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"The _____ Job" is a standard titling template for crime stories, especially [[TheCaper caper]] stories. Often -- though not always -- the blank is filled in with the location where the crime is going to take place; as a result, the most common version of this is probably "The Bank Job".

Compare MadLibThrillerTitle.

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[[folder: Film -- Animated ]]

* ''WesternAnimation/TheNutJob'', in which squirrels rob a nut store.


[[folder: Film -- Live Action ]]

* ''Film/TheBankJob''
* ''Film/TheBigJob''
* ''The Brink's Job''
* ''The Casino Job''
* ''The Glenmoore Job''
* ''The Hardest Job''
* ''The Hard Word'' is known in Germany as ''The Australian Job''.
* ''Film/TheHattonGardenJob''
* ''Film/TheItalianJob1969'' original and [[Film/TheItalianJob2003 remake]], as well as ''The Brazilian Job'', a sequel for the remake currently in DevelopmentHell.
* ''Film/OceansEleven'': The remake. Not as a title, but in ''Ocean's Twelve'' a side character brings up the events of the first movie to another, calling it the "Ocean's Job"; this leads to a small disagreement from the group when they find out, who thought that it was understood that it would be referred to as the "Bellagio Job" by all involved.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* The ''Series/AgentCarter'' episode "The Atomic Job".
* The ''Series/AlloAllo'' episode "The Bank Job".
* ''Series/TheAndyGriffithShow'' has an episode called "The Bank Job", in which Barney stages a bank robbery to prove to everyone how insecure the bank is.
* The ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' episode "The Train Job".
* [[IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming Every episode]] of ''Series/{{Leverage}}''. Most of the time, unlike the majority of the uses of this trope, the names don't correspond to the locations of the cons, but facets of the cons. For example, the first part of the second season finale is called "The Three Strikes Job", because the con involves a baseball team.
* The first episode of the BBC series ''The Life and Death of Sir John Falstaff'' (adapted from Shakespeare's ''Theatre/HenryIV'' plays and ''Theatre/TheMerryWivesOfWindsor'') is called "The Gadshill Job".
* The first two episodes of ''Mr. Big'' are "The Big Job" and "The Bank Job".
* The ''Series/{{Sanctuary}}'' episode "Bank Job" involves the heroes having to ''pretend to'' rob a bank in order to quarantine the place and isolate who in the bank has become the host of the dangerous [[MonsterOfTheWeek Abnormal]] kept inside.


[[folder: Music ]]

* Music/BarenakedLadies has a song called "Bank Job".


[[folder: Wiki/TV Tropes ]]

* TrainJob


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* One of the trailers for the ''VideoGame/DCUniverseOnline'' {{MMORPG}} depicts a mission called "The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doomsday_%28comics%29 Doomsday]] Job".
* There's a mission in ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'' called "The Burglary Job", and another one called "The Heist Job".
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' has "The Jewel Store Job", in which protagonists Michael and Franklin rob an expensive jewelry store and proceed [[DownLADrain to escape through the Los Santos River]].
* A level in ''VideoGame/Hitman2SilentAssassin'': The Jacuzzi Job.
* ''VideoGame/PAYDAY2'' has "Ukrainian Job". Unusually for the trope, the "Ukrainian" in this case is the one ordering the job, the target and location being a Russian man[[note]]more specifically, an expensive tiara he's getting for his bride-to-be[[/note]] and a Washington D.C. jewelry store, respectively.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* The ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' episode "The Big Job", where Señor Senior Junior tries to pull off an impressive crime as a birthday gift to his father.
* The ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' episode "The Book Job", which is an ''Film/OceansEleven'' parody.
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsRebels'': [[Recap/StarWarsRebelsS3E07TheWynkahthuJob "The Wynkahthu Job"]], in which the ''Ghost'' crew teams up with criminals [[SpacePirates Hondo Ohnaka]] and Azmorigan to raid an Imperial freighter that got stuck in a storm in the atmosphere of the titular planet.