The Door Slams You
aka: Door Slams You
Should've stepped back.

Flora: Uncle Greeny, where are you?
Greensleeves: I'm under the door, ya twits!
Rod Rescueman: That's a pretty stupid place to be when people are knocking doors down.

Alice is approaching a door, or is standing beside or in front of a door, when abruptly the door is thrown open from the other side by Bob. Alice is then revealed to have been squished against the wall by the door when it was smashed open.

While this is a type of Slapstick that is very common in animation, being hit by a door happens in live-action media also (not to mention real life). Definitely a case of Truth in Television: if you've ever seen a sign on a door warning you to open it slowly, chances are that sign was put up after someone got clobbered by that particular door.

There's also a second variant, where someone is rushing at an open doorway for whatever reasons he or she may have ... only to have someone else close the door. This trope applies when the runner ends up splatted on the door; if they make it through, it's normally Impact Silhouette, and if the runner dives through a narrowing gap, you have an Indy Hat Roll variant.

Compare with Door Judo. See also Toyota Tripwire. Might be the deed of a Ghost Butler, or a side effect of Tactical Door Use. Can also overlap with Face Plant. Not to be confused with Heel–Face Door-Slam, although one might slam a reformed villain to death with a literal door. Also, not exclusively happening in Soviet Russia.


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  • A Running Gag in The Naked Gun-type ads for Red Rock cider.
  • In a similar vein, Japanese tourists are photographing a Dutch windmill when Leslie Nielsen suddenly opens the windmill's door, knocking the miller into the path of the sails. Nielsen then proceeds to explain the benefits of Dutchtone, unaware that the tourists gasps of amazement are over the miller traveling round and round on the windmill sails.

