philosopher but a famous soccer player. The commentator notes: "A bit of a surprise there".
* In an inversion of FamousFamousFictional, ''LiveActionTV/SaturdayNightLive'' featured Jonah Hill as a [[ParallelPornTitles porn-ified]] version of Martin Scorsese, director of such shining films as Raging Boner, Gangbangs of New York, The Departed (Hymen)...and [[ItsNotPornItsArt The Wolf of Wall Street.]]
* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' has Kramer's alter-ego H.E. Pennypacker: wealthy industrialist, philanthropist, and bicyclist.
* On ''Series/HappyEndings'':
** Season one's "Barefoot Pedaler":
-->'''Max:''' ''(singing)'' Penny, Penny, Penny, you're my closest friend.
-->'''Penny:''' Oh, you wrote a song about me!
-->'''Max:''' ''(singing)'' Want to be with you til the bitter end.
-->'''Penny:''' That is so sweet.
-->'''Max:''' ''(singing)'' Got the biggest calves I've seen on a man.
* The ''Kamen Sentai Gorider'' special pulls multiples of this, with varying degrees of zig-zaggery. Emu Hojo (Series/KamenRiderExAid) finds himself in a ClosedCircle mystery along with several other Kamen Riders: [[Series/KamenRiderAgito Kaoru Kino]], [[Series/KamenRiderBlade Kazuma Kenzaki]], [[Series/KamenRiderGaim Kaito Kumon, Yoko Minato]], and his friend Kiriya Kujo. The group realizes that what they have in common, aside from being Riders, is that [[KilledOffForReal they all died]]...except for Emu, which makes them suspicious of him.
* ''Series/{{Voyagers}}'': While trying to cheer up/distract Jeffrey during "[[Recap/VoyagersS1E6CleoAndTheBabe Cleo and the Babe]]", Bogg lists three examples of ManlyTears occurring during history: Napoleon at Waterloo, George Washington at Valley Forge, and General Eisenhower at Bunker Hill. Jeffrey, as intended, reacts in surprise, knowing that the third is inaccurate.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': In "[=ScoobyNatural=]", Sam and Dean end up in an episode of ''Franchise/ScoobyDoo''. To be precise, they end up in a retelling of the ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooWhereAreYou'' episode "A Night of Fright Is No Delight". But things go even further off the rails when one of the house guests ends up dead, and the Mystery Inc. gang rattle off their catchphrases... with Dean chiming in at the end.
-->'''Velma:''' Jinkies!\\
'''Daphne:''' Jeepers!\\
'''Shaggy:''' Zoinks!\\
'''Scooby:''' Ruh-roh!\\
'''Dean:''' ...Son of a bitch!

* [[Music/{{UTAU}} Sukone Tei]]'s ships are mostly focused on Yanderes, until you get to [[IdiosyncraticShipNaming Tension]]; in which she is [[FromBadToWorse shipped with]] [[Music/{{Vocaloid}} Hatsune Miku.]]
* "The Genius Next Door" by Music/ReginaSpektor:
--> In the morning the film crews start arriving\\
With donuts, coffee and reporters
* "Music/WeAreTheWorld" (the original one from the 1980s, not the remake made in light of the earthquake in Haiti) had an all-cast of musicians...and Creator/DanAykroyd.
* "Major Denial" by Bowling for Soup:
--> Would you like to hang around and get to know me?\\
Tell me things you'd like to show me?\\
Tie me up like I'm a pony?
* The 1812 Overture list of instruments seems fairly ordinary until you get to the percussion section:
--> Timpani, a bass drum, a snare drum, cymbals, a tambourine, a triangle, a carillon and a cannon.
* Music/HankWilliamsJr's cover of [[Music/HankWilliams his dad's]] "Mind Your Own Business" featured Music/WillieNelson, Music/RebaMcEntire, Music/TomPetty... and New York evangelist Reverend Ike.

[[folder:News Broadcast]]
* Australia's ''Today Tonight'' ran a story in early 2007 about a man who was, quote, "an armed robber, drug traffiker, and shonky builder."

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* A ''ComicStrip/PiranhaClub'' strip has several solicitors, each for different charities: "Save the Condors", "Save the Polar Bears", "Save the Whales", "Save the Pandas", "Save the Rain Forest", "Save the Elephants", and finally "Save the Leftover Spaghetti Sauce".

