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[[caption-width-right:350: [[DoubleEntendre Big gun loaded and ready to fire... multiple times.]]]]

->''"Gentlemen, I'm sure we can sort this out amicably. Look at it this way: if you could do what I could do, you'd do it too! But you can't. I can. And I have. And I'll do it again. So you should be happy for me, just a little tiny bit, don't you think?"''
-->-- '''Casanova''', ''Series/{{Casanova}}''
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The sexual predator -- a man who relentlessly pursues, lands, loves, and then abandons members of the opposite sex, a skill bestowed upon him to demonstrate what a {{Badass}} he is. Sometimes comic, sometimes a monster, always successful, this character leaves behind a string of broken hearts, and occasional [[WomanScorned vows of]] {{revenge}} that are rarely fulfilled. Casanova's only motivation is indulging his {{lust}} and desire, sating them with the bodies of his conquests.

Due to [[DoubleStandard gender double standards]], the Casanova is [[AlwaysMale always male]], given that [[MyGirlIsNotASlut women are usually shamed for having an active sex life]]. The comparatively [[RareFemaleExample rarer female version]] is traditionally called a "man-eater", but she’ll likely be portrayed as an evil character who [[TheVamp exploits her sexutality to manipulate innocent men]]. The womanizing skills of the Casanova, on the other hand, will almost always be granted to him to make him look like a champion. This trope also applies almost exclusively to ''straight'' men, given that [[DepravedHomosexual queer people with an active sex life are usually villainized in media]]. Meanwhile, straight men get to be portrayed as badasses for having multiple women at their beck and call.[[UnfortunateImplications The Casanova is also usually white]], [[MoralMyopia with men of color are commonly depicted as perverts when they give in to their sexual desires]], [[DoubleStandard and white male Casanovas being with women of colour generally getting portrayed as fine]].

Contrast with the unsuccessful CasanovaWannabe. Compare with the inexplicable KavorkaMan. A guy who gets the girls like a Casanova, but unintentionally, is a ChickMagnet. If kind-hearted, may overlap with ChivalrousPervert. TheCharmer is equally charming but less sex-obsessed. If they [[ReallyGetsAround really get around]] but want to settle down, it's LookingForLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces. A HandsomeLech has more negative connotations and a sparser scorecard than the Casanova.

The trope is named for Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (1725-1798), a soldier, spy, diplomat, adventurer, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and librarian]] whose extensive but [[UnreliableNarrator unreliable autobiography]] (in which he almost literally described himself as God's Gift to Women[[note]]"Feeling that I was born for the sex opposite of mine, I have always loved it and done all that I could to make myself loved by it."[[/note]]) established his eternal fame as a lover. It should be noted that the historical Casanova was closer to a ChivalrousPervert who really was looking for love... just with women who [[YourCheatingHeart were locked in loveless political marriages]] -- and also gained his successes [[KavorkaMan famously]] [[UglyGuyHotWife ugly]]. ([[http://gutenberg.spiegel.de/gutenb/autoren/bilder/casanova.jpg Definitely]] he was [[http://www.ladepeche.fr/content/photo/biz/2010/11/07/201011070937_w350.jpg no Heath Ledger]].) Interesting and prone [[UsefulNotes to be noted]] for [[CasanovaWannabe his modern wannabes]], he was [[TheDungAges one of the few 18th century men who bathed almost daily]] and asked the same thing from his partners.

Many films, TV movies and TV mini-series are named for and based on that person. The best known are Fellini's 1976 film, [[Film/{{Casanova}} the 2005 film]] starring HeathLedger, and [[Series/{{Casanova}} the 2005 BBC drama mini-series]] starring Creator/DavidTennant. The latter is considered one of the more faithful adaptations of Casanova's memoirs, while Fellini's... wasn't.

For the juvenile version -- all of the above without the sex -- see KidAnova. Contrast the SerialRomeo. If the guy is actually only ''rumored'' to be a Casanova and has no evidence onscreen, it's the UrbanLegendLoveLife. If he develops feelings for one of his conquests ([[ILoveYouBecauseICantControlYou or someone who refuses him]]), he's a LadykillerInLove. See MoreFriendsMoreBenefits for when the mechanics of a game encourage the player character to act this way.

Note: It should be mentioned that even after the affairs were over, most of Casanova's ex-lovers still liked him, and he was reputedly quite the gentleman. This trope would probably fit (the fictional) Don Juan better.


[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* Miroku from ''Manga/InuYasha'' is TheCharmer and is always flirting with women since his goal is having a child, his catchphrase being “Will you bear my children?”. While in the series is implied subtly that he has actually slept with several women, it is left to interpretation leaving it as an UrbanLegendLoveLife. That is until WordOfGod [[AllThereInTheManual comfirmed it]] saying he used to have a 90% success rate with the ladies, but it went to zero after joining the team. It also didn’t help that he [[LadykillerInLove fell in love]] with Sango.
* George from ''ParadiseKiss''.
* Guiche from ''LightNovel/ZeroNoTsukaima''. Possibly Julio as well, although he tends to have girls pursuing him.
* Dio Brando from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' is so charismatic and good-looking that he managed to father four children. ''With four different women.'' His AlternateContinuity counterpart has the same influence, [[http://imageshack.us/a/img252/6480/tumblrmc2304uavb1rcwc9l.jpg sometimes to his detriment.]]
** Hol Horse has the same way with women, which he uses to take advantage of them - not in ''that'' way (at least, not that we're shown), but in order to use them to make his escape when needed.
* Akio Ohtori and Touga Kiryuu from ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' use, manipulate and abuse women and men alike using in great part their sex appeal for MoreThanMindControl effect. Then [[spoiler:Akio does it to Touga, establishing him as a sort of Alpha Casanova.]]
** Ruka Tsuchiya counts as well. He takes a HandsOnApproach with the female fencing club members, dates and beds [[spoiler:Shiori, whom he later utterly humiliates]], and is very forceful with [[spoiler:Juri, despite the fact that he's supposedly trying to help her break free of her self-destructive cycle]].
* Aoshima in ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'', who is explicitly referred to as a "casanova." Fortunately, when he's ''not'' busy being a slimy excuse for a human being, he tends to be the {{Buttmonkey}}.
* Takeo Tsurumaru in ''NaruTaru''.
* Paptimus Scirrocco from ''ZetaGundam'' is a very evil version of this. He's basically what happens when you combine a Casanova with a MagnificentBastard and give him the psychic powers of a Newtype. Generally the kind that uses his charms more to use woman as tools than just as sexual objects, though.
** Scirocco's more like [[RasputinTheMadMonk Rasputin]]
* {{Karin}}'s brother, Ren, sucks the blood of stressed out women every night. He says they're usually quite grateful afterwards, but tend to [[StalkerWithACrush keep bugging him.]]
* Ryou from ''StrawberryShakeSweet'', in a GirlsLove example, has bedded about a thousand girls and that's only the known ''minimum.''
* Explored to an extent in ''{{Golgo 13}}''. The title character tends to have sex before a job, and does have good luck at getting women to join him in bed. However, he just as often hires prostitutes, and due to his [[DullSurprise notorious blank expression]] not changing, a number of readers have theorized he doesn't actually ''enjoy'' it.
* Sabato Rokudo from ''Manga/{{Rinne}}''.
* Ryoji Kaji from ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'' is implied to be this. The only people he doesn't hit on are the underage ones (much to Asuka's chagrin), leading to the derogatory FanNickname "man-whore". That doesn't stop him from teasing Shinji about him living at Misato's.
* Lord Aleister Chamber of ''Manga/BlackButler'' is implied to be this.
* Agon of {{Eyeshield 21}} has this trait tacked on to his already unpleasant personality. It's not especially relevant to the story, it's just another extension of his JerkJock personality and serves as yet another reason for the heroes to dislike him ("Down with guys who have girlfriends!").
** He's also one of ''two characters'' that has luck with women in the entire ''series.'' The first one is [[WarmUpBoss Hatsujou]] None of the Nagas have any luck with women since they attend an all boys school, and Ikkyu and Yamabushi are ''very'' jealous.
* The eponymous character in ''Manga/SpaceAdventureCobra''.
* Gildartz from ''Manga/FairyTail''.
** Loki is a far more blatant example, [[spoiler: until TheReveal and his return to the spirit world]]. When he [[spoiler: thinks he's dying and starts withdrawing from everything,]] he's revealed to have had four girlfriends at once.
* ''MamotteShugogetten'': Izumo Miyauchi.
* ''Manga/KyoKoiOHajimemasu'' has the male lead, Tsubaki Kyota at first. He's noted for flirting and sleeping around with many different girls, but has never had an actual romantic relationship.
* Jin from ''LightNovel/SakurasouNoPetNaKanojo'' remains loyal to his childhood friend Misaki, but becomes this instead as he feels unworthy of her.
* ''Manga/ACruelGodReigns'': Ian. He gets pretty much anyone he wants, and is a classic example of {{Even the Guys Want Him}}.
* Subverted in the manga version of ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' where Roy Mustang pretends he's this to cover up the fact that [[spoiler: he uses prostitutes, whose madam is [[SonOfAWhore his adoptive mother]], as spies]]. The [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist original anime]] plays this straight because the subversion happens after the anime OvertookTheManga.
* Elinalise of ''LightNovel/MushokuTensei'' is a fairly positive female example. Being afflicted with a curse that makes her physically need sex and an unusually active libido to match it, she has perfected the art of soliciting men for one night stands. She doesn't even need to speak the same language to get what she's after.