    Anime & Manga 
  • An early chapter of Mahou Sensei Negima! has Asuna kicking the library door off its hinges, and into Negi.
  • Ranma ½:
    • One of the few times that Shampoo uses the door to enter the Tendō house, she flattens Akane behind it.
    • Happens again to Akane when Ranma, in order to satisfy his mother's ideals of "manhood", burst into the bathroom to (pretend to) spy on her. Too bad Akane had come out several minutes before and was slammed quite painfully between the door and the wall... and hearing that Ranma wanted to see her naked did not improve her day.
    • And Ranma also did it to Kodachi in her own intro story just as the latter was about to attack Akane. She just twitched and spasmed behind the door for a while.
    • Sort of happens in the anime when Dr. Tōfū is introduced; startled by the good doctor appearing behind "her", Ranma leaps up onto the door. Akane comes barging in and slams the door shut, catching Ranma's fingers painfully between the door and the edge of the wall due to Ranma not having enough time to let go before being knocked out of the room.
  • Done in Naruto, when Suigetsu goes towards a door to try and find where Karin went... right as she gets back from finding there's a Leaf Village party headed their way — and kicks down the sliding door on his face.
  • One Piece has this happen to Apis, who tries to escape the custody of the Marines by tricking the guard into opening the door by not being in plain sight of the door. Problem is, her hiding place was the side of the door that it opens into.
  • Lupin III: Operation: Return the Treasure has Goemon take up a position behind a door, ready to strike with his legendary sword, after hearing a noise in the hall outside. Instead of getting to use his Implausible Fencing Powers though, an angry Fujiko barges in, opening the door with such force it smashes Goemon behind it.
  • An episode of the Black Cat anime has this happen to Sven as he's going out for a walk and Rinslet slams the door open just as he reaches it.
  • In book 4 of Futaba-kun Change!, Principal Hiroin in one of his silly "Justice Maker" costumes is about to make the usual corny speech, when his daughter Takane slams open the door he was standing next and sends him down a flight of stairs (she doesn't notice anything except the broken stairwell her father left behind as he fell down a few stories). And then Futaba-chan comes by in a hurry and slams the door against Takane as she was starting her own speech.
  • Pokémon:
    • "Here Comes The Squirtle Squad": Ash is trying to buy some Super Potion for an injured Pikachu, and as he's running into the store, Gary opens the door and squishes Ash against the wall.
    • Hilarious variant in "Berry, Berry Interesting" where Pikachu slams into an electronic sliding door as it shuts close.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Tai La Vérité episode 7. As Konoe Tsurugi is waiting on one side of a door, her lieutenant Yashima Sanae slams open the door from the other side and smashes her in the face, giving her a temporary bloody nose.
  • In an episode of Urusei Yatsura, Ataru is trying to get out of his house and away from Lum, and slams the door in her face (literally) as he's exiting. An upset Lum pushes the door forcefully open and flies out to catch up to Ataru, but can't see him anywhere. A zoom in then shows that Ataru is flattened behind the door, his face ground into the wall.
  • Both Daichi and Mii gets slammed into the wall by Mai opening the front door at the wrong moment in the first episode of Popotan.
  • The leads of Victorian Romance Emma, Emma and William, first meet when Emma opens the door right into William's face as he's raising his hand to knock.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. Asuka does this to Shinji (who's outside the toilet door trying to hold his water) during their comic montage sequence in "Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win".
  • In Dragonball Z, Krillin gets slammed by the door to Goku's house by Chi-Chi when he and Trunks arrive to move Goku before the Androids get there.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi: When Tina buys a pet ferret, she tries to sneak quietly through the house, only for the attempt to be ruined when Kaoru and Aoi open a door and nail her in the face with it.
  • Happens in Sailor Moon to Usagi in the manga, '90s anime and 2014 reboot when she is teased by her brother so she tries to kick him, but he closes the door and she ends kicking that instead. Ouch!
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Wallslam, thanks to a door thrown open by dorm mistress infuriated with the late-evening ruckus, ends Kuroko's rowdy chase in the end of episode 6 of anime first season (it was Kuroko's one-sided decision to consummate the newfound appreciation her roommate eponymous character showed after having tried out the same part-time job earlier same episode).
  • Black Lagoon. Rock has been kidnapped by terrorists but his Action Girlfriend Revy has turned up to rescue him. Rock is pounding on the door to let Revy know where he is when the door is smashed open in his face and a dead mook lands on top of him for good measure.
  • Happens regularly in Daily Life with Monster Girl. Still played for comedy, but more justified than some examples given that it's super-strong monster girls who do it.

    Comic Books 
  • In Astérix and Cleopatra, Obélix does warn an Egyptian prison guard that he and his fellow Gauls are about to come out of their cell, but the guard just laughs it off, thinking he's safe sitting behind the heavy reinforced door. Not so, which result in him being slammed against the floor, and Obélix grumbling he should have listened. Repeated both in the Animated Adaptation and the Live-Action Adaptation Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cleopatra.
  • Superlópez:
    • Superlópez once hit Captain Hispania by accident when he was trying to watch through the spyhole.
    • Done on purpose by Monina Papino to knock out Katiusko on El caserón fantasma.

    Comic Strips 
  • Pooch Café for 5-26-11. Chaz warns Carmen to not stand near the door because Poncho will be coming through like a train. She doesn't believe him, and gets smashed behind the door when Poncho slams the door open and charges through with a "Choo Choo" sound effect.
  • The Garfield comics and cartoons. Notably, one Quickie has Garfield hanging on the door when Jon opens it...