* Bigfoot's cave in ''Pinball/WhiteWater'' houses five items, discovered in this order:
--> "Hey, a flashlight!"\\
"Hey, a map!"\\
"Hey, a key!"\\
"Hey, a camera!"\\
"Hey, a... [[EverythingsBetterWithCows COW?!]]"
* The Truth multiball in ''Pinball/TheXFiles'' has the player unscramble four messages in order: [[ArcWords “Deny everything,” “the truth is out there,” “trust no one”]], and "Super Jackpot".

* When describing the Avengers, Joel Zammit of ''Podcast/PlumbingTheDeathStar'' intentionally leaves Black Widow and Hawkeye at the end of the sentence to make a point of how out of place they are in the group.
-->''"As I said so many episodes ago, the Avengers is like strong guy, strong guy, strong guy, ''very'' strong guy, bow and arrow, guns."''

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* On an episode of ''WWE Raw'', Wrestling/TheNewDay showed up to protest Wrestling/TheDudleyBoyz. Wrestling/XavierWoods was holding a sign that said 'Save a table. break a Dudley. Wrestling/KofiKingston was holding a sign that said #givetablesachance. Wrestling/{{Big E|Langston}} just held up a sign that said 'Booty'.

* ''Theatre/CyranoDeBergerac'': After Cyrano [[SwordFight wounds Viscount De Valvert]] [[ExcuseMeWhileIMultitask while singing a ballade in his honour]], Burgundy Theater's public comments about the duel:
--> ''(Acclamations. Applause in the boxes. Flowers and handkerchiefs are thrown down. The officers surround Cyrano, congratulating him. Ragueneau dances for joy. Le Bret is happy, but anxious. The viscount's friends hold him up and bear him away.)''\\
'''The Crowd''' ''(with one long shout):'' Ah! \\
'''A Trooper:''' Tis superb!\\
'''A woman:''' A pretty stroke! \\
'''Raguenau:''' A marvel!\\
'''A Marquis:''' A novelty!\\
'''Le Bret:''' O madman!
* In the opening scene of ''Theatre/TheMostHappyFella'', Cleo describes what her customer left on her table:
-->"Seven million crumbs and a gravy spot,\\
Teaspoon stuck in the mustard pot,\\
Napkin on the floor,\\
Ashes in the cup\\
And--''one Canadian dime!''"
* ''Theatre/TheCompleteHistoryOfAmericaAbridged'' uses this twice in the FilmNoir parody:
** An audio montage of assassination victims of the 1960s includes snippets, each followed by a gunshot, of the voices of UsefulNotes/JohnFKennedy ("Ask not what your country can do for you"), Martin Luther King ("I have a dream"), Malcolm X ("By any means necessary"), Robert F. Kennedy ("To follow in the footsteps of my brother"), and Music/AnneMurray ("Spread your tiny wings and fly away").
** When the UsefulNotes/ColdWar ends, the PrivateEyeMonologue pronounces Communism dead except in China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Angola, Mozambique, North Yemen, and Vermont.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' there's a quest which has players delivering a package containing compressed blasting powder, a tempered mithril bomb casing, and some safety goggles. If you don't understand why this qualifies, then you don't know [[OurGoblinsAreDifferent Goblins]]. They are fans of StuffBlowingUp, but are not very big on safety.
* ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' both do this when introducing the characters and their classes. In the first game we have Mordecai as The Hunter, Lilith as the Siren, Roland as The Soldier and Brick as Himself. The next game does Axton as The Commando, Maya as The Siren, Salvador as The Gunzerker and Zero as A Number.
** In the first game's "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx" DLC, the Crimson Lance drone enemies will occasionally quip that their contents can poison small pets, livestock and people named Jason.
** ''[[VideoGame/BorderlandsThePreSequel The Pre-Sequel!]]'' continues this tradition with Wilhelm as The Enforcer, Athena as The Gladiator, Nisha as The Lawbringer and Claptrap as A Mistake.
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'':
** In ''[[DownloadableContent Citadel]]'', there's this little gem in the casino.
--->'''Jonah Ashland:''' Look at them down there. Twenty years ago you'd have never seen a shindig like this. Humans and turians together like it's nothing. Council species all concerned about the fate of batarians... [[BoldlyComing Everybody trying to have sex]] [[BlueSkinnedSpaceBabe with the asari]]...\\
'''Shepard:''' That's not new.\\
'''Jonah Ashland:''' Just seeing if you were awake.