* Different versions of Franchise/{{Batman}} have either portrayed him as being with many women or as avoiding most women. A common feature to most versions is that he ends up alone.
** His public persona as Bruce Wayne is one of these, constantly dating and breaking up with multiple women to keep up the RichIdiotWithNoDayJob facade.
* Jack from ''{{ComicBook/Fables}}'' and his spinoff comic ''Jack of Fables''.
** Also the entire point of Prince Charming. The reason he's in so many stories is because he constantly marries and abandons various princesses. This leads to him originally being less than popular in Fabletown.
* Starfox of Comicbook/TheAvengers. It's revealed in ''SheHulk'' that he's [[spoiler: an inadvertant rapist who unconsciously uses his psychic powers to get women into bed]], but the canonicity of ''SheHulk'' is sometimes dubious.
** It's been firmly established what his powers are and how much control he has over them. ''SheHulk'' just pointed out UnfortunateImplications that already existed.
*** In the case where Starfox was [[spoiler: accuse of being a rapist in the same story it was revealed this was not true. He has not used his powers to get women. The woman who accused him did so to try and cover up the affair since she was a married woman.]]
* For your consideration ladies and gentlemen, the IncredibleHercules. Pulls about as much tail as James Bond.
* The aptly named [[ComicBook/{{Casanova}} Casanova Quinn]].
* [[IronMan Tony Stark.]]
** Lampshaded in Extremis:
--> '''Tony Stark''': I have my own fleet of satellites in geosynchronous orbit.
--> '''Maya Hansen''': You actually get girls with that line?
--> '''Tony Stark''': They make me a lot of money, I find that does the trick.
--> '''Maya Hansen''': Some classy ladies you know.
* Another ''Marvel'' example is ComicBook/{{Gambit}}, who is largely considered to be a reformed example, having given up his whoring ways since meeting Rogue. Until they broke up anyway.
** Exaggerated in one of Gambit's stand alone comics. He breaks into an old girlfriend's house in the middle of the night to request a favor and both are confused by the lack of sex.
* TheHulk. No, really! Have you seen how many children he has with multiple women? ''Three'', so far, with a suspected fourth running around.
** As Red She-Hulk [[spoiler: who is actually Betty Ross Banner]] commented after learning the Hulk had been married to not one, but two [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe hot alien]] warrior queens;
-->'''Red She-Hulk:''' You really got around, huh?

* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8772391/15/The-truth-behind-the-friendship The Truth Behind the Friendship]]'' Harry mentioned that Sirius slept with twenty-two girls at Hogwarts in an attempt to beat an unnamed Ravenclaw's record of thirty-seven.
* Iroh in the ''FanFic/TheStalkingZukoSeries''. He is known for a get sexual appetite before settling down with his wife, which rekindled during Zuko's search. His track record, according to Zuko, consists of two nuns, their Ba Sing Se neighbor and Li and La.
* ''FanFic/DumbledoresArmyAndTheYearOfDarkness'':
** Apparently, [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Colin Creevey]] of all people.
-->''"I did just fine with the Muggle girls on holidays, thank you very much, because they think I'm cute and mysterious and know I go to some kind of exclusive and super-secret private boarding school.”''
%% ** Jack Sloper.

* ''Film/{{Alfie}}.''
* Don Johnston is an aging example in ''Film/BrokenFlowers.''
* Casanova from the film ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Casanova]]''? The great seducer has been portrayed many times on film:
** Creator/HeathLedger in [[Film/{{Casanova}} the 2005 version]]
** Creator/RichardChamberlain in a made-for-TV film in 1987
** Creator/DonaldSutherland in Creator/FedericoFellini's 1977 version
** Ivan Mozzhukhin in a 1927 Dutch silent movie
** Tony Curtis in another 1977 film version
** In fact, IMDB has no less than 85 movies or TV shows with the word "Casanova" in the title, and most of them feature the gentleman himself in a leading or supporting role.
* Creator/BobHope spoofs the role in ''Casanova's Big Night''.
* Telly, the HIV-infected, utterly unfeeling "Virgin Surgeon" in ''Film/{{Kids}}''.
* Film/JamesBond, of course. Partially subverted in that in some cases, he pursues the woman not for sex/conquest for its own sake, but to win her as an [[HoneyTrap ally/defector for purposes of his mission objective]].
** However, he does feel genuinely bad if a woman he had slept with [[StuffedIntoTheFridge ends up being killed by the villain]].
*** Or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6UZDTpC6fY#t=6m27s a non-villain does it]]
**** It should be noted with the above example that, contrary to the stereotype that Bond regularly kills the women he sleeps with (invoked by the "kiss kiss bang bang" catchphrase of the 1960s), in truth this has happened exactly three times in the history of the movie franchise ([[spoiler: Fiona in ''Film/{{Thunderball}}'', Fatima in ''Film/NeverSayNeverAgain'', and the above example of Elektra in ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough''. And in the case of Fiona it's debatable whether Bond intentionally uses her as a human shield.]]).
** He was apparently expelled from Eton after an "incident" with one of the maids...
* Tony Stark in the ''Film/IronMan1'' movie. Claims to have gone 12-for-13 in one year with Maxim cover girls (he couldn't make his schedule work with March, but December was twins). Seduces Christine Everhart, leaves her to wake up alone in his bed, and while showing Everhart the door, Stark's assistant Pepper Potts says that she's "taken out the trash" before.
** A deleted scene set right before the Golmira scenes has Tony seducing and leading a woman off to bed... and picking up another in the hallway along the way. He then gives a lame excuse to bail on the apparently inebriated women. "I'm going to get ice for the champagne" or something like that. In the distance, we see Iron Man taking off.
** In fact, this trope is often part of the RichIdiotWithNoDayJob's cover.
* Dorian Gray, not only in ''The Picture of Dorian Gray'' but even moreso in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie.
* Pavi Largo from ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' is close to being the epitome of this trope. As he says himself in 'Mark It Up':
-->Ask a Gentern who they prefer--ten out of nine will say the Pavi!
* Duke of Rochester from ''The Libertine''.
** And Don Juan de Marco, as well.
* Stuart Townsend's character Adam in the Irish film ''About Adam''. [[spoiler: He beds/romances with no difficulty three very different sisters, their brother's uptight girlfriend - and almost the brother as well.]]
* Timothy, the slinky, knife-throwing terrorist from 1996's ''TheLongKissGoodnight''.
* Subverted in the movie and book Film/KissTheGirls where the kidnapping/rapist/murderer bad guy takes the alias "Casanova". After he [[spoiler: drugs and attempts to murder one of his victims]] a character remarks "Yeah, he's cunning, but he doesn't know his history: The real Casanova would never have approved."
* Wickham in ''Film/BrideAndPrejudice''.
* ''WhatsNewPussycat'' stars Peter O'Toole as a man who just can't say no to women. He sees a psychiatrist to help him swear them off and be faithful to his fiancee, but the doctor is a deranged lech himself.
* ''{{Film/Shame}}'' presents a deconstruction. Brandon is a young handsome successful businessman who can easily pick up girls. But he's also a sex addict and will resort to prostitution and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking masturbation]] to satisfy his needs. And none of it ever gives him happiness.
* Oscar Diggs, aka The Wizard of Oz, is one in ''Film/OzTheGreatAndPowerful''. He's made Ann--from Kansas, his assistants, the strongman's wife ( really bad idea, that one), Theodora and Glinda fall in love with him. And he didn't care for any of the women he was with, stating they'll get over him and the heartbreak. Ann was the closest to loving a woman he ever came, but he still wasn't willing to change for her and settle. He later falls for Glinda, possibly only because he reminds her of Ann, but he can have her without compromising his wanton hero/show-off status.
* In ''Film/TheDouble'', James probably sleeps with half the women in the movie.
* Charles Xavier in his youth, as shown in ''Film/XMenFirstClass'', he uses his bubbly exuberance and [[PowerPerversionPotential his powers to pick up women in bars on campus.]]
* In ''Film/GregorysGirl'', Billy the Window Washer is idolized by the boys for his reputation.