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin:
    • This happens to Jafar and Iago both after Jafar tries to hold the palace doors shut to keep "Prince Ali" from entering the Sultan's throne room. Abu (in elephant form) smashes the door open and squashes them into the wall.
    • It happens earlier to Iago when he and Jafar are walking out of their secret lair. Iago is about to cross the door/wall when Jafar has to shut it when Jasmine pops out of nowhere, smashing Iago in the process.
  • In The Jungle Book, while Bagheera is beside a door in King Louie's ruins and trying to grab Mowgli so they can escape, Baloo slams the door open and smashes Bagheera into a wall, giving him a black eye.
  • In the (still animated) beginning of Enchanted, Nathaniel goes to open Giselle's coach, and gets slammed by the door as she bursts through.
  • Happens in Titanic: The Legend Goes On, where Geoffrey the cat is Squashed Flat as the owner arrives.
  • 101 Dalmatians
    • Cruella is in her car in the street, and yells for Jasper and Horace, who are inside a wooden building with a locked barn-style door that leads out to the street. They try to break down the door, and they knock it down right into her face, as it turns out she was parked right outside.
    • It does happen earlier in the movie too; as Cruella comes to visit the Radcliffes, Nanny walks over to open the door for her. Cruella manages to open it on her own.
  • In Twice Upon a Time, Greensleeves gets pinned under the door to his prison cell when Rod Rescueman knocks it down.
  • Done in The Transformers: The Movie to a Quintesson. The Dinobots knock the door to the execution room down on top of him. And then as Slag (the Triceratops) and Sludge (the Apatosaurus) walk across the door, they stop for Slag to say, "Excuse me."
  • Seen in the Dragon Hunters CGI movie. Fleeing from a dangerous forest where spikes spontaneously grow, the group see a house, which Gwizdo reach first and close the door behind him (making Hector splats into it). It is bad idea, however, since when Lian-Chu comes in too, he slams Gwizdo between the door and the wall.
  • In Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger slams Owl's door on Rabbit's face.
  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. While Ichabod is wooing Katrina van Tassel in her home, her would-be boyfriend Brom Bones is seething with anger outside. As Ichabod is about to leave, Brom hides behind a double door waiting to attack him. Ichabod swings out the upper half of the door, slamming Brom into the wall and squashing him.
  • My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games: Spike the Dog gets a door in the face from his impatience to greet Twilight coming back to her lab (mirroring Spike the Dragon's first appearance in the parent show) and ends up in a wastebasket.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Trail of the Pink Panther, Inspector Clouseau is knocked out a window by a chambermaid opening the door. Three times in a row.
  • The Three Stooges often did this. In one especially memorable example, a freestanding door the boys were installing fell on top of Moe and got jammed, and Larry and Curly had to saw it to get him out. The saw cut the floor and sent Moe falling 14 feet to the basement. Larry doesn't see why Moe is so miffed. On occasion they'd trap the villain's head in or through a door, and, once certain he couldn't extricate himself, proceed to add to his misery.
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Happens to four of the Sheriff's guards — in full armor — when Robin Hood throws open a double door.
  • In Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Shadow the dog does this to the vet at the pound to allow Chase to escape.
  • In Home Alone 2, the two crooks hear a noise on the other side of the door. It's a heavy toolchest, which smashes them and the door against the opposite wall. In utterly realistic fashion, they only get their noses bent.
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie movie, Adam disposes of one of Ivan's grunts through the means of a construction yard vehicle's door.
    Adam: Let me get the door!
  • This is a running gag in The Naked Gun series, with Frank Drebin doing it at least once per movie. He tragically knocked his first girlfriend off a cliff (then never realized and thought she'd abandoned him). He also did it to Barbara Bush when invited to the White House for a dinner. He also does this to a gun nut who was holding the entirety of Police Squad at bay (and was totally oblivious once again).
    • Frank manages to do it to himself at one point, kicking in a door with such force that it rebounds and slams shut, whacking him in his face.
