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The Dinosaur Project
The Dinosaur Project is a 2012 found-footage film.

Set in the deepest, wildest throngs of the African jungle, The Dinosaur Project is an ambitious quest by a team of western explorers, hoping to find a water creature whose origins are rooted in myth and fantasy. The head of the expedition, an Indiana Jones type, has his plans for a successful trip spoiled though, after his helicopter is brought down by a flock of pterosaurs and to add to his troubles, he also has to look after his stowaway son, Luke. Luke is the film's main narrator; with an arsenal of personal cameras at his disposal, the young techno-geek captures every minute of this project, which becomes a lesson in survival. The team quickly discover that all is not well in the jungle, and encounter some extraordinary creatures, which civilization has presumed extinct for millions of years!

The film includes the following tropes:

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