* ''Literature/MyUncleOswald'' shames Casanova!
** Oswald Cornelius makes Casanova seem positively undersexed.
* Valmont and Madame Merteuil of ''[[Literature/DangerousLiaisons Les Liaisons Dangereuses]]'' are classic literary examples.
* Mr. Wednesday from ''Literature/AmericanGods'' is a lecherous old man with supernatural charm, a penchant for virgins, and no respect for age-of-consent laws. The book's protagonist, Shadow, reluctantly finds himself witnessing the seduction of a teenage waitress, deciding it was "like watching an old wolf stalking a fawn too young to know that if it did not run, and run now, it would wind up in a distant glade with its bones picked clean by the ravens." [[spoiler: In fact, this is exactly how Shadow got conceived.]]
* Casanunda the dwarf from ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' is a parody of this trope.
** But we can't really be sure, since he is also a self-proclaimed Outrageous Liar.
** Well, it worked on [[DirtyOldWoman Nanny Ogg]]. Of course, expressing a vague interest would work on Nanny Ogg...
** The odds are that he's not lying about this one, at least. He's proven it to other women as well.
* Anatole Kuragin from ''WarAndPeace''. He's a well-known womanizer whose first interaction with a semi-main character is mademoiselle Bourienne, a maid at Prince Bolkonsky's house, while Anatole was there to court the prince's daughter [[TheCareTaker Marya]]. He later marries the daughter of a Polish farmer in exchange for room and board during one military campaign, and then, just for fun, sets out to [[BreakTheCutie marry-and-kidnap Natasha Rostov]].
* Lude from ''HouseOfLeaves'', who actually keeps a list of his conquests, their prominent features, and how he had sex with them.
* A character in ''Literature/DonQuixote' is also portrayed like this in the male villager's stories about her. We later find out these injuries were imagined, she was just being chaste and as she wisely points out, she can't help being beautiful.
* Darkness the [[OurDragonsAreDifferent dragon]] from ''Literature/LoyalEnemies'' leaves brokenhearted girls in his trail in every village he passes. He doesn't always get it his way, though - his friend Veres recalls a few times when they had to leave in hurry to escape furious father.
* Fictional comedian Monti Tree from My Screwups fit this trope to a T, losing his virginity at 13, to bedding supermodels well into adulthood. [[spoiler: However that all comes to a complete stop when he finds out he had a son he didn't know about.]]
* Literature/JamesBond again. This is brought out most clearly in the last paragraph of the series, effectively describing how he can never settle down with one woman.
** In the books it's a little more [[ByronicHero Byronic]]. For example, in ''Literature/{{Moonraker}}'' he expects to automatically be rewarded for his efforts by sex with Gala Brand, only for Brand to reveal that she wasn't kidding about being engaged.
* In Creator/DanAbnett's Literature/GauntsGhosts novel ''Necropolis'', Gaunt [[spoiler: after a wartime fling]] thinks of his mentor Otkar who had left a trail of tearful women behind him and warned Gaunt not to get involved, as it would weaken him. [[spoiler: Gaunt realizes that although as soon as the war is over, their social classes would separate them (which she knows too), he would now fight to the end to save this woman, and that his emotional investment in the Ghosts has in reality kept him on the job.]]
* Larry Douglas in ''The Other Side of Midnight''. The first "book" of the novel tells the life stories of two of his ''many'' conquests, Catherine Alexander and Noelle Page, via alternating chapters. The former marries him, unaware of his true nature; the latter, whom he abandoned years before he met Catherine, devotes her life to destroying him. The remainder of the story is about what happens when Noelle manipulates events to bring Larry back into her life.
* ''Never'' trust these characters in Creator/JaneAusten:
** Willoughby of ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility'' (abandoned the last girl he slept with and dumps one of the heroines for someone richer).
** Wickham of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' (tried to seduce TheHero's younger sister and succeeds in seducing the heroine's younger sister)
** Henry Crawford of ''Literature/MansfieldPark'' (has every woman in the world -- [[DracoInLeatherPants including ours!]] -- wrapped around his finger... except the heroine, which [[StalkerWithACrush he cannot take lying down...]])
** Mr. Knightley fears Frank Churchill may be this in ''{{Literature/Emma}}'', given the mixed signals he keeps sending both to Emma and Jane Fairfax. It turns out [[spoiler:he's just an innocent if sometimes foolish ChickMagnet in a committed, SecretRelationship with Jane Fairfax]].
* Hugo Lamb from ''Literature/TheBoneClocks''. He's charming, charismatic, and a serial womanizer.
* Spyros Stavaronas, the attractive young shrimp fisherman in ''{{Alexandra}}'' by Scott O'Dell. At first, he uses his charms to distract Alexandra so his henchmen can smuggle cocaine on her boat. When Alexandra finds out, he further tries to seduce her into keeping his secret and not turning them into the cops.
* Pretty common among the main male characters of the ''SwordOfTruth'' series. Nathan Rahl, the prophet, often badgers the Sisters of the Light to send women to his rooms while he is in his GildedCage, and can often be seen with a woman on each arm after getting out. Zedd is implied to have interactions with several women over the course of the series. Richard himself, while more content to just have his one significant other, still manages to end up married to three different women and have several more who want him. The male villains are darker versions of this.
* Finnick in the sequel of ''Literature/TheHungerGames''.
** Although, as revealed in Mockingjay, this may actually be a subversion. [[spoiler: He does love one single woman, Annie, and was forced into becoming a sex slave by the Capitol to protect her. His heartbreaker reputation is just the public front for what's ''really'' going on.]]
* Jimmy (Snowman) in ''Oryx and Crake'' and ''The Year of the Flood'' by Margaret Atwood, is this and also a harbors a years-long [[LadykillerInLove romantic obsession]] with the same girl (then woman) as his sociopathic genius best friend, which leads to [[TheEndoftheworldasweknowit trouble]]
* In Creator/AaronAllston's ''Literature/GalateaIn2D'', Paris makes a move on Elsie as soon as he is [[ArtInitiatesLife drawn from the painting]].
* Neil Strauss's Literature/TheGame is about becoming this. And the book is full of them... only thing is that they are all {{Cloudcuckoolander}}s.
* In a rare example of one in children's literature, ''Literature/TheRomanMysteries'' features [[spoiler: Publius Pollus Felix, who is revealed as a Casanova in ''The Sirens of Surrentum''.]]
* Murillio of the ''MalazanBookOfTheFallen'' specializes in seducing and bedding married women. He notes that all the students of the man who trained him in dueling ended up pursuing some vice; his was just a bit less dangerous. Ended up quitting after [[spoiler:a younger woman seduced him and he nearly died when her suitor defended her "honor"]].
* Ivan Vorpatril in the Literature/VorkosiganSaga.
* {{Literature/Apollos Grove}}: Atollon, a priest of Apollo, at one point seduces a village woman using the same words his mentor had used to describe the sacred nature of Apollo's grove.
* In ''Literature/OnFairyStories'', Creator/JRRTolkien pointed out that first use of "faerie" in English was to refer to a Casanova, dressed up to seduce when he attended church. (TheFairFolk sort of faerie, not the little winged thing sort.)
* In Creator/SarahAHoyt's ''Literature/DrawOneInTheDark'', Kyrie tells herself that the officer probably turns on his attractiveness for any woman; it's not personal to her.
* Marcus of ''Literature/TheMarkOfTheLion'' begins the series as one; he is apparently quite skilled at seducing his family’s female servants with a mere glance, despite his string of girlfriends on the side.
* You have to read between the lines in Lord Chesterfield's ''Literature/LettersToHisSon'', but it's there. "I repeat it again and again to you, Let the great book of the world be your principal study. '[[GratuitousLatin Nocturna versate manu, versate diurna]]'; which may be rendered thus in English: Turn Over MEN BY DAY, AND WOMEN BY NIGHT. I mean only the best editions." (letter 137)
* Arthur Huntingdon in ''Literature/TheTenantOfWildfellHall'', who brags to his wife about his sexual conquests.
%% * Jace Wayland in ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments''.
* Menedemos in H. N. Turtletaub's ''Hellenic Traders'' series.
* Aiden's [[EstablishingCharacterMoment very first scene]] in ''Literature/OfFearAndFaith'' ends with him convincing a woman who's angry at him for trespassing on her property to go to bed with him. He proceeds to charm almost ''every'' woman he meets from then on.
%% * ''Literature/TheHouseOfNight'': Kalona's on the "Monster" end of the spectrum.
* Runge Margavo, one of the two titular {{bounty hunter}}s from ''Literature/RieselTalesTwoHunters'', is quite the connoisseur in regard to the large prostitution industry on [[WretchedHive Riesel]].
* Dmitri in SpiderCircus. The circus has been chased out of more than one village because of his antics.
* Alcee Arubin from ''TheAwakening'', though he later approaches LadykillerInLove territory.
* In BeautyQueens by Libba Bray, [[spoiler:The pirate, Duff is revealed to be this. He set his sights on Adina, a StrawFeminist, to boost his ratings.]]
* ''Literature/VampireAcademy'':
** Andre Dragomir was not above seducing younger girls and eventually dumping them. [[spoiler:Mia Rinaldi]] being the most notable example.
** Rolan Kislyak seduced and impregnated Sonya Belikova, moved on to her younger sister Viktoria Belikova, and tried to hit on Rose while still dating the latter.
** Adrian Ivashkov is seen to be a player, party boy and a womanizer who loves a lot of women.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/TheBradyBunch'': Greg, who was once referred to as the "Casanova of Clinton Avenue" and truly was a BigManOnCampus. He truly did hit it off with a lot of the hottest-looking, mouth-watering babes of the early- to mid-1970s.
** Comically inverted in ''Film/TheBradyBunch'', where he was an awkward teen who was completely oblivious to the fact that not even the ugliest, fattest, most revolting girl in class didn't want him.
* Lord Flashheart from Series/{{Blackadder}}.
* Creator/DavidTennant in the [[Series/{{Casanova}} BBC series]] ''[[CaptainObvious Casanova]]''.
** Frank Finlay as the title character in yet another TV miniseries in 1971.
* Face, on ''Series/TheATeam''.