  • In Back to the Future Part II, one time-traveling Marty slams a door in the face of another time-traveling Marty.
  • Happens to Felix in the movie version of The Odd Couple.
  • In a rare non-comedic example, The Fellowship of the Ring has this when the Nazgul burst into Bree. The terrified door guard looks through the door, and gets it slammed off its hinges, on top of him. Ouch.
  • The Three Musketeers (1973). The Duke of Buckingham slams open a secret door, hitting Planchet who's standing behind it.
  • In Clerks II, Jay twice gets hit while trying to take a leak next to the back door.
  • In Toy Soldiers, the Big Bad rushes into the kitchen looking for one of the Kid Heroes. The kid in question hides behind the kitchen's swinging door, and for a moment it looks like it's worked. And then the Big Bad grabs the door and slams it into the wall, crushing the kid and knocking the wind out of him.
  • In the first Johnny English movie, this happens twice to the eponymous hero. First when Johnny is about to ambush a henchman in the Big Bad's tower, and gets hit in the nose by the door. And again when tied up and locked in a cell, while trying to open the lock by whistling. His Hypercompetent Sidekick Bough opens the door to free him, as Johnny is leaning right behind it.
  • Happens to a security guard in Freddy vs. Jason, with predictably fatal results.
  • A Jehovah's Witness loses his head this way in Las Vegas Bloodbath.
  • When the Final Girl tries to open the door of a truck in Bunnyman, she gets knocked on her ass by it.
  • Happens to Freddy once or twice in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).
  • In the movie Hardware, one protagonist experiences death by door.
  • In Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Kitty's henchman Paws gets a door in the face from their owner and rolls into a cupboard.
  • The Quick and the Dead. One of the Big Bad's mooks is hitting and abusing Cort, a former gunman turned preacher, in the belief that he won't hit back. As he's thrown at the Big Bad's feet, Cort suddenly lashes back with a foot, slamming the door in the mook's face and breaking his nose.
  • The original The Nutty Professor opens with the title character blowing up his classroom. As another teacher anxiously looks for him in the wreckage, she hears a knock on the door she's standing on — and finds him underneath.
  • Act of Valor. A cartel member runs to a door only for an explosive entry charge to blast it into his face.
  • Bullshot. The villainous Otto von Bruno knocks down his henchman Crouch as he opens the door whilst carrying the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter he's just kidnapped.
  • The Yakuza. Robert Mitchum's character discovers his friend has betrayed him. He knocks on the door of his office and pretends to the bodyguard who answers that he's come round for a casual chat with his friend. When the bodyguard unhooks the chain lock, he slams the door open, pinning the bodyguard against the wall, then fires his gun into the door, killing him.
  • In Jane Austens Mafia, when Vincenzo Cortino gets a job promotion he happily rushes home to tell his family the good news, as he opens the door he accidentally squishes his son Tiny Anthony comically flattening him.
  • In Jackie Chan's Operation Condor a mook is hanging onto the balcony, eavesdropping on the heroes conversation. Jackie slams open the French doors, which crush the man's hand so he falls off. Later Chan has a thug at gunpoint, only for an ally knock the gun out of his hand when she opens the door.
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. When the Terminator walks up naked to a strip club, the bouncer thinks he's part of the act and tells him to go round to the front entrance. The Terminator just walks past him and yanks open the door, slamming it into the bouncer as he does so.
  • A serious (and lethal) version is seen in The Living Daylights. Bond's Vienna contact Saunders is killed when Necros uses a small explosive charge to propel a sliding glass door into him at lethal velocity.
  • The Martian. When Commander Lewis opens the airlock door during a Martian storm, it slams her against the wall and the airlock instantly fills with wind-blown sand.
  • In the 2004 San Antonio movie, police Lieutenant Bérurier (Gérard Depardieu) and his young ward Toinet follow a trail to a bad guy's flat and knock. The bad guy spots them through the eye-hole and is about to gun them down through the door, but he waits too long. Béru runs out of patience and just rams the door into his face, pinning the bad guy underneath it.

