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The Emerald Party
For when you're tired of politicians being subtle about their intentions.
"Now. It is time we begin brainstorming. Failure is not an option – this world is too chaotic and must be made to conform for simplicity’s sake. It falls to the hands of my campaign management team, who I’m certain would not enjoy seeing what I do should we lose."

The Emerald Party is the campaign central for the Wicked Witch of the West, in her quest for a world where Evil is a great force for order and worldly improvement. If you are tired of other politicans being frustratingly vague and unsubtle about their evil, then The Emerald Party will come as a breath of fresh air to a world in desperate need of it.

Yes, that Wicked Witch of the West. If you were not already paying rapt attention to this page, then we trust you are now. If you are not... begin doing so.

Her history is a rich one. Beginning her career as a powerful threat in the world of Oz, the Wicked Witch found herself on this side of the Fourth Wall during the crisis first hinted at by Mister Administrator. Now the Witch has taken matters into her own emerald tinted hands. Having discovered, to her disgust, that we elect our Wizards here, she is campaigning to become President of the United States of America under The Emerald Party. She promises great change and a world in which things actually get done, as opposed to a nonconstructive and ignorant democracy where people spend more time throwing mud at one another than doing any actual ruling.

Her plans for the world are simple: an end to the chaos caused by the flawed and unstable democratic process that has plagued America and with it much of the world, for in excess of a hundred years. A return of conformity, and a world where natural elements bend to her command. In short a simpler, productive world, under the rule of a single dictator who will ensure that things actually get done for a change.

Her efforts so far (as well as her general thoughts about the world she now finds herself in) can be found here, at her blog.

As of election day, her chances of winning are pretty good but she still lost.
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