"Texting" is the practice of sending (short) messages via a cell phone. There are basically three kinds.
  • Standard message sent to another cell phone at a normal number.
  • A message sent to a "shortcode" number, typically 5 or 6 digits. These are sometimes used for television or radio contests.
  • A message sent as e-mail using a typical name@example.com address.

The receipt of text messages in TV and movies is usually shown via a close-up of the phone's screen, showing the actual text. (For reasons of visibility and intellectual property, this may be a special effect, rather than an actual use of the phone's texting software.)

These days, it has become more and more popular to use Pop-Up Texting to display messages in shows like Sherlock.

Relevant is the issue of "sexting" where teenagers participate in cybersex over text messages, as well as texting while driving.