  • Happens three times to Geronimo Stilton in book 17, Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton! By the end of the book, he manages to get out of the way just in time.
  • Played for Drama once in Galaxy of Fear. The ship's A.I. has gone evil, the doors are science-fiction things that slide open, and when one of the heroes starts to pass through a doorway...
    As he did, the heavy door slammed shut with the force of a rocket, crushing Dash against the door frame.
  • In Academ's Fury, the Canim break a door down on Centurion Bartos, crushing him to death. Max and Miles later do the same thing to the Canim.
  • In The Specialist, Gayle Rivers thinks he's being followed in Cairo. They both enter a public urinal, but when Rivers is walking out he 'accidentally' slams the door in the man's face, stunning him long enough for Gayle to search him and verify he's carrying a gun. It's not the gun that confirms he's an intelligence agent, but the fact that the man doesn't lose his temper on awakening.
  • In The Twelve Chairs, a minor character Alchen is somewhat obsessed with door springs and outfitted every door in the retirement home he's in charge of with springs of his own makings and extremely varying designs, including pneumatic, hydraulic, blocks-and-counterweights and so on. The only thing those contraptions have in common is them being extremely powerful, so those doors open with tremendous effort and then snap shut like bear traps, slamming people (especially old ladies living there) on regular basis. Even Ostap Bender, after paying a visit to Alchen, gets smacked "below his back with a-ton-and-a-half force" by the front door.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks: Miss Brooks does this to Mr. Conklin a few times, by accident of course. It usually results in Miss Brooks breaking Mr. Conklin's glasses.
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The title character Meet Cutes her Love Interest Harvey this way.
  • Howard Moon gets this done to him by Mrs Gideon in an episode of The Mighty Boosh. Then later he steps out from behind the door in a strange way that gets a second laugh out of the same joke.
  • This happens to Josh Lyman in one episode of The West Wing.
  • Stargate SG-1
    • Teal'c gets a door in the face in the episode "Windows of Opportunity". Repeatedly, as he is stuck in "Groundhog Day" Loop and this happens right at the beginning of it — he has no chance to avoid it, every time, for hundred of loops. And then he slams back.note 
    • In the season 10 episode "Family Ties", Sergeant Siler slams into an open door after being distracted by Vala and Sam in civilian clothes. The last of a great number of bruises he received over working at the SGC for 10 years.
  • Happens a few times in The Nanny to Niles, CC and Fran. Especially CC, since she was usually found sitting on a leather couch behind the door in Maxwell's office.
  • Cindy in Three's Company constantly does this inadvertently to the rest of the cast; so much that Jack tries to teach her in one episode how to open a door slowly.
  • In Leverage, Eliot Spencer (who else?) uses this as an attack. He was fighting a group of drug dealers, one of whom was in a truck repeatedly trying to get out to help his friends. Every time he'd try, Eliot would slam the door on him, at one point simply yelling "stay in the car!" which apparently intimidated the man enough not to even try the other door.
    • In "The 15 Minutes Job," he beats up a mook using a screen door.
  • A knock comes from the door, and says Blackadder to Baldrick:
    Blackadder: See who that is Baldrick. And whoever it is, slam the door in their face, or I'll slam your face in the door.
Unfortunately for Blackadder, it is Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.
  • Happens to Erin a couple of times in the Titus episode, "The Visit", eventually leading to child-services officer to say, "Want a hint? Hold the door for her!"
  • 1960's Batman series episode "King Tut's Coup". While Robin is waiting beside the door to Tut's hideout, two of Tut's henchmen slam the door open and smash Robin against the wall, knocking him silly. They then capture him and take him inside.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, "Lovers Walk", Angel gets crushed under a door while attempting to defend Spike. A few mooks walk over him shortly thereafter.
  • In the episode of The Goodies entitled "The Movies", Graeme manages to inflict one of these to himself — he kicks open a door with enough force to have it bounce off the wall and slam in his face.
  • The Two Ronnies. In a spoof of The Professionals, a gun-waving Doyle kicks open a door, searches an apartment and is surprised to find no-one there. As he closes the door behind him, a Squashed Flat villain falls out from behind it.
  • One episode of Polizeiruf 110 has a department store worker getting smacked in the face with a door as another worker is rushing out to call the police.
  • Doctor Who. In "The God Complex", Rory Williams tries to stop the Monster of the Week from entering the room, only to get pinned up against the wall.
  • The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Spring Awakening" had the cops do this with a hotel room door to a pimp robbing a top drawer.
  • The New Avengers: An intruder kicks the door closed into Steed's face as he goes to enter Stannard's apartment in "The Eagle's Nest".
  • NCIS: New Orleans: In "Collateral Damage", a fleeing suspect swings open the door of a cargo container to flatten one his pursuers, who runs into it at full speed.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "Love Taps", Nina stops a suspect who is attempting to flee on skateboard by kicking a gate into him as he tries to skate through it.