** When questioned why GirlyGirl Diana Allerswas chosen to host the military sponsored war-program ''Battlespace'' she has this to say:
--->'''Diana:''' Girly sells, Commander. It was focus-grouped. [[OneGenderRace Asari]] identify more with a female host, [[TheGreys salarians]] enjoy higher pitched voices...\\
'''Samantha:''' And the turians?\\
'''Diana:''' Turians are nuts! A civilization of war nerds: loyal viewers, but they send the ''creepiest'' fan-mail.
* ''Urban Legend in Limbo'', a FightingGame spin-off of the ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' series, has a plot that revolves around [[MacGuffin Power Stones]] that were collected from the Seven Wonders of the World, which in this setting are different from real life and are areas in the Outside World with the strongest supernatural presence. However, Reimu figures out in the last route that the BigBad shouldn't have been able to get one of the orbs on her own, [[spoiler: namely, the Lunar Capital's orb, meaning that someone is pulling the strings behind the incident in order to open a direct path between Gensokyo and the Lunar Capital.]]
* ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series has a serious example in Jyggalag, the [[OurGodsAreDifferent Daedric Prince]] of [[ControlFreak Order]]. Jyggalag is very [[GodOfGods Anuic]] (static, orderly) in nature compared to the other generally more [[TheAntiGod Padomaic]]-inclined (chaotic, disorderly) Daedric Princes. It is quite likely that [[OrderVersusChaos this is one of the reasons]] the others [[AllTheOtherReindeer despise him so much]]. It is also likely the reason why, once he [[LiteralSplitPersonalities separates himself]] from [[MadGod Sheogorath]], he generally ignores Mundus, the mortal plane. (Due to the actions of the Anuic [[SaintlyChurch Aedra]] during the creation of Mundus, it is much more orderly than the rest of the universe.)
* ''VideoGame/MoshiMonsters'': In "Missing Moshling Egg", there is an "evil to-do list", which reads "steal egg from Bumblechops, make shrinking potion, take over Monstro City, call mum..."
* ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} V'' had the tendency to sneak a strange or humorous city name at or near the end of the long city list, one that would be seen by few players during a normal game. There were, say, "Mumbles" (a district in Swansea) for England and "Lebam" (a tiny place in Washington state) for America. Mods often continue this trend; for instance, one based on ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'' includes "Wilde Times" as the last city, which only appeared in an alternate draft of the script.
* In ''VideoGame/FredbearAndFriends'', all the animatronics move the way you'd expect several-hundred-kilo robots to - except for the Puppet, which glides along the floor as if hanging from the ceiling.

* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': The tapestries displaying the elemental symbols of the four kids hanging in the white castle read thus:
-->They wait for he who would [[Creator/LaRochefoucauld extinguish candles whilst fanning a fire]].\\
They wait for she who would [[Theatre/{{Hamlet}} thaw solid flesh and resolve it into a dew]].\\
They wait for she who would [[Literature/TheWasteLand breed lilacs out of the dead land]].\\
They wait for he who would [[Music/SnoopDogg drop it like it's hot whilst the pimp's in the crib]].
* ''Webcomic/RealLifeComics'' extrapolates the generational evolution of electronic technology in popular music [[http://www.reallifecomics.com/comic.php?comic=title-2645 here.]] Counts as a FamousFamousFictional, among other things.
* ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'' [[http://xkcd.com/1148/ listed all the fluids in a human body,]] ending with gin. Although, since it's riffing on a famous UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill speech, gin should probably be higher on the list.
* ''Webcomic/TheDailyDerp'': [[http://dailyderp.tumblr.com/post/39939626637/derpy-and-winter-break-is-over-some-may-not-like "Best wishes for all of you in college/work/mars"]]
* The Website/PlatypusComix Tenth Anniversary Ensemble (see that page's image) features plenty of characters who've appeared in different comics over the years...plus [[Comicstrip/{{Garfield}} Lyman]], who never appeared in those comics.
* In ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' the librarians [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php#.VrHzLdA39yg list]] the various secret writings Van Rijn used in his book. Most of them are [[MadScientist sparky]] stuff like phasing ink and four-dimensional cryptograms. The last one is lemon juice.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[VideoGame/MegaMan Wily Shorts]]:
-->'''Top Man:''' I want to be in the Indy 500!\\
'''Quick Man:''' I want to break the sound barrier!\\
'''Turbo Man:''' I just want to sit at home and eat chips.
* WebAnimation/ASDFMovie:
-->'''Girl:''' I like singing!