* Christian Troy on ''[[NipTuck Nip/Tuck]]''.
* Tony Dinozzo on ''Series/{{NCIS}}''.
* Captain Jack Harkness in ''Series/DoctorWho'' and ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' - [[NoBisexuals bisexual]], promiscuous, but benign.
* Brian in ''Seacht''.
* Patrick of ''{{Coupling}}'' behaves like a cold hearted seducer, unable to see women as anything but potential conquests, dumping his girlfriends almost immediately, and compiling a vast collection of sex tapes of his conquests. Interestingly, he avoids being loathsome, as he's portrayed as stupid rather than deliberately malicious.
* Barney from ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''. There's barely been an episode in the series where he hasn't hit on at least one woman, and uses a number of bizarre means to seduce them (which are surprisingly successful).
** Slightly deconstructed -- for the most part, he only does well with bimbos and desperate women.
-->'''Ted''': Does that ever work for you? (referring to one of Barney's numerous pick up lines and schemes)
-->'''Barney''': Ted, the question is do they ever ''not'' work for me? Either way the answer is about half the time.
** In a recent episode Barney was revealed to have slept with 200 women (and counting). Marshall, while disgusted, decided to crunch the numbers based on the number of women Barney hits on on average every week and calculated (albeit with quite a bit of leeway) that based on that information and his years of sexual activity, Barney's success rate with women works out at a little over 1%. There's no telling if that is anywhere near accurate though.
** It varies from season to season. In one episode he successfully nails seven different girls in seven days, most of whom leave the bar with him within seconds of being hit on.
** In season 7, it is revealed that [[DeconfirmedBachelor he will be married]] soon. Season 8 has him propose to the woman (after having proposed to [[RedHerring someone else]] in season 7) he will marry.
* Hank Moody on ''Series/{{Californication}}''.
* Brian Kinney from ''Series/QueerAsFolk'' almost nightly indulges in one night stands.
** Stuart in the UK version and in the ending montage Nathan becomes the new Stuart [[spoiler:after Stuart gets into a long-term relationship with Vince and they travel together]].
* Joey on ''Series/{{Friends}}''.
* Occasionally, Jerry and George from ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}''.
** Kramer claims to be this, and while he actually has fewer girlfriends than either of them, the ones he DOES get tend to be better and theoretically harder to attain. See: Creator/UmaThurman, nuns, lesbians, [=Elle MacPhearson=]. See also KavorkaMan.
* Charley on ''EmptyNest''
* Brian in ''Series/{{Wings}}''
* Hawkeye Pierce in ''Series/{{MASH}}'', although he occasionally takes a break to get his heart stepped on.
* Napoleon Solo in ''Series/TheManFromUNCLE'' cuts a wide swathe through various [[FemmeFatale femmes fatale]], female [[HeroicBystander innocents]], and the UNCLE secretarial pool.
* Chuck Bass in ''Series/GossipGirl''.
* Charlie Harper ([[TheDanza Charlie Sheen]]) in ''Series/TwoAndAHalfMen''.
** His daughter Jenny as well who seems to have no problem getting straight women to sleep with her.
* Dr. Sloane in ''Series/GreysAnatomy''. In later seasons, he became [[DeconfirmedBachelor interested in having a relationship and settling down]] as [[CharacterDevelopment he matured.]]
* Dean Winchester on ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''.
** Dean's actually an interesting case, although he sleeps with a lot of women and is certainly lustful, its implied on multiple occasions he genuinely would love to settle down and get married. But due to the nature of his job (being TheHunter) its to dangerous and impossible for him to have a truly stable relationship. As such he sleeps with multiple women, to help fill the void of what he knows he'll never have.
* Connor from ''Series/TrustMe'' seems to be edging into this trope.
* Kenny Beckett on ''DavesWorlds''
* ''Franchise/KamenRider'':
** Urataros from ''Series/KamenRiderDenO''.
** Otoya Kurenai in ''Series/KamenRiderKiva''.
* Latka's alter ego Vic Ferrari from ''Series/{{Taxi}}'', introduced at the end of Season 3 and the catalyst for a SplitPersonality problem that unfolded over much of the following season. This climaxed when he had to win back his old girlfriend Simka from Vic (whom he referred to as "a two-bit [{{Malaproper}} bossa nova"]]). Once he managed to convince her that Vic wouldn't actually love her, she was able to convince Vic to leave for good.
* Sam Malone of ''Series/{{Cheers}}''.
-->'''Norm:''' Ah, Sammy, watching you get ready for a date is like watching a great matador prepare for a bullfight.
-->'''Cliff:''' I hate that stuff. You know, who wants to see a guy go and manipulate a torment a poor, unthinking creature like that?
-->'''Sam:''' Hey, I always buy 'em breakfast, don't I?
* Bulldog from ''Series/{{Frasier}}''.
-->'''Bulldog:''' [on the phone] Come on now. No tears. I'll never forget you either, Sandy. Linda? Really? I thought I was talking to your sister. Oh well, tell her same goes.
** Roz Doyle was always played as a female version of ''this'' trope in particular, rather than just ReallyGetsAround. While the characters often cracked jokes about her promiscuity, they nearly always implied a predatory and perpetually lustful person who loved the chase and would jump through ridiculous hoops (including construct elaborate lies and hook her friends into facilitating hook-ups) in order to get laid, rather than misogynistic jokes indicative of a cheap slut, as would be expected in a comedy featuring a promiscuous woman. Also, Roz was always portrayed in a far better light than Bulldog because while Roz would sleep with loads of guys, she also had very clear standards that she rarely compromised (which is perhaps the reason her dates were so often men who required her to come up with hilarious schemes in order to get them to put out).
* Samantha of ''Series/SexAndTheCity'' arguably is more of a female version of this than TheVamp or FemmeFatale, as her motivations are lust rather than being a "bad girl".
* Al Mundy of ''Series/ItTakesAThief1968'' seems to pick up a new woman every episode, and even the ones who are initially frosty are charmed by him in the end. He doesn't seem to get much actual sex, though, because Noah [[MomentKiller always puts a stop to things]] just when the woman is softening up.
* An episode of ''Series/TheEqualizer'' had a handsome chronic womaniser get kidnapped by industrial spies who keep insisting that "she said she gave it to you" and [[MistakenForSpies refuse to believe his claims of innocence]]. Realising he's going to be tortured he quickly "confesses" and promises to get "it" to them in 24 hours -- he then has to hire the Equalizer to help him sort though the multitude of women he's dated to find the right one. "It" turns out to be [[spoiler:a microdot on a matchbook handed to him with a girl's phone number written on the inside.]]
* Before Nathan of ''Series/OneTreeHill'' fell in love with Haley, he was most definitely one of these, even if he was taken at the time. Haley is ''not'' happy when, in Season 4, after they are married and pregnant, she finds out that Nathan made a sex tape with their friend Brooke (though it was before he even knew her).
--> '''Nathan:''' You want me to write a list of every single girl I've ever...\\
'''Haley:''' No, no, I guess not every single girl. You can cross Peyton, Brooke, and my sister off of that list.\\
'''Nathan:''' You really think that's a good idea?\\
'''Haley:''' Yes! And here. I'll make it easy for you. Take the phone book and just cross off the name of every girl you haven't been with.
* Sam Axe of ''Series/BurnNotice'' seems to make his ''living'' "sponging off every rich divorcee in the greater Miami area."
** This brings in an EvilCounterpart when they meet Charles, a womanizer who manages to seduce rich women into revealing their bank codes and bleed them dry. In comparison, Sam just finds himself a sugar-momma and provides genuine affection, company and is monogamous.
* Danny Blue on {{Hustle}}
* Eliot Spencer on ''Series/{{Leverage}}''.
* Al from ''QuantumLeap''.
* Gaius Frakking Baltar on the reimagined ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|Reimagined}}''.
* ''Series/{{Star Trek|The Original Series}}'''s Captain James T. "Jim" Kirk and ''[[Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration The Next Generation's]]'' Commander William T. Riker.
** A Website/YouTube user's summary of Kirk's philosophy of life:
-->''When in doubt, seduce the woman.''
* Jake Doyle from ''RepublicOfDoyle''.
* Dan Fielding of ''Series/NightCourt''.
* Dr Guy Secretan from ''GreenWing''.
* Dr. Simon Hill from ''Series/CombatHospital''. In the middle of Afghanistan on a military base as a civilian, to boot.
* Dr. Doug Ross starts out this way in ''Series/{{ER}}''
* Don Draper in ''Series/MadMen'' is probably the most prominent illustration of this trope nowadays on TV
** this video demonstrates succinctly [[http://seductionism.com/blog/01/10/how-to-pick-up-women-like-don-draper/ "How to pick up women like Don Draper"]]
* Damon Salvatore from Series/TheVampireDiaries fits this as well.
* Played with (as with pretty much ''every'' spy trope) on ''Series/{{Chuck}}''. On several occasions Chuck is asked to pretend to be this, even though he's very much ''not''. Outright parodied with Seduction School expert Roan Montgomery (another John Larroquette role). Despite his methods often being played for laughs, ''they still work''.
* One VictimOfTheWeek on Series/{{Castle}} was revealed to have had at least a room full of sexual conquests and a ledger of others. It turned out he was a "pick-up artist" who worked with two friends, one of whom admitted he struck out 90% of the time.
* Simeon Lee in the ''Series/{{Poirot}}'' episode ''[[ChristmasEpisode Hercule Poirot's Christmas]]'' counts. During the time when he's mining for diamonds in South Africa in the ProlongedPrologue, he kills his mining partner Ebenezer and escapes into the desert. He is rescued by a young girl named Stella, and the two begin falling for and making out with each other. However, he has more important things to attend to, and so he deserts her without her knowing it, leaving her in despair. [[spoiler:However, he (and the audience in particular) is unaware that he had left her pregnant with his illegitimate son, who would grow up to be Superintendent Harold Sudgen and plot his revenge against Lee for deserting him and his mother for 40 years, until he finally gets the chance when they arrive in England for a Christmas party.]]