    Music Videos 

  • In Monster Bash, the Mummy does this to one of the archaeologists standing in front of his sarcophagus.

    Print Media 
  • MAD's Super Special Fall 1980. In "The Moronic Woman" (a The Bionic Woman parody), Jammy Summons (Jaime Sommers) and Oscular (Oscar Goldman) have infiltrated the enemy palace. When they reach the office of the dictator, Jammy slams open the door with her moronic (bionic) strength. When Oscular asks where the dictator is, an officer says that he was behind the door, so he's now part of the wallpaper.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • At WrestleMania 18, Christian won the Hardcore title by slamming a door in Mighty Molly's face.

    Puppet Shows 
  • This happens to Bean Bunny during the breakfast scene in Muppets from Space. The culprit is Miss Piggy, who always has to make a huge entrance, Large Ham that she is.
  • Pierce Brosnan does this to an unnamed muppet in Muppets Tonight.
    The victim: (moments before) I finally got over my fear of standing next to closed doors! (WHAM!) Uhh!

  • Happens twice in British farce Cash on Delivery to the Uncle, setting up the comic misunderstanding first that he's crazy (due to him being dazed) and then dead (because he's been knocked unconscious).
  • Happens to the actress playing the Femme Fatale (and her impromptu replacements) in The Play That Goes Wrong.
    • A variation is used in the sequel, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, as the actor playing Nana gets stuck in the door's dogflap, and is repeatedly slammed headfirst into nearby props for the rest of the scene.