-->'''Boy:''' I like dancing!
-->'''I Like Trains Kid:''' I like trains. *run over by train*
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'' loves to do these these in the animation. In the ''VideoGame/LANoire'' review, there is a mention of the main character "hopping around between four different police departments", which is illustrated with four doors marked Traffic, Homicide, Vice and Biscuits.
* In ''WebAnimation/BonusStage'', the last of the {{Cool And Unusual Punishment}}s that Joel gets to choose from when going to hell is eating {{Satan}}'s mom's spaghetti, when the first two were related to watching something 24/7.
* ''WebAnimation/HowItShouldHaveEnded: Mortal Kombat'' has the free-for-all confrontation between Liu Kang, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, and ... a guy with a gun.
* In the fifth episode of ''WebVideo/AnyoneButMe'', Jonathan, Vivian and Sophie are all late to class. Their reactions?
-->''(bell rings)''\\
'''Jonathan''': Fuck!\\
'''Vivian''': Shit!\\
'''Sophie''': ''Aw.''
* This quote from [[http://shitmystudentswrite.tumblr.com/ Shit My Students Write]]
-->Napoleon a great leader had three main keys to his success as a leader, the terror he brought, his military, and he was a go getter.
* From Website/{{Cracked}}:
** "Martha Stewart, for that two percent of Cracked readers who don't know, is a media mogul known for her cooking, gardening, etiquette, arts & crafts and pure evilness."
** From [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-common-movie-arguments-that-are-always-wrong "6 common movie arguments that are always wrong,"]] we face a turn from the classical to popcultural:
--->-There's really only so many basic stories that can exist. The main character is trying to get somewhere (the Odyssey), get something (the legend of the Golden Fleece), win someone's heart (the Iliad), get revenge (Cain and Abel) or save the world (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure).
* The Onion published a list of [[http://www.theonion.com/articles/those-we-lost-in-2011,26896/ those we lost in 2011]]. Unless you have a particular hatred for the author of Family Circus, this trope is in full effect, [[DontExplainTheJoke since boring cartoons are not akin to mass murder.]]
* The news aggregator website Drew Curtis' Fark.com allows viewers to submit news articles for discussion with new, (hopefully humorous), headlines, many of which follow this trope.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m-e4PgiVfM This]] video explaining Website/{{Tumblr}} when it gets on the videos:
--> "Do you upload videos? Great! Just make sure you upload them to Website/YouTube, Daily Motion or [[TheInternetIsForPorn xvideos.com]] first, because the Tumblr player is [[RepetitiveAudioGlitch absolutely terr— s absolutely terr— s absolutely terr— ible-ible-ible-ible! Absolutely terr—]]"
* The ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' cartoon "Why Come Only One Girl?" has a montage of scenes towards the end showing what might happen if any of the planned female characters were ever put in a cartoon. Cue Strong Bad...
--> --'''Strong Bad''': ...my style. ''(gets slapped, cut)'' ...my types. ''(gets slapped, cut)'' ...my stuff. ''(gets slapped, cut)'' ...The Cheat. ''(gets slapped, cut)''
* On Reddit, a fan of ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' tried to [[http://www.reddit.com/r/dresdenfiles/comments/2ekts0/spoilers_all_harrys_titles/ compile]] all of the titles [[TheHero Harry]] had gained in-universe. They were all suitably regal and dramatic [[note]]even the 'burger king' one, which [[ItMakesSenseInContext makes sense in context]] [[/note]], except for the last one:
-->''[[spoiler:Father of Two]]''.
* The "differenze linguistiche" meme. It involves taking a word and translating it into different languages, with the last one, usually German or Finnish, sounding very different.
* WebVideo/MatthewSantoro:
** In ''20 Haunting Halloween Facts'', Matt says, "Pumpkins also come in blue, green, and white. This is great for kids that might want to carve their favourite childhood character. Like [[Franchise/TheSmurfs Papa Smurf]], or [[Series/TheMuppetShow Kermit the Frog]], or... Music/MichaelJackson!"
** In ''20 Valentines Day facts'', Matt says, "It's almost February 14th, and that means it's almost Valentine's Day! A day where people show they love each other with diamonds, roses, chocolates, and... other things."
** In ''I'm Probably on a Plane or a Ship Right Now'', Matt tells the audience that if he doesn't upload a vlog the day after, then it'll be because he choked on a chicken wing, he got stabbed, the ship he's going on sank, or he got attacked by a rabbit sloth.
