Ten Items Or Less

Morgan Freeman stars as an unnamed actor returning to work after several years away from the job. His newest role is the part of someone who works in a grocery store. To prepare for the role, he spends some time in a grocery store, where he meets Scarlet, played by Paz Vega (of Sex and Lucia and Spanglish fame). A friendship forms between Scarlet and Freemman's character and the rest of the movie is about getting Scarlet to try to better herself by applying for a job in another field.

Not to be confused with the teevee show of the same name.

This film provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Ambition Is Evil - Subverted. Freeman's character is respected for his accomplishments, and ambition is presented as a positive thing for Scarlet.
  • No Name Given - No one ever refers to Morgan Freeman's character's name. Freeman is credited as Him.