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The Grid
The Grid was a multiplayer arcade game made by Midway. It is played with a trackball and joystick, and features a Bloodsport in semi-virtual reality in a game show version of something like Unreal Tournament, where contestants' virtual reality bodies fight for money, and an unbelievably large grand prize somewhere in the range of trillions of dollars. All of this is hosted by a used-car-salesmen-like cheeseball host, with a comically large smile, and a tendency to overact his lines. While the contestants are controlled by real versions of themselves (somehow), the weapons and projectiles are quite real, and a contestant can kill several members of the audience by firing wildly into the stands, something that has to be done on purpose, although doing that will result in your real self being executed after the round by the host. The game was revolutionary for supporting a large number of linked cabinets for multiplayer play. It also featured a keypad system that can be found in many other Midway games at the time. As an added easter egg, watching the game's attract mode will reveal that the show takes place in Chicago (the homecity of Midway), and that contestants stay in Midway Towers. "Remember folks, watch The Grid, 'It's What You Get!'"
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