** In ''20 Haunting Halloween Facts'', Matt says, "The most common costume for male adults is a vampire. For female adults, it's a witch. For Music/EltonJohn, it's a pack of fudge. [{{Beat}}] What?"
** In ''20 Jolly Christmas Facts'', Matt references Music/MichaelJackson's alleged pedophilia. He says that, according to legend, St. Nicholas would bring gifts for good children, coal for bad children, and [[TakeThat Michael Jackson]] for ''really'' bad children.
** In ''20 Lucky St. Patrick's Day Facts'', Matt says that a good classification for a leprechaun would be a troll, a gnome, or Creator/SethGreen.
** In ''The A.D.D Test'', Matt expects instant news, instant coffee, and instant porn.
* In [[http://diamonddmgirl.deviantart.com/art/Na-Na-Na-507473245?ga_submit_new=10%253A1421437836 this weird story]] Guenevere "asked out Jimmy Wherever and Ilya Muromets and Maid Marian but they all said no and then England was at war with Canada and Russia and England."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1ZtBCpo0eU "If Quake was done today"]] (a satirical video by Kai Moosmann) begins with a parade of logos for id Tech 2, Bethesda Game Studios, Face FX, Scaleform, Speedtree and Aldi Süd, which is not a middleware company but a German supermarket.
* ''WebVideo/{{Petscop}}'': The pause menu before the ArtShift shows Resume Game, Options, Pets (for Bios about pets caught) [[BreadMilkEggsSquick and Book of Baby Names.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/BrandyAndMrWhiskers'' episode "Lack of Brains vs. Brawns", Whiskers states that he and Brandy go together like peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, and donkeys and trombones.
* Happens to Scrooge [=McDuck=] while he's reading the paper in the ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales'' episode "Robot Robbers":
-->'''Scrooge:''' "[=McDuck=] Assets Top $200 Bajillion" -- delightful. "[=McDuck=] Stock Reaches All-Time High" -- wonderful. "[=McDuck=] Loses Construction Bid to [[ArchEnemy Flintheart Glomgold]]"... DAH!
* Like the ''WesternAnimation/PenguinsOfMadagascar'' example, in the ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends'' episode "Berry Scary", Bloo repeatedly calls [[{{Yandere}} Berry]] other names that rhyme with hers, up until the end where he calls her Heather.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' in "A Head in the Polls":
-->'''Morbo:''' "I now present: puny human #1, puny human #2, and Morbo's good friend [[PresidentEvil Richard Nixon]]."
** From the pilot:
--->'''Professor Farmsworth:''' Let me show you around. That's my lab table, and this is my work stool, and over there is my [[CoolSpaceShip intergalactic spaceship]], and here's where I keep assorted lengths of wire.
* The ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'' episode "Hobo 13" features Zim requesting extra ordnance from his leaders, The Tallest. His malfunctioning robot GIR adds a few items to the list, managing to combine ArsonMurderAndJaywalking, BreadEggsMilkSquick, ''and'' BreadEggsBreadedEggs.
-->'''Tallest Purple''': Plasmaran battle tanks, maim bots, death-wave cannons... [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking A sack of taquitos?]]\\
'''Zim''': Just a few supplies I need to complete my mission.\\
'''[[CloudCuckooLander Gir]]''': You get my taquitos yet... Taquitos! [[BreadEggsMilkSquick And a clown with no head]]... how 'bout [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs clown taquitos?]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "Secret Society" had this:
-->'''Gorrila Grodd:''' [We are not in it for the money] Sinestro has a blood oath against all Green Lanterns, Parasite simply hates Superman, Giganta is totally devoted to me.\\
'''The Shade:''' And the other one?\\
'''Gorrila Grodd:''' Killer Frost? She just likes to kill things.
* In an episode of the French cartoon ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'' parodying ''WesternAnimation/DoraTheExplorer'', the main four decide to each say the same thing in a different language (Kaeloo in English, [[TheUnintelligible Quack Quack in "quacks"]], Mr. Cat in German and Stumpy in Spanish:
-->'''Kaeloo:''' The grass is green!\\
'''[[TheUnintelligible Quack Quack]]:''' Quack!\\
'''Mr. Cat:''' Das gras ist grün!\\
'''[[TheDitz Stumpy]] (singing):''' [[GratuitousSpanish Tapas, parilla, grilla madre de pizza, en vida, comme cheetah gorilla!]]