* On the backglass art for ''Pinball/EightBall'', even as "the Fonz" playing pool with his girl, a waitress in the background is hungrily eyeing him.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The male vampires of the [[VampiresAreSexGods Daeva]] [[TheBeautifulElite clan]] from ''VampireTheRequiem'' fits, the evil version, to a T.
* Ma Ha Suchi from ''{{Exalted}}'' was one of these in the First Age. Every character in ''Exalted'' has a guiding Motivation. His was, "Sleep with every Celestial Exalted in Creation." It didn't hurt that he was ''ridiculously'' {{Bishonen}}. Then [[RealityIsOutToLunch the Wyld]] happened to him...
* One of the major traits of Elminster Aumar of Shadowdale, the great archwizard from the ''TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms'' setting, is that he'll flirt and/or sleep with just about anything that has two X chromosomes and isn't related to him. Just in [[Literature/TheElminsterSeries his own novel series]] he's bedded humans, elves, a lich, several avatars of a goddess, and a song dragon in human form (and he sired a daughter with that one). The only thing keeping him out of ExtremeOmnisexual is that he's straight.

* Cowboy Casanova, by Carrie Underwood.
--> He's a good time, a cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine,\\
Looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy-coated misery.\\
He's a devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes and he only comes out at night,\\
Gives you feelings that you don't wanna fight, you better run for your life.
* {{Supertramp}}'s Lover Boy
* SelenaGomez Outlaw
--->''Never stay very long anywhere''
---> ''As the next girl you leave gets smaller''
---> ''In you rear-view mirror''

* OlderThanFeudalism: Zeus, king of the Greek pantheon, is depicted this way in ClassicalMythology. They had [[ValuesDissonance very different values]] from modern Westerners, but note that in actual Greek ''religion'', he wasn't viewed as this. Of course, [[ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem this may have had to do with him being the King of Gods]] and [[AppealToForce having the power]] [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking that implies]].

