The Final Fantasy

The world of Final Fantasy is one many, countless cycles. At the beginning of each cycle, the crystals would reshape the world and recreate life and as the life evolve, one being would orchestrate a cataclysm that would leave the world in ruin with a handful of individuals rising up to stop that being.

This conflict would draw the attention of the creator and seeing the state the world was in and the destruction the conflict of the forces of light and darkness caused, it would destroy the world to end the strife of the people. This in turn would cause the crystals to once again the shape the planet and recreate life, starting the a new cycle.

This process has been repeated numerous times with countless cycles beginning and ending. There is legend of four Warriors of Light born of the crystals' power that will rise up against the creator and end this cycle of creation and destruction.

This is the story of those very four Warriors of Light as they travel the world to stop the being who will orchestrate their world's destruction and prevent the cycle of creation and destruction from continuing.

This series is apart of the Fantasy Chronicles and can be read here:

Tropes found in The Final Fantasy:

  • BFS: Wedge wields a sword with a large, cleaver like blade.
  • Blade On Astick: Biggs wield one as his Weapon of Choice.
  • The Chosen Many: The Warriors of Light, four children chosen and giving power by the crystals.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Luce coupled together with his silver hair color helps pull off his aloof persona.
  • Instant Messenger Pigeon: Luce uses one to send a letter home to his parents.
  • Kid Hero: The Warriors of Light, whom are all between the ages of 12 and 15.
  • Meaningful Name: The names of the four Warriors of Light have to with light, the sky, or celestial bodies. In addition, there is also the title of the story itself as it is about stopping the cycle of creation and destruction in the Final Fantasy universe, thus, The Final Fantasy.
  • Mythology Gag: Biggs and Wedge appear as knights aiding Luce in his knighthood quest, similar to their appearance in Final Fantasy IV The After Years with Ceodore.
  • Phony Veteran: Judging by Wedge's reactions to Biggs' claims and boasts, Biggs may be one or at least one who exaggerates their experiences.
  • Vicious Cycle: The cycle of the world's constant destruction and recreation and how to stop it from continuing is the main theme of this story, hence, its title.