    Video Games 
  • Hotline Miami:
    • Jacket opens the door with a slam, which can knock a mook down if they are hit by it. Better; There's an unlockable mask that lets you kill mooks by hitting them with the door slam.
    • You can keep using doors, after they've been used, so you can always cause a door slam.
  • This happens to Donald Duck a couple of times in Kingdom Hearts for comedic effect.
  • This is an actual gameplay mechanic in Bonanza Bros. In fact, the first enemy in the game has almost certainly been deliberately placed to be dispatched in this manner.
  • One of the attack techniques of everyone's favourite mechanical assassin, Robot Ninja Haggle Man.
  • Resident Evil 4 & 5 allow you to either open doors slowly and quietly in order to stealth in, or loudly kick the door open. If you use the more Dynamic Entry then any enemies standing on the other side will be knocked back.
  • Super Mario Bros.
    • In Luigi's Mansion, some of the doors are fake. When Luigi goes to open them, they'll swing around and crush him against the wall.
    • In Paper Mario, the first time you go to see Merlon, he knocks you down when he opens it.
    • In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, when you're working your way to the top of the Glitz Pit rankings, you let the promoter know when you're ready for the next fight, then wait for security to come get you. If you're in front of the door, you flail about as you're pushed out of the way.
    • The falling doors in Yoshi's Island.
  • In the 3D Legend of Zelda games, fake doors crush Link against the floor by falling on him.
  • In Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, a guard can kick open a door if something is blocking it. If that something is you, then the door will knock you out, causing an instant mission failed. Conversely, you can kick open doors and knock out anyone else who is blocking it from the other side.
  • This is the main form of attack of the eponymous mouse policeman in the Arcade/NES classic Mappy.
  • Some early video games with doors that actually work like real-world doors, rather than Doom-esque upside-down-elevator doors, can crush the player if they stand in the wrong place as it automatically closes. Build engine games are notoriously bad for that, especially Redneck Rampage.
  • In Brain Dead 13, this happens to the centipede in the wine cellar, except that when it chases Lance towards the exit, he opens the door and intentionally slams it into its face, putting it out of commission.
  • Dead Space takes this trope to grisly levels.
  • Quest for Glory I on two occasions. Standing in front of, or to the wrong side of Henry the Hermit's door when he opens it will send the hero flying off a cliff, or crush him between the door and a cliff face (he does warn you to stand clear). During the brigand hideout sequence, there is a fake door that will fall down and also crush the hero if you don't get out of the way.
  • A gameplay mechanic in Gunpoint. Wire a door just right, and it'll smack a rent-a-cop in the face. This knocks them out. Wire a door just wrong, and it'll smack you in the face. This gives you an achievement. Jumping kick a door off its hinges, and it can hit a rent-a-cop in the face. This knocks them out and gives you an achievement.
  • Faust from Guilty Gear weaponizes this with one of his special attacks, which has him disappear, then emerge from a door that suddenly appears in front of/behind his opponent.
  • In Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, one of the obstacles you have to guide Pac-Man past is a neighbor's door; if you fail to get Pac-Man to stop at the right time, the neighbor will slam the door in Pac's face every time. And it can go with either variant: either Pac-man can be running full-tilt, only for the neighbor to peek out the door and Pac-man smashes into it. Or you can shoot the door and when Pac-man comes walking by, the man slams it open, flattening Pac-man against the wall.
  • This happens to an unfortunate nurse in the opening cinematic for Theme Hospital.
  • This can be done in the Metal Gear games, starting with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. If you're hiding in a locker or similar, exiting while someone is directly in front of the door will knock them out of the way (possibly creating a domino effect if he flies into another person). Metal Gear Solid 3 introduced swinging doors, and charging through them full speed will knock aside anyone on the other side of the door. In all cases, these are quite unstealthy, but handy if you need to make a run for it in a pinch.

    Web Animation 
  • Happens frequently in Happy Tree Friends. The results are never pretty.
  • ASDF Movie 6 has this happen in one of the skits:
    Voice: Knock Knock!
    Guy: Who's there? (The door swings open and hits the guy)
    Voice: The Door!