* In SpringAwakening, handsome, creepy, and arrogant Hanschen Rilow is mostly played for laughs, though it's a little sad when he seduces his classmate Ernst. The scene they share is tragically unbalanced, given all the power Hanschen has over Ernst:
-->'''Ernst''': I love you, Hanscen, as I have never loved anyone.\\
'''Hanschen''': And so you should.
* Even older than the original Casanova was the character DonJuan, whose first recorded appearance was in the 17th century Spanish play ''The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest''.
** Don Juan was the subject of Mozart's opera ''DonGiovanni'' (of which we see an excerpt, ''and'' a vaudeville parody, in ''Theatre/{{Amadeus}}'').
** In psychology, a person who displays a need to dominate and have multiple sexual relationships with woman is said to have Don Juanism.
* ''IntoTheWoods'' has an amazing parody of this in the songs 'Agony' and the reprise by the two princes.
* The Duke in ''Rigoletto'' certainly qualifies, and is a KarmaHoudini to boot.
* Willmore from ''The Rover'' by Aphra Behn is definitely this,his name literally means 'Wills for more sex',and he comes complete with KarmaHoudini
* Aldolpho from Theatre/TheDrowsyChaperone. He is the King of Romance, so he kisses a lot.
** "Dear Van De Graff bride, I must make love to you, and transport you to the place of ecstacy. Sooner is better than later. Signed, Aldolpho."

* Panther Caruso from ''VideoGame/StarFox'' relentlessly pursues Krystal, and is described more than once [[WordOfGod by Nintendo]] as being a self-proclaimed ladies' man. He could, however, be a slight subversion in the sense that he never really gets anywhere with Krystal (who shares a mutual affection with Fox [=McCloud=]), whom tends to either ignore, humour or outright reject his advances in ''Assault'' and their cameo appearances in ''[[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''. The only game where he does seem to succeed in any way with her is ''Command'', and whilst he is depicted as devoted to her, it's very much implied the only reason she's with him is because Fox kicked her off the Star Fox team ([[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies for her own safety]], though she didn't take it that way) and that she joined Star Wolf as a means to [[WomanScorned get back]] [[OperationJealousy at him]] rather than falling for Panther's charms. That, and ''Command'' seems to be a case of CanonDiscontinuity if the current status quo is any indication.
* Gannayev of ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2: Mask of the Betrayer'' regularly abuses his Spirit Shaman powers for the sake of jumping into the fantasies of innocent young farmgirls and having hot dream-sex, although most of his exploits occurred prior to the plot.
* Goto, from ManaKhemia 2, is seen going on dates with various students ''in groups'' (as well as some one on one time with the Chairman). When the main cast doubt his claims of natural desirability they take a school-wide poll, only to find out that 100% of the girls want him as well as [[EvenTheGuysWantHim 1/3 of the guys]], and the only reason the members of Ulrika's workshop aren't effected is he's purposefully toning down his charm around them. Then things get a bit complicated when the son of one of his old flings shows up looking for revenge...
* To some extent, the protagonists in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' can be this, depending on the player's decisions. If you're dating more than one girl and they discover what's happening, chances are you'll have to deal with some VERY pissed off girls and generally put the situation right. This is less so in ''Persona 4'' where you won't be penalised as much,[[note]]Until [[UpdatedRerelease Golden]] anyway[[/note]] but you can still date/flirt with nearly every girl '''in the game''' [[spoiler: (except for Hanako and Nanako, thankfully)]], AND you even get called an emotional heartbreaker during the cross-dressing pageant:
-->'''MC/Presenter:''' "She" has made more girls cry than there are stars in the sky! Presenting our transfer student who's been breaking hearts in the second year Class 2, [[HelloInsertNameHere character name!]]
* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' has beat-up missions, which usually revolve around a woman looking for a random dude to beat up their cheating bastard husband. HilarityEnsues when they are caught with their lovers, then beaten the shit out of.
** Plus Ezio himself, who gets compliments from every woman in Italy.
* In the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for VideoGame/MassEffect2, The Illusive Man is revealed to have slept with six Playboy-caliber women in the past week. One of them came back for seconds. [[PlayerCharacter But then again,]] [[HypocriticalHumor so did the Asari matriarch.]]
* Zelos Wilder from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia''. Yeah he doesn't get anywhere with {{Tsundere}} Sheena, but any other woman in the game he addresses IMMEDIATELY fawns over him.
* At the beginning of [[VideoGame/TheSims The Sims 2]], Don Lothario is engaged to Cassandra Goth, despite having a total of four lovers simultaneously.
** Any Romance Sim, for that matter.
* ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}'': The second game indicates that Deckard Cain was this in his youth. He says about Anya being like some Zakarum priestesses he had known. He also says that they did not have to take vows of chastity. Do the math.

[[folder:Visual Novel]]
* Makoto from ''VisualNovel/SchoolDays'' is [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] into this about halfway into the story. In the anime and at least one game ending, [[spoiler:this comes back to bite him in the ass when he is murdered by one of his spurned lovers.]]
** Really, the anime version acts a {{deconstruction}} of the more malicious version of this trope: Makoto is skilled at bedding women almost to the point of straining credibility enough to push him into KavorkaMan territory considering his (not outstanding) looks and JerkAss attitude, but this shouldn't obscure the fact that when it comes to anything deeper and more lasting than this, Makoto is an absolute ''[[TooDumbToLive idiot]]'' who doesn't understand the female heart at all, and indeed only turns to his life of serial affairs because he was too impatient and thick-headed to win the heart of the girl he had a crush on in the first place.
* Itsuki in ''VisualNovel/{{Shuffle}} and ''VisualNovel/TickTack'' is pretty much always seen failing when he flirts with girls, but he's actually pretty popular. He has no known true relationships and it's hinted that he's actually in love with his friend Mayumi.
* Leni and Seizh of ''VisualNovel/UnderTheMoon'' are twin kings of their high school; since they're actually devils with intense magical powers [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatPerks they can get away with anything]]. Including nailing any girl in school that strikes their fancy. Both boys have {{instant fan club}}s of schoolgirls that they pick conquests from.