** The show also has a RunningGag where Mr. Cat, attempting to justify his actions, will say two things related to what he did and a [[RuleOfThree third]], completely unrelated statement.
* In ''[[Franchise/TheLandBeforeTime The Land Before Time The Great Valley Adventure]]'', after the kids nearly [[QuicksandSucks sink in quicksand]] and are saved by their angry parents, Cera asks if they all got the same lecture as her:
-->'''Petrie''': "Me too young to wander fall".\\
'''Ducky''': "We[[note]]her and [[HappilyAdopted Spike]][[/note]] are not grown-ups and should remember it".\\
'''Littlefoot''': "There are many dangers. I must always be careful".\\
'''Cera''': [[SkewedPriorities "Don't hang around with]] [[FantasticRacism longnecks, beakfaces and spiketails!"]]\\
''({{Beat}} as the others stare at Cera)''\\
'''Cera''': ''(Meekly)'' "Well, it was ''mostly'' the same lecture".
* In the ''WesternAnimation/PickleAndPeanut'' episode "Busted Arm", Peanut's fake cast dissolves in a water slide, which results in a clogged pipage. While getting on the second slide, the water buildup sends him flying into a snack shack, a sign, and an acid tank. End result: [[spoiler: He is [[{{Squick}} left as a head with veins sticking out at the bottom of his neck]].]]
* Happens in the ''WesternAnimation/ReadyJetGo'' episode "Detective Mindy":
-->'''Sydney''': How does [the black hole] do that?\\
'''Mindy''': And how did it get there?\\
'''Jet''': [[WeirdAside And how]] [[TheTriple does my hair look today?]] (beat) Oh...not the right time?
** This happens again in ''Galileo, Galileo!'', where Sean is listing his heroes: Galileo Galilei, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, and Music/PattiSmith.[[note]]All of Sean's heroes are scientists, except for Patti Smith, who is a punk singer[[/note]]. Even Sunspot seems confused.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' "Bart Gets an Elephant", Lisa asks someone if they're an ivory dealer, with the reply "Well, little girl, I've had lots of jobs in my day: whale-hunter, seal-clubber, [[BitingTheHandHumor president of the Fox network..."]]
** In the "Treehouse of Horror IV" segment "The Devil and Homer Simpson" when Satan brings out his jury, ending with Richard Nixon, Nixon objects that he's not dead yet.
*** [[DealWithTheDevil Hey, I did a favor for YOU!]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' episode "Catch and Release", Steven is getting ready for bed and says goodnight to his stuffed animals: "Good night, happy bear. Good night, sad bunny. Good night, playful kitty. Good night, ominous triangle at the foot of my bed." The "ominous triangle" turns out to be Peridot, who kidnaps Steven and tries to get him to help fix the Galaxy Warp.
** In "Back to the Moon", Steven names [[FiveBadBand the Rubies]] based on the placement of their gems: Army (arm), Leggy (leg), Navy (navel), Eyeball (eye), and... Doc ([[GettingCrapPastTheRadar chest]]).
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheXs'', [[BigBad Glowface]] sees the family at the laundromat and thinks they're plotting against him, so he thinks all of their things are weapons in disguise.
-->'''Glowface''': Hand grenades disguised as lint brushes! Explosives disguised as detergent! Armed personnel carriers disguised as laundry carts! Killer robots disguised ''as that bush''!

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedgehog_signaling_pathway hedgehog gene]], first discovered in fruit flies, has three homologues found in mammals. They are called "desert hedgehog", "Indian hedgehog", and "[[VideoGame/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic hedgehog]]", the latter being most extensively researched (enough that a molecular inhibitor for the gene was named "Robotnikinin").
* Cornell University plays this trope straight with respect to the UsefulNotes/IvyLeague.
** The rest of the Ivies were founded during America's [[UsefulNotes/TheThirteenAmericanColonies Colonial period]]. Cornell was founded in 1865, mere weeks after the end of the [[UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar Civil War]].
** While Cornell is a private institution like all other Ivies, it's the only member that receives direct funding from a state government (i.e., apart from grants for specific research projects). Cornell contracts with UsefulNotes/NewYorkState to serve as that state's land-grant (agricultural) university, and the state provides money to three of its colleges that perform land-grant functions.
** Cornell is the only Ivy member that was coeducational from its founding.
** It's also the only Ivy member whose official motto is written in English. The official mottos of all other Ivy members except Yale are written in Latin; Yale's is in both Hebrew and Latin.