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • One of the early The Simpsons' "Treehouses of Horror" uses this gag: Milhouse gets hit by the door when Homer enters with Bart's birthday present.
  • During the VeggieTales Silly Song "Oh Santa", this happens to the bank robber. Twice.
    • In "Madame Blueberry", Larry isn't watching where he's going when they go to Stuff-Mart and a sliding door closes on his face.
  • Occurs in an U.S. Acres quickie on Garfield and Friends. And some strips had it as well.
  • Has happened to Tom of Tom and Jerry more times than anyone can remember.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force has Kevin getting the door slammed in his face by Mike Morningstar. The fans have dubbed it Nosedoor.
  • In an episode of The Fairly OddParents!, Timmy and Wanda are invited to lunch in fairy world by Mamma Cosmo, but the two are seated at a table situated between the kitchen and the bathrooms. Cue the two getting repeatedly smacked by the doors as fairies enter and leave.
  • Wakfu:
    • Happens to Yugo in episode 4, when he's sneaking around Sadlygrove's cell and the huge Princess Lela slams the door open hard.
    • Happens to Ruel in episode 9, when he's trying to stop anyone from coming into his house... and he gets bull-rushed by the rest of the gang.
  • The Venture Bros.: Dean is playing detective, sticking a hair onto a doorframe, when Dr. Orpheus dramatically swings the door open, knocking him over.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In the first episode, Twilight Sparkle slams a door open into Spike in her hurry to get to the library.
    • Happens to Twilight twice in "Feeling Pinkie Keen", both of which Pinkie Pie predicted.
    • When Fluttershy tries to hide in her house (again) in "Luna Eclipsed", Twilight preemptively closes the door and she smashes into it.
    • In "The Best Night Ever", Prince Blueblood does this to Rarity after making her get the door for him.
    • At the start of "Three's a Crowd", Pinkie Pie barges in the Library by pushing the door from its hinges, slamming Spike underneath.
    • Happens again to Spike two episodes in a row: in "Princess Spike" when Cadance bursts into the room looking for him, and in "Party Pooped" he gets slammed into the wall when the yak delegation throws open the castle doors upon arriving in Ponyville.
    • Pinkie Pie gets an outhouse door to the face shortly after arriving in Dodge Junction... twice, in "The Last Roundup" and "Party Pooped".
  • One The Pink Panther short has the inspector declaring, "All right, Pink Panther, I know you are in there; come out at once!" only to get a door in the face. And no matter where he stood, the door opened on him....
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Korra is treated like a pinball within the confines of a 2000-year-old Airbending training device.
    • In Season 3, Mako goes to check on a lead about a man who suddenly started Airbending. The man has locked himself in his room, and Mako threatens to knock the door down if he won't open up. The man blasts the door off its hinges in fright, slamming Mako into a nearby wall.
  • In Futurama's "Space Pilot 3000", Fry stares in awe of the automatic sliding doors that slide up. However, he's doing so directly under the door, so just as he says "Wow, just like in Star Trek" the door closes down on him.
    • Then mere moments later, he goes through another door and looks up, expecting the door to come down again. Only this time, it closes on him from the side.
  • Happens to Helga on Hey Arnold! in the episode "Beaned". Arnold is holding the door open for everyone to enter the cafeteria because they're holding their trays and Helga assumes he'll keep it open for her as well. Just as she's about to walk through, he slams it shut on her (unknowingly), slamming her tray and all its' content into her face as she slowly slides down to the floor.
  • The title character of Dan Vs. gets one in "Dan vs. Canada" when, thanks to an unfortunate maple-syrup-related accident, he becomes stuck to his own apartment door. After calling Chris for help, Chris arrives and slams open the door along with Dan squashed by it.
  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures episode Europe in 30 Minutes, a door is slammed on Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hampton, flattening them from the front.
  • Skullker did this to Danny in one episode of Danny Phantom.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons:
    • At the beginning of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Birth of a Salesman", Grounder tries to answer the door, but Wes Weasley crushes him with it when he opens it.
    • In the episode, "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" from the same series, Robotnik orders Scratch and Grounder to stop whoever's invading his fortress. Just as they run up to the front door, Momma Robotnik kicks it open, and crushes them with it.
    • In "Ro-Becca", one of the comedy episodes of Sonic Satam, Sonic and Rotor knock over a door that Antoine was standing behind. When they leave, the door goes back up and the audience finds that Antoine got flattened, obviously.
  • Looney Tunes: In Carrotblanca, The Crusher (as the doorman) is slammed by the door of the "Café au lait américain" nightclub when Yosemite Sam makes his entrance... in a car.
    • It happens in Red Riding Hoodwinked when Big Bad Wolf and Sylvester are chasing Red Riding Hood and Tweety. Sylvester accidentally opens a door into Wolf right as he's about to catch Red.
  • In the opening theme to Shaun the Sheep, the farmer slams Blitzer with the front door when he opens it. The precise effect changes for each season.
  • Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Po is making a Badass Boast when tiny Master Shifu slams open the door, sending the huge panda flying across the room.
  • From the Animated Adaptation of the Tintin adventure, The Crab with the Golden Claws:
    Thomson and Thompson: (together) We think you're smuggling drugs!
    (Ben Salaad's henchman, Allan, emerges from a hidden bookcase entrance leading to their opium cellar, and proceeds to crush Ben Salaad behind the bookcase in the process)
    Allan: RUN FOR IT, OMAR!

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