* Adam Terrence from the webcomic ''Webcomic/{{Loserz}}''. As seen [[http://the-qlc.com/loserz/go/125 here]].
* Vlad, the Make-Out King, from ''Webcomic/{{Achewood}}''. (Or so he claims)
* [[http://walkypedia.com/index.php/Joseph_Rosenthal Joe Rosenthal]] in ''[[WalkyVerse It's Walky!]]'' takes this to the point of practically being another super-power: he managed to have sex with an astonishing 2030+ women before settling down with Rachel. This is all the more astonishing given his somewhat [[KavorkaMan kavorka-ish]] horndog attitude: one time, he set out intentionally to sleep with 30 women in one day (to 'get the gay off of me' after having his head shoved in Walky's crotch in an attempt to obscure his face), and succeeded.
** While he stands out, he is hardly the only Abductee who is highly successful in bed, either - which is rather ominous given that the Aliens [[spoiler: and Linda Walkerton]] apparently meant to ''breed'' the Abductees to make the next generation of their SuperSoldier army.
* El Chupecabre ("Chuy") from ''Webcomic/{{Girly}}'' is irresistably attractive to women. He took this as his calling and left a string of naked, immensely-satisfied women in his wake until Winter and Otra helped him to mend his ways.
* Rayne Summers of ''Webcomic/LeastICouldDo'' even down to the extreme callousness. He's [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold getting better, though]].
* Zach, of ''Webcomic/GirlsWithSlingshots'' is arguably a subversion. Sure, he's slept with hundreds of women, but he sees it as a community service thing. He gives virgins a good first time and helps service the elderly to make them feel loved again.
* Tip Wilkin from ''Webcomic/SkinHorse''. The other characters refer to it as his "superpower". Even more remarkable because he [[WholesomeCrossdresser likes wearing women's clothing in public]]. Borders on a KavorkaMan, in fact, despite being ''utterly'' charming- his success record is just too supernatural.
--> "I'm also sure she's slept with Agent Wilkin, but that's true of anything with two X chromosomes that comes within 500 feet of Agent Wilkin."
** When Tip was turned into a wolf in one story arc, all the genetically engineered battledogs who were female were suddenly drastically attracted to him.
* Ian, of ''Webcomic/WhatBirdsKnow'', is the town Casanova, making bets with his friends about how quickly he can date and bed girls. He's also oblivious to the crush his sister's friend Elia has on him.
* Sven of ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'', [[spoiler: at least until his fling with Faye]].
* Zii from ''Webcomic/MenageA3'' has a borderline superpower to seduce (presumably) straight women into sleeping with her and is pretty much single-handedly responsible for [[EveryoneIsBi everyone being bi]]. The only girl she's tried and failed to get with so far is [=DiDi=], but Zii still managed to convince her that she might be bi as well. Of course, Zii has also slept with a lot of men as well, but it's [[AllMenArePerverts not exactly difficult to do that]].
* Thomas the bard from ''Webcomic/YetAnotherFantasyGamerComic'' is such a master at the game of love that he can have any woman he wants, even one who wants to clobber him. Take [[http://yafgc.net/?id=549 this comic]] for example, in which he demonstrates his prowess to Clover the halfling. He tips a waitress by flicking a coin into her cleavage, causing it to fall through the bottom of her dress and roll away. As she bends down to pick it up he smacks her on the rear. She understandably prepares to kick his ass, but he whispers ''[[InstantSeduction something]]'' in her ear that has her making out with him immediately afterward. All Clover can say after witnessing this is "Wow... you're good."
* Nolan from ''Webcomic/RegularGuy'': Women seem to find his beard irresistible, and he had his "thingy" declared a work of art. He's pretty modest about it, though.
* Ted from ''Webcomic/{{Greg}}'', is constantly the target of women's scorned hatred. While he is not avoiding ex-lovers, he is seeking out new women to [[http://gregcomic.com/2011/10/20/storyline-back-to-campus-part-17/ love and leave]].
* Koon Eduan from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'', father of [[MagnificentBastard Koon Aguero Agnis]], has slept with so many women that he has the second largest amount of children in the whole Tower. There are so many, that in order to stop family feuds and succession wars, he has them perform in blood sports to establish a hierarchy.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* Don Sebastiano, at the SuperHeroSchool Whateley Academy in the WhateleyUniverse. The Don (as he is also known) is a major campus supervillain, and enjoys romancing women. Once he's gotten what he's after he likes to dump them with as much public humiliation as he can arrange. He seems to enjoy the 'hurting them' part more than the 'boinking them' part, which makes this more like a KavorkaMan activity.
* Hugh Griffin, president of the *USA in ''DecadesOfDarkness''. As the author writes, his wife knows when to look away.
* Jake from the ''Booty Call'' set of Flash games.
* Shadow Hawk from Website/EpicTales.
* Dustin Royal from ''SurvivalOfTheFittest'' Version four. That is all.
* Zander, an OriginalCharacter from ''FanFic/NepetaQuest2011'', has quite the charm with the female trolls.
* WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses might be a NightmareFetishist rapist, but he's managed to get a lot of consensual male and female tail too.
** Spooning with Spoony. It's canon.
* Lorrenzo, one of [[WebVideo/MatthewSantoro Matt Santoro's]] clones. He frequently "gets some bitches", and is implied to sleep with them.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Boomhauer from ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill''. Despite the fact that most of his conquests don't seem to mind, he gets a cruel comeuppance when the tables are turned on him:[[spoiler: the one woman who he does fall in love with turns out to not even be able to get his name right, and tells him, to his face, in the arms of another man, while he's on his knees after ''proposing'' to her, that whenever he talks, she just nods and smiles until his pants come off.]] Ouch.
* Mayor Joe Quimby from ''TheSimpsons'', who is an exaggerated, evil-mirror-universe parody of Edward F. Kennedy.
* Glenn Quagmire from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''. He is a step forward from being just a regular Casanova - he is a pervert, victimizer, and a rapist as well.
* Mime from ''HappyTreeFriends'', as seen in the episode "Easy Comb, Easy Go"
* Bender from ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', although he usually goes after hookerbots, and does fall in love occasionally.
* Juandissimo Magnifico on ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddparents'', who has every female fairy swooning over him (except Wanda, his TRUE and ONLY LOVE INTEREST).
** To a lesser (and less pariodied) extent, Dr. Rip Studwell, AuthorAvatar and AuthorAppeal of Butch Hartman.
* JFK from ''CloneHigh''.
* Prince Naveen (of Maldonia!) from ''ThePrincessAndTheFrog'' is like this [[CharacterDevelopment at first]].
* TCFM on ''JimmyTwoShoes''. His introductory scene has a three bodied Miseryvillian walk out of his home, the implications clear.
* Tahno from ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' qualifies. When he first appears, he has his arms around two women. He then proceeds to hit on Korra by offering her some [[DoubleEntendre private lessons]].
* Fancy-Fancy from TopCat.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Anthony Quinn. Three marriages, ten legitimate children, three acknowledged illegitimate children, and a string of acknowledged and confirmed sexual conquests stretching across four continents.
* ErrolFlynn. He was such an accomplished and charming seducer that when he got into legal trouble in the early 1940's about having an affair with a teenager, he not only charmed the mostly-female jury into acquitting him, but ended up marrying the L.A. country sheriff's daughter, who was running a concession stand in the courthouse during the trial. The slang expression "in like Flynn" reportedly was coined as a result of that particular scandal. (This may also be an expression of ValuesDissonance, in that Flynn would probably have had his career wrecked today, charm or no charm.)
** David Niven, in one of his autobiographies, recounts a practical joke he and a couple of Flynn's other buddies once pulled. They hired a beautiful young prostitute to play the role of an innocent teenager. Just as Flynn was about to consummate his seduction of the girl, another sexy streetwalker, playing the girl's aunt, walked in. Much HilarityEnsued as the other woman roundly scolded both Flynn and the girl and ordered her "niece" out of the room. When the girl had left, the older woman asked Flynn, "Do you know why I did that?" Errol said no, and the woman said, "Well, Mr. Flynn, it's because...''I wanted some of that myself!!''" and jumped him.
* Screamin' Jay Hawkins estimated he had about 57 children by different women-- and the number could have in fact been as high as 75 (!!!).
* Gene Simmons of {{KISS}} fame, who has the pictures to prove it. Though his claims are still probably exaggerated. In fact, could be applied to many rock stars to some degree.
** One is well-advised to take some of his wilder claims with a grain of salt, since he's been "happily unmarried" to former ''Playboy'' playmate Shannon Tweed for over 2 decades and has had two children with her. Then again, his reputation certainly doesn't seem to bother her all that much...
* Wilt Chamberlain famously claimed to have slept with "20,000 women" in his autobiography. This, however, is all but disbelieved by [[BasedOnAGreatBigLie anyone with a brain]]. Dennis Rodman, no [[MyGuyIsASlut paragon of monogamy]] himself, wrote: "Wilt Chamberlain lied out of his ass and made some money. He said he slept with 20,000 women. Think about it. That's three or four women a day every day for fifteen to twenty years. I defy anyone to keep up that kind of pace."
** [[http://www.cracked.com/article_16120_historys-7-most-astounding-sexual-resumes.html Cracked's]] calculations are a little different, but no less unlikely.
* Hugh Hefner. Interestingly, despite his reputation, he was a late bloomer, and did not lose his virginity until he was 22 years old.
* Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers is infamous for this, in his book Scar Tissue it appears he is with a different girl in every chapter or so. However, he averts this trope somewhat in that he only has one child who was born fairly recently.
* Bryan Ferry likes to cultivate this image both in his music and in real life. He has regularly been in relationships with women considerably younger than him (in one case, 35 Years younger). He was however happily married for 21 years (from 1982 to 2003) and had several children, ironically his wife wanted the divorce because she was having an affair herself.
* Creator/WarrenBeatty, until he got married.
* JohnFKennedy. He did famously joke, though, that if he'd slept with all the women he was ''rumored'' to have gone to bed with, he'd be in a jar at Harvard.
** His spinal injury made later in his life all strong movements including sex to be very painful. (This is one instance where he ''did'' need his oft-quoted willpower - or rather the steroids he self medicated with. His 'injury' was actually Addison's Disease).
* UsefulNotes/BenitoMussolini had been a renowned womanizer ever since his teenage years, and during his reign he had at some time [[UpToEleven 14 different mistresses]]. When confronted by his official mistress Clara Petacci on his relationship with a previous lover, he just replied [[RefugeInAudacity "After 17 years with her, there was no pleasure anymore, it was like doing it with my wife."]] He had five kids with the said wife.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porfirio_Rubirosa Porfirio Rubirosa]].
* There is a story that during WorldWarII, [[JosephStalin Stalin]] received a report about one of the military commanders (usually stated to be Rokossovsky) being that, and was asked "What shall we do"? His answer? "We shall envy"!
** Stalin ''himself'' was that, at least in his younger years. Probably explains his attitude to the above.
* Creator/ClintEastwood. Seriously, just look at his OtherWiki entry. To quote: ''Eastwood told biographer Richard Schickel that he lost his virginity at age 14. He has fathered at least seven children by five different women and been described as a "serial womanizer". According to biographers Marc Eliot and Patrick Mc Gilligan, Eastwood always had a strong sexual appetite and had many affairs with women through the years, including actresses Catherine Deneuve, Jean Seberg, Peggy Lipton, Kay Lenz, Jamie Rose, Inger Stevens, Jo Ann Harris, Jane Brolin, Jill Banner, script analyst Megan Rose, and swimming champion Anita Lhoest. Biographers claim he has also fathered at least four children that have been aborted, and another who was given up for adoption in 1953. Biographers and friend Paul Lippman have claimed that Eastwood was particularly sexually active and promiscuous in the 1970s and that he used his apartment close to the Hog's Breath Inn which he purchased in Carmel in the early 1970s to meet young ladies for "nooners" and "five in the afternooners". According to Lippman, "Eastwood seemed to get a bang out of this kinkier side to himself and rarely concealed it, often gloated about it".''
* Neil Strauss wrote a [[Literature/TheGame book]] about it. See Literature.
* JustinTimberlake was certainly one as he dated Fergie, BeyonceKnowles, BritneySpears, JanetJackson, AlyssaMilano, EmmaBunton, and CameronDiaz before dating (and marrying) JessicaBiel.
* Chico Marx was known by his friends (and fellow Marx brothers) for his uncanny ability to attract women. According to one anecdote, he could wink at a lady in the car next to him at a red light, and within ten minutes they'd be in a hotel room together. (In fact, his name is actually pronounced "Chick-o", due to the fact that he was a "chick-chaser").
* Cao Cao could count as this. 25 sons from different women, and unknown number for daughter. No less than 14 wives (or concubines).
* Creator/BenjaminFranklin
** By way of explanation: Franklin was a notorious womanizer throughout his life. As a young man, he was smart, handsome, charming, and buff (printers back then carried large cases of heavy lead type all the time, plus Franklin was fond of swimming), which naturally made him a hit with the ladies (to the point that he identified it as his biggest vice); after he opened his print shop, he could add "successful" to that list. As an older man, he was rich and famous, which helped him [[KavorkaMan keep the ladies even as his looks went away and his physique turned from chiseled to double-chinned]].[[note]]As an illustration, when a French lady asked Franklin about his flab, "What would you say if that was on a woman?", the septuagenerian Franklin said, "My lady, twenty minutes ago, that ''was'' on a woman".[[/note]] His skill at seduction--both literal and figurative--probably helped in getting France to make a firm alliance with the US during the American Revolution.
* DavidBowie.
* If RealLife was fiction, than Prince Felix zu Schwarzenberg would be a very dark take on this trope, possibly verging on deconstruction. A major ladies man in his younger days, Felix [[ReallyGetsAround slept]], [[TheStoner drugged]], and [[TheAlcoholic drank]] his way across every major court in Europe, and scored with some of the most sought after women of the time period. And by the time he was forty, he was so burned out that people who knew him said that there was nothing left, save cold, icy ambition (for his country, not himself). Becoming Foreign-Minister of Austria in 1848, Felix served as [[EvilChancellor advisor]] and [[EvilMentor mentor]] to [[TheEmperor Emperor Franz-Josef]] advocating a [[PragmaticVillainy pragmatic]], [[TheCynic cynical]] foreign policy based on [[MyCountryRightOrWrong what was best for Austria]]. When asked if Franz-Josef should show mercy to the rebels of 1848, Felix responded that "Mercy is a fine quality, but first, we must have some hangings." He later stated that Austria would "shock the world by the depth of its ingratitude." He died prematurely in 1852 of a stroke, mourned in Austria, and hated everywhere else. In London, his [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder duplicity]] and his womanising actually earned him the nickname "The Prince of Cadland."
** Felix reportedly got a woman pregnant, than proceeded to end the affair and inform her husband of what had occured, getting her thrown out in the street. The woman in question was well-known for her inability to keep her legs closed (she was in fact famous in the tabloids for sleeping around), but Felix's behaviour was so callous that the press actually sided with her.
* MickJagger.
* Creator/CharlieSheen, much like his character.
* Dr. Joseph Goebbels had been a great womanizer ever since his college years, [[UglyGuyHotWife despite being short, ugly and club-footed]] and lacking both money and social prestige during his youth. One of his early lovers even wrote in her diary [[IronicEcho "I feel inferior to such an intelligent man"]]. He married the beautiful, elegant and wealthy Magda Quandt, who dropped the millionaire main shareholder of [=BMW=] for him and who bore him six children. Whom she later killed, because hey, ThoseWackyNazis.
* JimmyStewart was quite the ladies man in his hey day before he settled down. So much so that later in life he actually felt bad that people would give his old friend HenryFonda a hard time about his multiple failed marriages while no one ever brought up Stewart's own less than saintly track record.